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A Wide Round Table of GOP Governors – All Failing

What do GOP Governors have in common? They failed their states, voters with their onslaught of blaming the poor for the freebies lavished on the wealthy. Most of them spend their time either attacking President Obama, ceremoniously signing useless legislation solving non-existent problems. Ostensibly avoiding the fact, they don’t work, serving the voters is irrelevant, begging primarily for scraps from wealthy donors. But hey, if incompetence, state statistics consistently under perform compared with national averages and permanently stagnate overall state recovery, you got a shot….just keep ignoring reality, data, revel in the praise of your sycophants, wallow in the praise from Fox and you got a shot….

Salon did a nice job of exposing the situation and commonality between states subjected feckless to GOP Governors. All of them cut taxes for corporations, slashed the burdens for the wealthy by transferring them onto the middle class and poor in exchange for mounting budget deficits.
cartoon vs of christie

Christie on celebrating a record NJ’s NINE-TH CREDIT DOWNGRADE during his two terms, burst from the trough in Trenton wandering to New Hampshire with the delusion of resurrecting decaying 2016 presidential aspirations. Once touted as a 2012 contender, threats of federal indictments hover over his head, scandal meanders through the administration and “pay to play” accusations for accepting lavish plague this loud mouth.


Gov. Walker - WI


Koch B*tch, Scott Walker has rampaged through Wisconsin bludgeoning protections and resources for the middle class and reducing the social programs to a trickle. His job-creation record hovers at 4.85 compared to the 8.21 national average. Like Christie, Walker prances onward, beleaguered by scandals with the menace of shadowy indictments except Walker purged himself of sacrificial lambs. Some veal is fenced away by indictments, impending trials or convicted.



boby jindalFinally, Bobby Jindal hailing from the BP oil ravaged state of Louisiana continues his social war against intelligence/reason. Although, his employment numbers aren’t as dismal compared to his northern competitors, this deep red ‘taker state’ is buoyed  low-wage jobs subsidized by federal programs. Folks can’t exist on the minimum wage. Therefore, Reagan-ist state budget cuts, 1% giveaways and corporate welfare can only exist at the expense of national shared pain.


failed_experiment_by_josearias-d6wbftn. 2jpgI’ll only mention Kansas’ Brownback for bravely implementing Grover Norquist’s tax policies. Well, those tax policies were as successful as this guy taking a shower in toxic waste run off sooth body acne. Yeah, the state’s budgetary crisis state is so dire, the public school term will conclude early this year.


ruby slippers & witches handsiHell, Europe could have told the conservative and the Wizard of Oz  – refugees austerity doesn’t work. It only creates tornadoes of deficits and failures that even hard-clicking ruby slippers can’t transport y’a back to the pre-crash surpluses of the Clinton presidency.

Corporate Media Attacks Against Hillary Are Just Beginning

Its about to get petty. And we know how the radical right loves to compare petty to their crimes that often include murder (talkin’ bout you, Dubya and Cheney). They love the false equivalence.

Bloomberg, about as conservative as it gets, posted the scandalous article “Tracking Hillary Clinton’s Use of Every American Accent East of the Mississippi“. You’ll find asinine quotes in the article like:

Remember that time Clinton spoke with a Southern drawl?

What a crime that Hillary lived in Arkansas as the Governor’s wife and quickly picked up on the local accent. That only happens to me ALL THE TIME. I was in Florida for Spring Break and by the end of the week I picked up their accent. Take a trip to the midwest and see how long it takes you to develop a folksy accent. By the end of the first day you’ll be using words like “youbethcha”. Don’t even get me started on Mississippi.

Many people pick up accents easily. On the other hand, some fools live in the U.S. for decades and I still can’t understand a fracking word they’re saying (talkin’ bout you, Swartzenhager).

I give this RWNJ attempt an epic fail. Time to go back to Benghazi – that tragedy where Democrats were killed because Republicans gutted Embassy security around the world. Democrats working at our embassy who HATED Republicans, by the way, and would hate the radical right using their deaths as political strategy. Try as you might, RWNJs, your tabloid journalism will do nothing to win votes and, in fact, will energize our base.

