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Abortion & Abortion Rights

 Feminists Will Mobilize Nationwide for Abortion Rights on Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary – The Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Organization for Women, DC NOW, and other allies, will join together at the US Supreme Court on Thursday, January 22nd from 1-3pm, to demonstrate support for Roe.

 Exposing the Junk Science of the Anti-Choice Movement – And is it “junk science”, or just outright lies?

 Activists are Helping Texas Women Cross State Lines for Abortion Care

Culture & Pop Culture

 This Letter Perfectly Explains Why It Is Okay For A Black Man To Play James Bond (IMAGE) – A bit of inspired lunacy.

400,000 Harry Potter Fans—and J.K. Rowling—Just Won a Deal to Get Child Labor Out of Chocolate

 The Most Feminist Moments Of The 2015 Golden Globes –



 Activists Rally Across the US, Calling On White House to Reject Keystone XL

 The State Of The Ocean: ‘On The Verge Of A Major Extinction Event’ – “…when you see it all collected in one piece, it’s so obvious that our greed is killing the ocean that even a Republican can see it.


 In High School, Feminists Tackle Outsider Status – “All of these people agreed that women should have equal rights to men, but they weren’t willing to identify themselves as a part of that movement,” says the editor in chief of a school paper that found students to be warmer to the idea of gender equality than feminism.

 When Women Rule Everything – Cardinal Raymond Burke (whom Pope Francis has demoted) has given an interview.  It tells us the reasons why men shun the Catholic Church.  It’s because women rule it!!!


UPDATE: George Zimmerman Arrested Charged With Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence With A Weapon – Will someone finally put this jackass away – for life??

 A Virginia Delegate in Jail for a Relationship with a Minor Just Won Re-Election – OK, seriously, what do you have to do to make yourself unelectable in this country?

Good Cop (☺)/Bad Cop (☠)
(Most cops aren’t bad. Its just my job to point out the ones that are.)

(☠) Big, Big News. Updated. Albuquerque DA to File Murder Charges Against Two APD Officers. – The DA did go ahead and file making it the first time that an Alburquerque Police Officer has faced charges for shooting someone in the line of duty. By way to go DA Kari Brandenburg! A lot more of these officers need to be facing such suits.

(☠) Montana officer, Grant Morrison, shoots and kills his second unarmed man. No charges in either case. – Okay, WTF? What is the number that makes it no longer okay to shoot unarmed people?

 (☺) Good Cop Files Lawsuit Against Corrupt Department That Told Him ‘If you snitch, your career is done’ – “I never imagined that doing the right thing as a cop could cost me so much,” Detective Joseph Crystal of the Baltimore Police Department told reporters from the Daily News.

Good News For A Change (NEW Section!!)

 Philly Pizza Shop Customers Pay It Forward, Feed The Homeless

Masha, who saved the life of an abandoned infant by keeping her warm and attracting the attention of passers-by.

Masha, who saved the life of an abandoned infant by keeping her warm and attracting the attention of passers-by. (Click to enlarge)

 Hero cat saves baby from freezing to death

Gun Violence

 Texas Pro-Gun Group Stage Mock Charlie Hebdo Attacks with Armed Civilians—Fails Every Time – The only volunteer who survived the mock assault did so by running away, but she did not stop the attack.

 Rick Snyder Vetoes Gun Bill Over Domestic Violence Concerns – “We simply can’t and won’t take the chance of exposing domestic abuse victims to additional violence or intimidation,” Snyder said.  It’s rare to see a Republican make an enemy of the NRA.  I doubt if you’ll see it again anytime soon.

Human & Civil Rights

These Tiny Hidden Cameras Can Help You Record Human Rights Violations – Anywhere (VIDEO) – We all need one of these. But what is sad is that we all need one of these.

 Did Gitmo “Suicides” Cover Up Murder? U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison’s Secret CIA Site = The jury is still out on this, but sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true.


 This is it: Supreme Court agrees to decide same-sex marriage question – Will it be a legal decision or an ideological one?  Things seem to look positive, but with this conservative court, it’s anybody’s guess.

Vanessa Collier,

Vanessa Collier. (Click to enlarge)

 Church in Lakewood, Colorado stops woman’s funeral because she was gay – “Her casket was open, flowers laid out and hundreds of people sitting in the pews,” supporters said in a Facebook post. “He collected money for the funeral and has yet to return it.”

 South Dakota Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

 Best Not To Exchange With Haters = If you want a really good laugh, read this. I don’t know what chain these managers work for, but they’re the best.


Fox News Host: How Can We Spot Bad Guys If We Can’t See “Tone Of Their Skin” – Um, wow! Even for Fox – just wow!

Police say real photos are key to training: ‘No discipline forthcoming’

Police say real photos are key to training: ‘No discipline forthcoming’ (click to enlarge photo)

 Florida police on defense after black men’s mugshots used for target practice

Rape & Rape Culture

 1 In 3 College Men In Survey Say They Would Rape A Woman If They Could Get Away With It – But, when the researchers actually used the word “rape” in their question, those numbers dropped much lower — suggesting that many college men don’t associate the act of forcing a woman to have sex with them with the crime of committing rape.

