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The President’s Weekly Address: Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July

On this 4th of July, many of us take time to be with family and friends, have cookouts, and watch fireworks. Really though, the 4th of July is about America.

fireworks or independence

America’s independence brought us the freedom we fought for. Americans, with that freedom, also gained responsibility.

WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed…

Today, we are lucky to still have our freedom. But a lot of US citizens seem to have forgotten that with this freedom, came responsibilities. We have a responsibility to ensure all of our citizens have equal access to opportunities, a safe place to sleep at night, and healthy food to eat. Lately, differences in opinion have seemingly torn the country apart.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes…

Let’s remember the great features of this country – the things that bring us together. Let’s remember to keep moving forward, working together – not against each other.


Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. Happy birthday, America!

Happy 4th of July! America Turning the Page

Well, hope the weather cooperated with your 4th of July plans better than it did mine. Cool, cloudy, rainy, yuck with all celebrations postponed to Sunday on the 5th.

american flagHappy 4th!  Takes a breather to celebrate the “creation of these here United States of America”. Nevertheless, take a moment of silence and remember the progress of our country struggling toward forming a ‘more perfect union’ was lubricated by bloodshed in last month’s terrorist attack in South Carolina. As a result of the killer deferring to his fidelity to the confederate flag in his manifesto, a step toward change ensued.  Widespread condemnation of this symbol of hate, intimidation, slavery and death precipitated several institutions boldly arresting the flag from public view as did individuals.

Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svgHowever, three steps forward, two steps back as white supremacist implemented their two hundred customary tradition of retribution to social change, with a series of nine churches across the south burned to the ground. Bigots and Confederates predictably expressed outrage at being ostracized and held accountable for their devotion to the ‘Stars and Bars’ perpetuating the enslavement of Americans based on their skin color. Conveniently omitted from the conversation is the emblematic parallelism the Nazi swastika holds for descendants and survivors of the Holocaust or the newest evolving symbol of terrorist hate hidden in the hilt of patriotism, the ISIS flag.

Nazi flagThe cold guile of confederates is inescapable on this auspicious day celebrating patriotism when their legacy commemorates subjugation, dehumanization and treason. Just as the Third Reich waged war for idolizing world dominance by Aryan people, the embodiment of  German atrocities represents the usurped Hindu symbol for peace, the swastika. However, no one questions the flag meaning human genocide, nor conflates its public display with German heritage, or rebellion. Imagine a ten-foot statue of Rudolf Hess, Joseph Goebbells or The Fuhrer in the center of town-square America? No one would tolerate homage to these monsters who almost brought the world to her knees. The difference lay in the identities of the aggressors and their victims. Southern patrons romanticizing traitors with a fraudulent rewrite of the civil war as an expression for liberty against tyranny…..but, for whom?! TRUTH: the confederacy fought to enslave human beings for profit and secede from the Union. Denying history only serves to perpetuate the rational for indefinitely alienating Americans from fully realized citizen participation due to their skin color, religion, ethnicity and quietly sustain power for isis flagdescendants of slave owners. Liberty, freedom and DEMOCRACY are antagonistic constructs of Jim Crow policies, 50 years of conservative empowerment fomented by southern strategy and tributes to segregationist. Nope, celebrating the confederacy is consonant with cheering on ISIS sweeping across the middle-east.

Although, our country has a very, very long road to travel from the obscene two-faced projection of democracy, thinly veiled by the dog whistles of  an apartheid national structure. After two hundred years after the end of slavery, maybe some of us desire a realistic dialogue about race. Regardless, celebrate today, enjoy your sun – fun and family barbecue. Just remember as your chomping on that sauce drenched rib, chicken breast or grilled veggies, the BARBECUE, the tradition of your meal originated from Native and African Americans who the confederate deemed less than human. So all you flag waiving ‘Star & Bars’ terrorist, put your treasonous flag down, drop the barbecue, for today and everyday, America isn’t for traitors.

patio 4th july


Got to go, the sun is kissing my American neighborhood and I want to celebrate! …….

Jindal’s Louisiana

As a Louisiana native, I, as well as other Louisianians, happen to be particularly familiar with the record and interests of our esteemed two-term Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, for better or worse.

Jindal, who is the first Indian-American (hooray for progress) to run for President despite his preference to be known as simply an American, has probably flashed across your news screens for his attempt to resist the latest Supreme Court ruling on equal marriage rights or the plea he made for the GOP to stop being the “stupid party” following the 2012 Presidential Election. You may also remember the awkward 2009 State of the Union Response he delivered. No? Well, you may have heard about Jindal’s Presidential campaign slogan “Tanned, Rested, and Ready,” or his attempted Twitter Hashtag-a-thon (seriously, why does anyone keep doing this) “Ask Bobby,” which backfired – no, really; it went horribly wrong.

Well, he will leave Louisiana with quite the lasting memory on its citizens. The state faces a projected budget deficit of roughly $1.6 billion. For clarity, in 2008, he began his first term with a surplus of about $1 billion, mostly due to high oil prices. Since 2008, Louisiana’s higher ed institutions have suffered $673 million in budget cuts. Sure, he will be able to hit the campaign trail, as he has (unofficially) for the past three years, and claim that he “resisted raising taxes” and he cut government spending. But he has also jeopardized the educational futures of many aspiring college students in the state and imposed an unnecessary financial burden on those who needed Medicare and Medicaid assistance. Thankfully, the state constitution only allows cuts from education and healthcare. Is this the type of leadership that will keep the country competitive?

In a May 7 article published in the Atlantic Magazine, F. King Alexander was quoted saying that Louisiana State University, the state’s flagship public university “would consider financial exigency.” That is descriptive of the state of flux higher ed institutions have been in under Jindal’s governorship.