Free Public College?

Kathleen posted this week on Scott Walker’s education cuts and skyrocketing college debt in the face of conservative tax cuts. The Nation explains a new, progressive push toward a debt-free college education that may be a central issue in the 2016 Presidential election, at least on the Democratic side (with my emphasis).

In the House and Senate, legislators will simultaneously introduce two resolutions calling for “all students [to] have access to debt-free higher education.” In the Senate, Brian Schatz, Chuck Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren will attach their names to the resolution. Representatives Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva, co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, are leading the House effort along with several members, including Representatives Chris Van Hollen, Steve Israel, Donna Edwards, Katherine Clark, and Alan Grayson.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is helping to organize the push, and released a short paper along with the think tank Demos about how to make public higher education achievable without debt. It briefly outlines how increased federal aid to states for higher education, along with expanded Pell Grants that would be permitted to cover non-tuition costs, and increased regulation might eliminate the debt burden at public institutions.


The PCCC will immediately organize rallies at ten college campuses this week, including four in the early-primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. The students at these rallies will explicitly call on presidential candidates to embrace the debt-free college plan. Hillary Clinton and her advisers are no doubt the primary intended audience here, since she leads Democratic polls by such a wide margin. “Students, families, and progressive leaders are working together to make a national goal of debt-free college central to the 2016 debate,” said PCCC co-founder Adam Green.

Germany is leading the way in Europe with their own tuition-free universities, even for foreigners. Their goal is an educated workforce that will attract even more business investment from around the world. That kind of populist message, investing in our people, investing in America, is just what we need to hear from our candidates. Get ready for cries of “Socialism” from the radical right.

Losing Our Humanity

tattered flagAs I watch us losing our humanity daily, I am disappointed in my country. We are allowing extremists to set the agenda. The lunatics aren’t running the asylum; they have scaled the walls, busted down the doors, crawled out of the windows, and they are among us.

  • Masculinity-challenged assholes find fun in terrorizing children by strolling around their schools with guns
  • Black kids are shot like it’s sport
  • The far right has twisted Christianity into a big hot mess of racist, bigoted, pigs
  • The Tea Party has summoned every subterranean piece of shit from its cave, and increased the country’s ignorance quotient to an infinite degree
  • Poor and middle class conservative voters question nothing, while their party slowly, quietly, pulls the rug out from under them…

We are no longer the United States, we are the divided states of rich and poor, educated and uneducated, black and white, gay and straight, hateful and hated.

Politicians undermine our country, religious leaders undermine our faith, journalists undermine our truths, and the rich undermine our government.

We need a healthy environment.
We need an educated society.
We need a living wage.
We need an uncorrupted political system.
We need to take care of our elderly.
We need to repay our veterans.
We need to accept each other.
We need to support each other.
We need our compassion back.
We need to be a united country again.


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Walker’s War on Education

Parents and students everywhere should fear. While the job market remains shaky at best and the prospect of a future remains intimidating, the idea of paying thousands of dollars a year is far from a pleasant one. With the average American college student raking up around $29,000 in debt, it seems that the logical approach would be to attempt to bolster these more affordable public universities, making them lower cost educational havens for America’s youth.

Yet, not surprisingly, no such logic exists in the GOP. The party of the “self-made man” and of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality apparently thinks that education isn’t an investment, considering their next attack seems to be on students. With Wisconsin governor Scott Walker proposing over $300 million in budget cuts, we finally have one man embodying everything that is wrong with the GOP fiscal policy when it comes to education.

While Walker claims his cuts to only be 2%, anyone with a basic understanding of policy can tell you that this is absolute garbage. Perhaps it is only 2% of the total, which includes earmarked grants. But it does account for 13% of general state aid, which is the money used to pay staff, maintain/lower tuition and overall, to run the university. So, not only is Walker drastically reducing the amount of funding these universities are receiving, he is attempting to lie to every family, student and employee that is going to be paying for this lie for years to come.