 Men’s Rightsers offer innovative new theory about rape and feminism. And by “innovative” I mean horrifying.

 No Justice This Week in Steubenville – Karin Roland, campaign director at the online women’s activist group UltraViolet, has a simple reaction to the deal struck this week keeping an Ohio school administrator out of court and jail. “This is wrong” says Roland.

 Why don’t sentences for accused sex offenders teach them to treat women like people?


 It Isn’t the Responsiblity of Women to End Sexism In the Workplace


 “You should have been crying while she was alive”: Another sentence handed down in Rehtaeh Parsons case – A man who texted a photo that showed him penetrating Parsons during an alleged gang rape was sentenced to probation

War On Mothers

 Republicans Are Killing Women: US Maternal Death Rate Climbs; Female Deaths Rise In GOP Counties – “Today’s mothers are twice as likely to die of pregnancy- or childbirth-related causes than their mothers were. There is no reason, given our vast resources, knowledge and technology, why we should be going backwards in this area.” – Laura Gilkey, coordinator of The Safe Motherhood Quilt Project, a nonprofit based in Sarasota, Fla.

 Minnesota mom faces up to 2 years in prison for saving son’s life with cannabis oil

Women In History

 ‘She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry’ Reveals the Radical Ordinary Women of 1960s Feminism – A new documentary well worth a look.

World News

In case you missed it, a Muslim man was the hero of the Paris grocery store siege – Further proof that you cannot paint everyone of a group of people with the same brush. Everyone is an individual. Buck up and deal with it – and send tons of love to this man!

Hero, and newly-minted French citizen, Lassana Bathily,

Hero, and newly-minted French citizen, Lassana Bathily. (Click to enlarge)

 Mali-born Muslim ‘hero’ of Paris attacks gets French nationality = An update about his well-deserved reward.

 No More Stolen Sisters – Indigenous women are going missing and being murdered at a much higher rate than other women in Canada—a rate so high it constitutes nothing less than a national human rights crisis.

On A Lighter Note – ” Le Petit Journal ” make fun of Fox news. – Pure awesomeness.

Read the Friday Feminism Series

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Satanic Symbol in School Bus Tail lights

Move over Thomas the Train, Here Comes Satan the School Bus.

Sooo, this was on the local news in my ass-backwards state of Tennessee recently, courtesy of Fox:


Satanic-school-busAt least one Mid-South parent is concerned about what she says is a satanic symbol on a school bus.

Robyn Wilkins snapped a photo when she noticed the shape of an upside down, five-pointed star outlined in the brake lights of a school bus that was stopped in Cordova.

“Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged,” Wilkins said.

She says Christians should be outraged that a symbol that looks like a pentagram would be allowed in the design of a vehicle used to transport children to public schools.

“If you can’t put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it,” Wilkins said.

So five pointed stars are the work of the devil?… OH MY GOD! That means our American flag was created by Betsy Satan Ross!

u.s.flagWas it actually Satan who fathered the baby Jesus? Are Clergy in cahoots with him?


Satan is said to be everywhere, but he seems to have a particular thing for automobiles. Here he’s advertising the occult with the letters OC:

LEDHaloTail charger

Here he’s saying “This way to Satan Land.”


Sometimes he pokes his head out of the trunk to see what’s going on:

satan lights

And like most of us, Satan can’t draw a pentagram to save his life when he’s drunk:


Honestly people, it is downright pathetic when someone like ME has to school people in religious symbolism. Let’s start with the five pointed star, courtesy of Religion Facts:

What is the meaning of the 5-point star in Christianity?index

Like the four-pointed star, the five-pointed star symbol in Christianity is also known as the Star of Bethlehem and represents Jesus’ birth and incarnation. Also known as the Epiphany Star, it is used especially for church decoration during the Advent and Christmas seasons.


pentagramThe Pentagram on the other hand, according to Pagan’s Path, is (my emphasis):

A five pointed star, encased by an outer circle. Adopted by the first pagan practioners, it is always seen with it’s apex pointing upward toward the Divine.

Early Christians attributed the pentagram to the Five Wounds of Christ and from then until medieval times, it was a lesser-used Christian symbol. Prior to the time of the Inquisition, there were no ‘evil’ associations to the pentagram.

baphomet_in_curves_by_yukito85-d4qlcmtNow for that Satanic pentagram:

The inverted pentacle with a goat’s head is called the Sigil (or Sigl) of Baphomet. Notice a couple of things there? Inverted and Goat’s Head; I didn’t see a goat’s head in the satanic bus taillights, did you? According to Christian Restoration, this is the sign “used by satanists and considered a demonic deity symbolic of the devil.”

Llewellyn offers a little rationality for us:

The truth is that a graphic symbol, such as a pentagram, is nothing more than lines. It’s what we put into it that matters. If you adopt it to represent evil, then for you—and for those who agree with you—it’s evil. If you think it’s positive and put positive values into a symbol, then it’s positive.