Looking away from higher education (which as a young college student clearly has me upset) let us look for a moment at the public school system. Wisconsin, which apparently can afford to slash their budget by $2.6 billion is already struggling. Schools are already announcing plans to cut programs such as reading and literacy, special needs, and career and technical training, because apparently those programs aren’t important. Literacy and reading? Who needs those in a country where 21% of adults read below a 5th grade level? That’s clearly fine.

But giving Walker the benefit of the doubt, Wisconsin is struggling with a deficit of around $650 million. So let’s look for a moment at why they are facing that deficit. If they were somehow overspending in the realm of education, perhaps the cuts would be more understandable. But, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The reason the state has a deficit is simple—Walker forgot a basic economic principle: One needs to make money in order to run a business (or state). But that principle wasn’t really regarded when Republicans called for $2 billion in tax cuts over the course of his term in office.  Walker lowered taxes 3 times last year, which is not bad in and of itself, had he had any sort of plan. But, no. He cut taxes for the sake of cutting taxes, without thinking about the future. To reiterate, Walker has cut education in order to pay for plainly irresponsible tax cuts, which seems to define the attitude of the GOP these past few years.

Thanks for showing us what you are all about, Mr. Walker. That’s not fiscally conservative. That’s fiscally illogical.

Jon Stewart, Sleuths The Dark Lord

Dick Cheyney 11156148_906497569413032_7616001984258181114_n

  • Creator of ISIS.
  • Strengthened Al-Qaeda
  • Almost destroyed US economy
  • Battered world economy
  • Cowardly draft dodger

Jon Stewart did it again. It seems retirement unshackles propriety (Stewart: ” I offend?” ) fear of ‘being fired’,  damaging a legacy and hastens exploits of greatness. And this time the Steward crucified ‘The Dark Lord’….(no not Darth Vader, get your mind off this this week’s Star Wars Trailer, geeez) but called the war criminal out on his sanctimoniousness.

On a propaganda spiel, Cheyney earnestly fed the neanderthals with the following statement – “I can’t think of a more terrible burden to leave the next president than what Obama is creating here”.

  • Well, the world and history can…………. As a GOP Congressman, Cheyney voted in favor of the Reagan Administration arming Iraq in the 1980s as a military check on the Iran.
  • In the same decade and flipping on that vote, as Bush – 41 ‘s Defense Secretary Cheyney was charged with leading Operation Desert Storm. Despite functioning as the US’ former proxy, troops under a false pretense that Iraqi troops were poised to roll across the Saudi border stopped short of marching into Baghdad.
  • The Iraq invasion in the spring of 2003 that decimated the country during Bush- 43’s administration, permitted Iran to increase/strengthen their influence in the region.
  • Finally, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, at the end of the Bush/Cheyney confederacy, Iran had 20Xs the uranium enriching centrifuges compared to 2000.

Ironically, the Cheyney /Bush Presidency left the country in shambles, the world in despair. The blunders by ‘The Dark Lord’ fallaciously stove to blame the Obama Administration for miraculously correcting the fallout from the worst presidency in US history and their dogmatic, catastrophic self-aggrandizement. Cheyney leveled accusations against Mr. Obama despite US conservatives almost:

  • took America down
  • fundamentally weakened our position in the world
  • reduced our capacity to influence events
  • turned our back on our allies
  • Republicans’ only success was to encourage our adversaries

Warped by a perverse Munchhausen, the GOP’s irrational DREAM of projecting America as the world’s liberator using a neo-conservative model of spreading democracy by way of 18th century colonial aggression is dangerously outdated.

But hey, see for yourself how Stewart eviscerates Cheyney’s contrivances with conservative kryptonite:


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Friday Feminism – Good Cop/Bad Cop, LGBTQ, and World News

Lead Story

 ‘ISIS Hit List’ Targeting Law Enforcement Actually Made By Right-Wing Christians (SCREENSHOTS) – Your not going to freak out our followers unless your way more threatening.  Here, let us help you.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

 There Are No Abortion Cakes

 Senate Passes Compromise Bill Increasing Federal Funding for Abstinence-Only Sex Education – When exactly did our government make the decision that the best method to deal with any problem is the one that won’t work?