They point to the Congressional Medal of Honor as one example:


So Lady please, next time the vehicle in front of you starts looking demonic, hit the gas and aim the car at a psychiatrist’s office. In the meantime, let’s stop being stupid about trivial nonsense and worry about more important stuff, like that satanic elephant thing.


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Four Out, Two Retired, Two Remain….Secret Service Shuffle

Yesterday’s dismissal of FOUR of the eight executive-level agents from the Secret Service Agency is shocking and disconcerting. Their exit conveys a central restructure of agency operations and culture shake up. As the agency plugs along, protecting American officials, the Dept of Homeland Security, DHS recommends to White House of the heels of releasing scathing report, the next permanent Director be an outsider.

Despite the criticism of the absence of Obama Administration cabinet officials from the Unity March in Paris, this revelation justifies the ‘no shows‘. Hindsight is easy, but if a situation had arisen, the same critics would have been outraged that a US official was not properly protected on an overseas trip because of bureaucratic poor decisions inherent to the rank-and-file.

Europe, France knows the US stands with them in the ‘fight against terrorism’ (hate that dumb term). After all, it was our 21st version ‘Of Mice & Men’, Bush-Cheyney, lies that propelled jihadist and fundamentalist into a global collective to inflict pain on the west.

Undoubtedly, the Charlie Hebedo massacre, tragically won’t be the last attack. America will probably have other opportunities to send officials to another Unity March.

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Rudy: About That Romney Benghazi Thing

Sorry Folks, Benghazi. Again.

I used to like Rudy Giuliani way, way, waaaay back, when he wasn’t a right wing bootlick.

For those of you who missed it, Rudy Giuliani discussed Mitt Romney’s failed campaign on Fox and Friends this morning, and like a dutiful Republican, invoked BENGHAAAAAZI!:

“Even if he didn’t win, if he had made Benghazi a bigger issue, I think we would have had a better chance.”

Rudy seems to forget that Benghazi did enter Mitt’s campaign, when America watched him leave his press conference about the tragedy with a self-serving smirk on his face, happy as a 1% pig in shit:

Romney Benghazi press conference

Don’t be such a putz, Rudy.

cross-posted at cindyrosedotcom

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Betraying Progressive Values is Why Congress has a Super Majority

Should any progressive, liberal or democrat ask why voters stay home during election season show them this info-graph from DailyKos.  It is a pictorial of Dems who either voted with Republicans on two controversial topics:

  • Keystone XL to transport dirty tar sands across the heartland.
  • Weakening Wall St reforms that protect the taxpayers from the greed that plunged the country into a recession. A recession most of the country has recovered…WORST 14 Democrats need who voted for Both to be primaried from the ‘left’

A pronounced betrayal of the Dem platform. People don’t respect or support folks who jump onto the popularity band wagon or worst, betray principles. Democrats will no longer vote against CORE values to the ‘Blue Party‘ is unacceptable. Conservatives won’t vote for ‘republican-lite‘, who wants to vote for an impostor when the ‘real McCoy’ is available.

Dems Annihilate the Economy & Environment

Look to your ‘righ’t and recognize why there is a super majority of ‘knuckle-draggers’ occupying our government as the world moves forward while America tumbles backwards. My suggestion to many of these representatives and their staff, update the resume, revise that LinkedIn profile and email those contacts. “This dog don’t hunt no more”, constituents are watching. Democratic voters want Democratic candidates.

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Does Priebus Really Want to Make Families Fair Game?

The Hill’s campaign blog Ballot Box is reporting today that the Republican National Committee’s oily little cretin, Reince Priebus, is more than willing to drag Bill Clinton’s past into a Hillary Clinton campaign:

Reince PriebusRepublican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says Bill Clinton’s personal life would be “fair game” if Hillary Clinton makes her widely predicted run for the presidency.

“Bill Clinton’s activities are fair game for Hillary Clinton to mudanswer, absolutely,” Priebus said in an interview with BuzzFeed. “And if there are things that Bill Clinton has done that we don’t know about, politically or through business enterprise, that are questionable and/or illegal, then we ought to look into it and ask Hillary about it too, because the presumption is that she’s gonna benefit from the successes of Bill Clinton, so I think it’s fair game.

(…) if Bill Clinton was up to things we find to be unscrupulous, I think that people ought to know about it.”

If Priebus really wants to drag family into it, we can do that:

If Mike Huckabee runs, let’s ask how a so-called “Christian”, let alone decent human being, raises a son that hangs and stones a dog to death, then sweeps it under the rug and coincidentally fires the State Chief of Police.

What about Supriya Jindal’s charity, which keeps raking in money from people doing business with, or under scrutiny by, Governor Bobby Jindal’s government.

gop crime familyAnd even forgetting for a moment that Rand Paul is a serial plagiarist, what about his Dad? He could explain the racist newsletters published under his name, or the allegations that he bought endorsements from Bachmann supporters.

Chris Christie’s brother has been involved in some questionable things, but we don’t really need Christie family scandals when the Governor continually offers us his own on a silver platter.

Then there’s my personal favorite, Ted Cruz; I’m just waiting for dear old Dad to trot out his completely bogus immigration tale, or be introduced as a “Professor of Theology” on the campaign trail.

Jeb Bush has his wife, daughter and son to explain, and Rubio’s money issues are more questionable than his parent issues. I won’t bother with Ben Carson , Allen West, Scott Walker or Rick Perry… yet.

Since the Republican Party has no real ideas, it stands to reason they would “throw everything against the wall to see what sticks”. So bring it on Mr Priebus; I’m willing to bet that any attempt to drag Hillary through the mud for Bill’s actions will do nothing but blow up in your face.

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Ryan Won’t Seek GOP 2016 Nomination

Try to hold back the tears America: Paul Ryan, the cat food for seniors, inner city folks are lazy, change how we do math to make my budget work, Romney loving, failed VP candidate, has decided not to run for the GOP nomination in 2016. Well I’m verklempt, how about you? According to NBC:

Paul-Ryan“I have decided that I am not going to run for president in 2016,” … noting that he is “at peace” with the decision he made “weeks ago” to forgo a bid for the White House.

“It is amazing the amount of encouragement I have gotten from people – from friends and supporters – but I feel like I am in a position to make a big difference where I am and I want to do that,” he said.

His first big difference, “changing how Congress does math”, as Mother Jones reported:

Republicans, led by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), their budget guru, are considering altering the way Congress calculates the costs of tax cuts—a move that could make big tax cuts for the rich appear less costly than they really are. (…)

bush-trickle-downIf they make this change, they could argue that new tax cuts for the well-to-do would partly pay for themselves—and wave the JCT [Joint Committee on Taxation] -CBO [Congressional Budget Office] seal of approval to justify their claim.

Would the JCT and CBO back up this new Republican accounting gimmick? Well, Republicans can order them to do it, or simply replace their Directors with ones willing to help perpetrate the fraud; and as Mojo’s post put it:

Neither congressional Dems nor President Barack Obama can prevent that.

So Ryan still has too much work to do in Congress to run for President, like lying, cheating, and stealing, to pay back the GOP’s rich campaign benefactors.

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Missing From the Paris Unity March the US….And That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing.

World Leaders March in Paris

World Leaders March in Paris

After witnessing the horrific attacks in France migrating from the streets of Paris to a kosher deli in a nearby suburb, countries are grappling with tenuous conversations on politics, journalistic expression, and immigration. Complicating current circumstances are emerging waves of intolerance ushered in by fear stoked by conservative factions. All these topics cause consternation on a national level, but worldwide, save for the zealous factions like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc., leaders have deplored the violence. In a display of solidarity, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and 40 other world leaders, marched arm-and-arm, through the streets of Paris along with the French people in the hope of re-invigorating a sense of security for citizens throughout the world. The US ambassador was present but notably absent was President Obama or top ranking official from the Administration.

American media spat their criticism of what they perceive as a lapse in foreign diplomacy and missed opportunity. Mentioned fleetingly on MSNBC, the ‘right’ picked up their ‘blame Obama cudgel’ of unfailing discontent. I would have been extremely proud and enjoyed watching our President marching down the Paris streets, alongside with his fellow heads of state in a show of solidarity, but I’m a realist and my memory is long on questions surrounding his safety in light of recent missteps.

Mr. Obama’s security has been of central concern since he announced his Presidential candidacy in 2007. Unlike his predecessors, his presence has inflamed grotesque, partisan factions floating beneath the conservative electorate like none of his predecessors. Evidenced by a tenfold rise in hate groups since he took office. However, not only has the Secret Service been challenged with the increased gauntlet of real threats for the 44th Commander and Chief, the Internet has spawned a new battle field the agency must scrutinize while cultivating innovative strategies circumventing threats. Compounding their interminable responsibilities, competency and numerous scandals publicly rattled the reputation of the Service. Although titillating fodder for the mainstream media, agents’ misconduct violated their duties with intoxication in the Netherlands and patronizing prostitutes in Columbia while on the President’s detail. Nevertheless, two potentially calamitous breaches on the White House grounds, uniquely united legislatures with public’s anxiety over protecting POTUS. Although gunfire was heard near 1600 Pennsylvania, housekeeping discovered bullets had penetrated the private residence not agents. An intruder stormed the grounds unimpeded by security navigated to the East room only to be tackled by an off-duty guard who happened to pass by. These incidents betrayed a culture within the Secret Service preoccupied with appearance, a command hierarchy devoid of substance and a suspect code of honor. Organizations can change, transform through leadership, training, and recruitment. A political party, not so expediently.