 5 Outrageous Anti-Choice Bills That Might Become Law

The Republican Party’s Contempt for Women Is Truly Breathtaking – But that’s OK.  The feeling’s mutual.

 It’s Time to Reclaim Our Reproductive Sovereignty

The Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 did not give women in the United States sovereignty over our bodies. Yes, it gave us the right to an abortion, but the procedure is still heavily regulated and many state legislatures are working to erode access. Regulations in Texas, for example, have resulted in the closure of a large number of abortion clinics.

Females in the U.S. do not have sovereignty over their birthing experiences either, even though they can choose their birth setting and birth attendants. As with abortion, however, the states’ regulation of birth attendants limits the actual amount of choice available. States’ licensing laws determine the qualifications and sharply restrict midwives’ scope of practice. Women are able to choose a home birth attended by a midwife in only a handful of states, and even in those states, midwives work in a hostile environment where ordinary birth complications can result in prosecution, loss of license and legal penalties. In addition, imprisoned pregnant women often are shackled during birth.

Animals & the Environment (NEW Section Title!!)

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 Comedian Ricky Gervais sets off sh*tstorm by tweeting photo of hunter and giraffe she killed – I’ve posted on this sick and disturbed individual previously, but this time she actually pulls out the great-white-hunter-helping-the-hapless-natives excuse.  How utterly… Victorian.

 Darwin the ‘Ikea monkey’ getting evicted as animal sanctuary says it’s in ‘desperate’ financial situation

 North Carolina’s Governor Says Offshore Drilling Should Be Closer To Beaches – Because, hey, what could go wrong?  And speaking of BP…

 BP dropped green energy projects worth billions to focus on fossil fuels

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Christie Loses Two Key Groups In Two Days

Yesterday, we learned that Chris Christie supports major reforms to Social Security – cutting benefits for incomes above $80k, eliminating benefits for incomes above $200k, and raising the retirement age to 69. Problem is, the first two ideas are from our party’s wish list.

Today, Christie said, as President, he would use the federal government to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana.

Marijuana is an illegal drug under federal law. And the states should not be permitted to sell it and profit from it.


I will crack down and not permit it.

Christie embraces left-wing reforms to Social Security and he’s not a “states rights” kind of Republican. In other words, he just lost Libertarians, teabaggers, and half of the Republican Party.

Documenting Hillary Bashing

Its that time – time to document what I’m sure will be a long, disgusting list of Hillary Bashing by the radical right. But this will be nothing like we’ve seen or heard before. With today’s teabag/Republican/Libertarian party we can expect the worst, sexist garbage ever said or written about any woman. Any bets on how long it takes the radical right to bring out the “C-word”, then pressure conservative women into repeating it, followed by Limbaugh defending his right to repeat it endlessly “because women say it”, and then they’ll all deny it ever happened? That’s why we document their actions (same reason we document their racism).

The new page is entitled Anti Hillary Quotes From The Radical Right : 2016-Present and will be updated regularly so check back often. Here’s a sample:

April 14, 2015 – Don Feder, conservative writer:

Top Ten Reasons Hillary Rodham Clinton is more likely to become a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model than the next president: #10: The Hideousness Factor – Lyndon Baines Johnson was the last profoundly ugly candidate to be elected president, and he was a legacy of the martyred JFK. Voters don’t want a leader who looks frazzled or frumpy. We’re told that Lincoln was too homely to be elected president in an age of television and paparazzi. But Lincoln’s homely face had a dignity, a gravitas. If nothing else, we want a face that reassures us, not one that scares us, a la Night of the Living Alinskyites.

Hillary for America

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Hillary Clinton is running to be our next President in 2016. Of course, she won’t be the only Democrat running and we at All Things Democrat will surely post on all of the (serious) candidates (see the fake Dems here). But I often say that my gender has done enough damage and its time for a progressive woman to lead so you’ll see plenty of pro-Hillary posts from me.

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>>> Watch for future Hillary for America videos right here at All Things Democrat.