Only partisan politics spurred the impetus for US representation at the Unity Rally in Paris. Increasingly, our country shadows and vaguely implies principles of freedom, particularly in the resurrection of stifling, invasive policies and legislation co-opting the personal lives and rights of citizens. Overwhelming examples of dismantling personal privacy flourish throughout the nation: 24 states implemented restrictive (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers )TRAP Laws, , attorney generals in state courts endless challenges of marriage equality ignores the pursuit of happiness under the constitution, obliterating Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and voter ID laws disguised as poll taxes along with an inhumane immigration system.

Most troubling is the double standard quartered against free speech. Contrast the venal response the protected rights of Ferguson demonstrators to protest. Conversely, the GOP endorsed Cliven Bundy, his encampment’s violation of federal law and intimidation spilling onto local communities. An ignorant vocal segment consistently proves their contempt and hypocrisy for freedom of expression. US presence at Sunday’s rally would have been ONLY for appearances.

Again consider, the Service’s failings, expecting adequate protection of the President, walking down the street on foreign soil is tempestuous at best. Re-evaluate the historical context of executive security within the last 50 + years, not a stellar record. Ranging from the extremes of the Kennedy assassination or Reagan shootings, to the insult of a shoe thrown at Bush during a press conference in Iraq or the negligence of permitting President Obama to ride in the same elevator with an armed felon, there are gross failures. As for the politics, this sequel of conservative whining reflects their consistent abject disrespect and hatred of this Administration continually striving to tarnish the office, nationally and internationally. I have no doubt conservatives pithing along the ‘right’ would revel at harm befalling Administration high-ranking executives or officials, especially this President.

And although, after the 2009 inauguration, the Obamas & Bidens walked down Pennsylvania Ave, the world was a bit less poisonous and the public retained unblemished confidence officials could be kept safe. Let the Secret Service ‘get their house in order’ by implementing report recommendations with exemplary performance and regaining the public trust before they’re tasked with extraordinary situations. For all we know, maybe the French didn’t want our presence for the considerations I’ve mentioned, either way, the US is not a free country, never has been.

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Bill Kristol’s 2016 “Deep Bench”

In a Washington Times post about Republicans’ “deep bench” for 2016 Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, named off “some 26 potential candidates” for the GOP nomination. Now we at ATD have pointed out before how Conservatives exist in an alternate universe, detached from reality; and Mr. Kristol’s list is a perfect example of that disconnect:

2016 gop list

While Kristol was diplomatic enough to alphabetize his names but for a few afterthoughts, I’m going to count backwards from crazy. In this first post, I’ll highlight a few of his most ludicrous suggestions (all emphases are mine):


John Bolton, Various government positions in Reagan, and both Bush administrations; State Department’s chief “diplomat” on arms control under George W. Bush

A writer at Fire Dog Lake  referred to Bolton as:

… so nutty, hateful, and stupid that even the Republican-controlled Senate Bush enjoyed from 2003 to 2007 refused, twice, to confirm him as our United Nations ambassador (and the second time came after he’d had the gig for over a year due to a recess appointment).

21st Century Wire offers some “highlights” from Bolton’s career:

… refused to provide information, including his personal notes regarding the Iran-Contra scandal, and aided congressional Republicans who attempted to stop investigations of Contra drug smuggling.

…submitted pro-Taiwan testimony to Congress in the 1990s without revealing he was a paid consultant to Taiwan.

…one of the original signatories to the pro-war lobbyist ‘think tank’ founded in 1997, known as Project for a New American Century (PNAC) … PNAC stated in its mission statement that it would seek out wars in order to prove that US could fight and win on multiple fronts simultaneously, “To fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars…

According to Right Web,

…in 2009, Bolton suggested … that Israel should consider a nuclear strike against Iran, and in 2014, Bolton called the Syrian civil war a “strategic sideshow” and wrote that the United States should instead be preparing for war with Iran.

Not surprisingly, if you check out John Bolton On the Issues, you’ll find just two areas where his policy ideas are detailed: Foreign Policy and Homeland Security. The biggest albatross around Bolton’s neck besides his own personality, is his close ties to Bush and Cheney… that, and he LOVES war.

Carly_FiorinaCarly Fiorina Former HP executive, unsuccessful candidate in 2010 against California Sen. Barbara Boxer

Fiorina’s leadership at HP was summed up in a 2008 Entrepreneur article this way:

Her record at the company was, according to Michael S. Malone, the biographer of H.P.’s founders, “a catastrophe.” The stock price dropped about 50 percent during her tenure. In 2005, the board unceremoniously dumped her… H.P.’s stock soared the day she left.

Also in 2008, Business Pundit wrote:

… she sullied her image by exalting herself without regard to her employees’ reactions.
Buying a personal jet in front of a distrustful and alienated workforce is one example. Freezing employee salaries while giving herself and her executive ilk bonuses is another. Doing these things in light of nearly 18,000 employee dismissals (2003) is just plain callous.

Perhaps more important than her lackluster tenure at HP is the fact that she stiffed her campaign staff and others she did business with after her unsuccessful attempt to win a California Senate seat in 2010. From American Spectator:

Fiorina is running for the White House when, according to federal election reports, her 2010 campaign still owes $486,418 to creditors.

… Fiorina skipped California owing buckets of cash to her onetime pals. She owes $60,000 to former campaign manager Marty Wilson… and another $20,000 to his former communications firm.

She shorted campaign counsel Ben Ginsberg, formerly of Patton Boggs, to the tune of $44,000. She owes $3,750 to a former press secretary, $5,000 to another communications aide, and $7,500 to her erstwhile political director. She stiffed political consultant Joe Shumate, who died in 2010, to the tune of $30,000…

… according to her campaign report, Fiorina paid back to herself $1 million of the $6.8 million she had lent her campaign on the day before the election. (After the election, win or lose, a candidate cannot get back most loan money.) If Fiorina had not repaid herself that $1 mil, her campaign coffers would have had enough money to discharge all of the campaign’s debts.

In other words pay the people who worked for her. David Corn at Mother Jones writes:

Workers and shareholders did not prosper during her reign, but Fiorina made millions, got a book deal, and now is a top PowerPointer for a presidential candidate. She’s a real American success story—for corporate Republicans.

Speaking in defense of off-shoring jobs in 2004, Fiorina declared (my emphasis):

“there is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore”

That includes 1% grifters running for President, Ms. Fiorina; just ask Mitt Romney

richard-dick-cheneyDick Cheney

I’m not sure there are words to describe the absurdity of this guy’s name making the list. In 2011, when Cheney’s memoir was released, of the Atlantic wrote a pointed article on the former Vice President’s true legacy titled: “Remembering Why Americans Loathe Dick Cheney” For those who do, as well as those who don’t know much about Cheney, it’s worth revisiting the career of the man many now refer to as a “war criminal”.

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Friday Feminism – Women in Politics, Good Cop/Bad Cop & Rape Culture

Abortion & Abortion Rights

 “They’re not based in science”: Why GOP’s already pulling a post-election bait-and-switch – Arizona Rep. Trent Franks and Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn wasted no time in introducing a measure that would restrict most abortions after 20 weeks, announcing the bill on the very first day of the new session.

 The right’s 2015 abortion scheme: Force women to wait days to get care

Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women On Waves

Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women On Waves

 “The political landscape is not ready”: Meet the woman leading a D.I.Y. abortion revolution = “There’s so much acceptance that this is a safe option,” says Dutch physician Rebecca Gomperts. But it took work.

Culture & Pop Culture

Barbara Nessim: Five Feminist Decades of Art

 10 Stupid Arguments People Use To Defend Comic Book Sexism

Environment (NEW Section!!)

 Warming Seas Drive Rapid Acceleration of Melting Antarctic Ice

 Much of world’s fossil fuel reserve must stay buried to prevent climate change, study says – New research is first to identify which reserves must not be burned to keep global temperature rise under 2C, including over 90% of US and Australian coal and almost all Canadian tar sands.

 California Governor Calls for 50 Percent Renewable Energy by 2030 – Seriously? We can’t do better than that, when Scotland can reach 100 percent (see World News section)?

 Kochs and Walmart Clan Wage Dirty War to Stop You From Putting Solar Panels on Your Home – Making money the old fashioned way (by screwing people over).

Good Cop (☺)/Bad Cop (☠) (NEW Section Title!!(Most cops aren’t bad. Its just my job to point out the ones that are.)

 (☠) Cop Trying to Kill the Family Dog, Kills Woman Instead, In Front of her Husband and 4-year-old Son

 (☠) Savannah Man, 22 Year Old Matthew Ojibade, Dies In Restraining Chair While In Police Custody

 (☺) These Cops Figured Out That Rewarding Good Instead of Punishing Bad, Does So Much More

 (☠) Death Ruled a Homicide after 911 Call for Medical Help Ended With Police Killing a Woman

 (☺) Portland police adopt revolutionary new policy regarding mentally ill suspects — just back off

 (☠) Kansas family calls police for help with ‘belligerent’ son — and now he’s dead

David M. Cady Jr.'s home after police left

David M. Cady Jr.’s home after police left

 (☠) New York family left homeless after 18 police agencies destroy entire home while serving DUI warrant

 (☺) Pittsburgh Police Chief Poses With Anti-Racism Sign: Police Union Has a Fit

Good News For A Change (NEW Section!!)

 White House Unveils America’s College Promise Proposal: Tuition-Free Community College for Responsible Students

Gun Violence

 Americans now more likely to die from getting shot than in car accidents – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says that Americans are now statistically more likely to be killed by a gun than in a car accident.

 The Right-Wing Terror Plot You Didn’t Hear About This Week

Human & Civil Rights

 10 Tips to Avoid Being Tricked by Cops

 Special Prostitution Courts and the Myth of ‘Rescuing’ Sex Workers

 Why activists and feminists get so many death threats = For women in particular, the threat never completely disappears. A cartoon that made its way around Facebook underscores the point. On one side a thought bubble above a male figure reads, “What if she gave me a fake number?” On the other, a bubble above a female says, “What if he rapes and kills me?”

In Memory


 Bess Myerson the First and Last Jewish Miss America?


Leelah Alcorn

Leelah Alcorn

 Leelah Alcorn’s final words should be remembered.

 Why would people ‘choose’ to be gay? – They see the oppression, the suicide rates, the discrimination and harassment, the inequality, the increased risk of mental health issues, or abandonment from your family and think “I gotta get me some of that”?

 Spot The Difference: ‘Pride’ Film Cover Censors Out The Gay For US Audience

Marriage Equality

 Copyright and Marriage Equality Act Reintroduced


 Explosion outside Colorado NAACP building may be hate crime says FBI – Gee, ya think?

 Native Women Score Wins over Demeaning Images

 State Bar Complaint Filed Against McCulloch Over Ferguson Grand Jury. He’s Having A Really Bad Day. = Good.

Rape & Rape Culture

 Why don’t we believe rape victims? Because of people like Phylicia Rashad.

 Sue Perkins attacks rape joke comedians

 Princeton Mom on Fox: Don’t teach kids about rape because most molestation is just bad ‘manners’ – So I guess if guys would just say “Pardon me” afterwards…

 Camille Paglia thinks rape is intrinsic to men’s nature — and a lot of men are like, “This is awesome!” – Did somebody designate this as the week for saying stupid shit about rape?  Apparently I didn’t get the memo.

 Oregon Football Players Chant ‘No Means No’ at Quarterback Accused of Rape


 Things People Say When You’re A Blonde Engineer At MIT

 Follow-up To MIT Blonde Engineer

Sexual Assault & Harassment

 American Apparel institutes new sexual harassment policy after ousting CEO


 A Letter From A Dog? Seriously, Sarah Palin, This Is How You Defend Abuse?

 NAACP Legal Defense Fund files a potential game changer in the case against Darren Wilson

 Video Shows Cops Tackling Tackling Tamir Rice’s Sister While Leaving Rice Bleeding On The Ground

 Officer Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Failed Sheriff Department Exam

War On Mothers

 How Having a Baby Can Land a Woman in Jail


Women In History

 The top 10 books about the suffragettes

 The Mysterious Life of Judee Sill

Women loading the nitration pans at Gretna munitions factory in Scotland in 1915

Women loading the nitration pans at Gretna munitions factory in Scotland in 1915

 Why we should remember the first world war’s female munitions workers

 Six Amazing Unknown Women Who Made Their Famous Men Even More Famous

Women In Politics

 California Sen. Barbara Boxer won’t seek re-election – A loss for environmentalists and feminists both.

 The Secret History of Women in the Senate

 Elizabeth Warren Fights Back Against the “Magical Accounting” of Trickle-Down Economics

 Historic: House Swears In 65 Democratic Women, Largest Caucus In American History – I would like to think this will make a difference, but it’s still just a drop in the bucket.

 Washington, DC Breaks Barriers for Women – I would love to see a serious a serious and open dialogue some day about why we even still have barriers.

Women’s Rights

 Anti-Woman Conservative: More Women Need To Be Stupid For Men, So Let’s Keep Them Out Of College = I’ve been trying to think of a witty and searing rejoinder, but I’m speechless.  Feel free to make up your own.

World News

Malé- capital of the Republic of Maldives

Malé- capital of the Republic of Maldives

 Maldives capital in crisis as water supply dries up

 The End Of Fracking? Scotland Reached Almost 100% Wind Power In 2014

Violence Against Women

 Online and Offline Violence Against Women

 The Day I Saw 248 Girls Suffering Genital Mutilation

On A Lighter Note


Read the Friday Feminism Series

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Republicans Begin Their Attack on the Working Class

johnboehner_460x276As a result of the idiot sheep on the right, along with whiny, lazy-assed non-voting folks, Conservatives have the numbers in Congress to wreak their particular brand of havoc on the nation. Where better to begin than an attack on the working class right off the bat?

Knuckleheads on the Right took the GOP at its word that their first priority would be “jobs and the economy”, totally unaware that jobs and the economy have already been rebounding for some time now. Unfortunately, when people’s only information comes from an arm of the GOP posing as a “news” station, or some rotund, drop-out, radio jock, they remain devastatingly ignorant, to the detriment of the entire country.

As most non-Conservatives could have predicted, the GOP’s focus would actually be the beginning of the dismantling of America, their only true goal for most of recent history. And so it begins. TPMDC reports:

sheep_off_cliff_jpg_scaled1000.jpgw600With a little-noticed proposal, Republicans took aim at Social Security on the very first day of the 114th Congress.
The incoming GOP majority approved late Tuesday a new rule that experts say could provoke an unprecedented crisis that conservatives could use as leverage in upcoming debates over entitlement reform.

The largely overlooked change puts a new restriction on the routine transfer of tax revenues between the traditional Social Security retirement trust fund and the Social Security disability program. The transfers, known as reallocation, had historically been routine; the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities said Tuesday that they had been made 11 times.

The House GOP’s rule change would still allow for a reallocation from the retirement fund to shore up the disability fund — but only if an accompanying proposal “improves the overall financial health of the combined Social Security Trust Funds,” per the rule, expected to be passed on Tuesday. While that language is vague, experts say it would likely mean any reallocation would have to be balanced by new revenues or benefit cuts.

Ah yes, the “new revenues”, which in GOP speak means anything and everything other than new tax revenues. What they really want, have always wanted, is the benefit cuts. Now, as Social Security Works tells TPM:

“… the Republican rule will allow Social Security to be held hostage.”

On their own site, SSW writes:

It is an old tactic of the program’s opponents to seek to divide and conquer. They seek to turn young against old by falsely claiming that too much is being spent on the old. They seek to turn African Americans against whites with the preposterous claim that Social Security is unfair to blacks. (We document and refute these and many other claims in our new book).

This time they seek to drive a wedge between retired workers and disabled workers by claiming that reallocation helps the disabled at the expense of the old – another preposterous claim. All of these divide-and-conquer strategies are intended to turn Americans against each other so that all of their benefits can be cut.

Then there’s the anticipated attack on the Affordable Care Act; Republicans are attempting to change the definition of full time, so your employer can reduce your hours to get out of insuring you. Mother Jones reports:

Republicans plan to vote on a bill that would gut Obamacare—and could deprive up to 1.5 million Americans of their employer-sponsored health insurance. The law defines employees who work 30 or more hours per week as full time. The legislation … would change the definition of full time to 40 hours per week for purposes of the law. Companies that don’t want to provide health insurance for their employees can avoid doing so by cutting workers’ hours.

“I call this the ‘send people home a half hour early on Friday and deny them health insurance’ bill,” says Tim Jost, a health care law scholar at the Washington and Lee University School of Law who has consulted with the Obama administration on implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Conservatives in Congress are so hell-bent on destroying the first opportunity to have healthcare for millions of Americans, they’ll gladly allow employers to cut their employees’ hours to do it. So, on top of losing your insurance, you could lose wages as well. And Social Security? Not if they can help it.

That’s your “job creators” for you.

That’s Conservatives’ idea of a better America.

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So ‘Special’, I’m Entitled….Unbound From Ethics or Laws

Humans often learn by modeling their behavior after individuals and subsequent results. Equally important, with maturity, we note and judge how similar behavioral choices or circumstances will affect or influence our own lives & destiny….

Former Governor Robert McDonnell (R) - VA

Former Governor Robert McDonnell (R) – VA

But some folks judge themselves exceptional and their deeds, actions elevated above the norms of ethical parameters or laws….essentially, they won’t get caught, cause they’re ‘special’. Well, today, one of those ‘special people’ corrupt former Virginia Republican Governor, Bob McDonnell was sentenced to federal prison for a paltry two years.  Gullible Judge fell for McDonnell’s character witnesses, despite a jury finding this GOP falling star guilty on 11 of the prosecution’s 13 counts.…money & power does buy freedom.

Now, I mentioned modeling human behavior because another GOP star is steadily plummeting toward the courts. Like McDonnell, they’re behavior is spotlighted by the improper appearance of accepting ‘goodies’ AND closing a bridge for partisan retribution…yup, it’s asteroid Christie’s unsteady political orbit approaching another debris field of scrutiny & rumored corruption.

[..NO, I’m not talking about stupid football or which team he supports; that’s all silly)

Jerry Jones (center); Governor Christie (R) - NJ (orange sweater)

Jerry Jones (center); Governor Christie (R) – NJ (funky orange sweater)

Look beyond the football crap: ugly-tired orange sweater, and awkward iced out hug, Christie along with his entourage, flew to Dallas this past weekend on the tab of Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones.

Freedom Tower managed by Port Authority

Freedom Tower managed by Port Authority

FYI, the Cowboy’s organization owns partial interest in Legend’s Hospitality Group LLC, and by extension,  Jerry Jones —— Christie’s newest bud.  Here’s the sticky unethical rub: Christie finagled awarding Legend’s Hospitality Group LLC the contract for managing the observation deck at Manhattan’s One World Trade Center in 2013. The deck falls under the auspice of the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, which 50% is administered by NJ’s governor ——— Chris Christie. The Governor’s staff sloughed off accusations of impropriety by stating the Governor is permitted by law to accept gifts from buds except they omitted the official legalese, Executive Order 77: …..banning gifts to elected officials from people who they “deal with, contact or regulate in the course of official business. I guess ignoring executive orders, obeying laws is OK cause they’re ‘special’….

I’ll admit, he never disappoints on the trifecta of “all things Christie”

  1. incompetence
  2. failing policies
  3. covert corruption =  #Bridgegate

You’d think as a former federal prosecutor and witnessing McDonnell fall into prison garb for accepting gifts based upon his governorship, Christie would refrain from modeling, trolling down a similarly, polluted path….NOPE. He’s ‘special’ and attempted to ride under the cover of friendship. No one believes Christie’s crap, besides, look at that pict, elbow to the orange sweater.

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