Although I am quite passionate about the welfare of my state and the virtual state of financial emergency Jindal will leave Louisiana in, this is descriptive of when politics prevents governance. His refusal to govern in the best interest of his constituents leaves me awestruck.

OH! I almost forgot, Jindal’s current approval rating in Louisiana, a current GOP comfort zone, is 32 percent. He’s also close to last place among the crowded field of Presidential hopefuls. It’s not all bad news though – he has managed to unite Louisiana like never before. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are ready and eager to see him leave office.

Guest contributor Lawrence Mason III is a Louisiana native and a recent White House intern.

Trump Near Top Of Polls, Racists Show Support

Donald-Trump-Bad-HairWhile most of the nation is still in shock over Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump using his campaign launch to trash Mexican immigrants, those of us who follow the racist party were not at all surprised by “the Donald” and his supporters doubling-down throughout the week. I expected Trump to stand by his comments, telling CNN’s Don Lemon “somebody’s doing the raping”. I expected the racists at Fox News to support Trump no matter how despicable the remarks were because, lets be real, Trump probably heard it first on Fox News. I expected the racist, lunatic fringe online to troll lefty sites showing support for Trump’s racist theories. I even expected his fellow RWNJ candidate Ted Cruz to support Trump’s theories because his daddy Rafael is Cuban and he (like Marco Rubio) hates Mexican Americans because they lean Democrat. Rafael undoubtedly gets his “news” from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, who believes Mexicans are lazy, Cubans are not. And yes, Limbaugh supported Trump’s racist remarks.

What I didn’t expect was the support Trump would get from average Republicans (outside the beltway, out of the media spotlight). Trump is now in second place in the polls in two key primary states: Iowa (tied for second) and New Hampshire. Can you imagine Republicans actually being honest (for a change) and nominating the candidate who shares their racist beliefs? Seems unlikely, but so does right-wing support for the Confederate flag-loving guy who killed members of a black church. Or those who support racist cops shooting unarmed black men. Despite what the GOP would like you to believe, racists account for the majority of the Republican Party. Trump may just be the candidate they’ve been looking for.

Jim Webb for President? Not A Chance

jim-webb-pointing-1Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is the very definition of a DINO – Democrat In Name Only. He can be described in two ways: conservative and Confederate flag defender. He actually worked in the Reagan administration, which should have disqualified him from any consideration for office as a Democrat. The only reason he received any support from Dems in the 2006 election is because he was up against Republican Senator George “Macaca” Allen in a conservative state where the party was eager to get a win.

Today, Webb announced that he’s running for the Democratic nomination to be President in 2016. Why this clown thinks he would ever get support from today’s Democrats is a mystery. He polls at least 60 points under Hillary and there he will remain. But mark my words: before he leaves the field in shame you can expect him to trash Hillary to win points with his conservative pals. And his jabs will be used in anti-Hillary campaign ads by the RNC.

Republican Idiot Brigade Update

Here’s the first installment of who’s running, who might run, and who people think should run for the GOP nomination for President:


2 bush brothers1. Jeb Bush: Yes, ANOTHER BUSH. We’ll NEVER be rid of them, they just keep spawning. Jeb facts:

Five of his business associates have been convicted of crimes; one remains an international fugitive on fraud charges. In each case, Bush said he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing and said some of the people he met as a businessman in Florida took advantage of his naiveté. (Washington Post, June 28, 2015)

A ringing endorsement for the leader of the free world. Here’s a Jeb Bush quote that’s interesting:

“…it’s a huge challenge for single moms to raise children in the world that we’re in today, and it hurts the prospects, it limits the possibilities of young people being able to live lives of purpose and meaning…”

Unlike Jeb’s wholesome 2-parent home where:

In 2002, his daughter Noelle, was arrested at age 24 for alleged prescription fraud while trying to buy a tranquilizer, Xanax.

In 2005, his son, Jeb Jr., then 21, was arrested in Texas for public intoxication and resisting arrest. (Politico, April 2014)

1994, Son George P. was arrested on burglary charges for breaking into the house of a girlfriend, and accused of”criminal mischief” for driving his vehicle over two front lawns in the neighborhood. (Telegraph, August 2000)

Not that the “family values” crowd cares about stuff like that as long as there are two parents at home: Huckabee’s kid tortured and killed a dog, Sarah Palin’s offspring are public brawlers, and Rand Paul’s son is a drunk driver. Of course Jeb’s better half probably wasn’t the best role model:

In 1999, his wife, Columba, was fined for declaring only $500 worth of goods to U.S. Customs on her return from Paris, where she actually made close to $20,000 in purchases. (Politico, April 2014)

Needless to say, we’d have to nail down anything of value before she moved into the White House.

Carson2. Ben Carson: God encourages yet another hopeless candidate:

“I really don’t want to do this, to be honest with you. I was looking forward to a relaxing retirement, you know, with a beautiful home in Florida by a golf course. I finally said, ‘Lord, I don’t want to do this, but if you’re going to open the doors, I will go through with it.’” (Huffington Post June 2016)

What a practical joker, that God. Ben facts:

Caught plagiarizing in college, allowed to rewrite the paper; goes on to plagiarize numerous people in his book America the Beautiful (Buzzfeed, January, 2015)

“…Carson went from favored black son of Motown to alien friend of Rush Limbaugh. With his edgy, oddball rants on race, constantly spiced with an incessant focus on the “black laziness” archetype, Carson only cares about what white conservatives think. (The Root, May 2015)

Unfortunately, Ben Carson stepped out of the operating room and right on to the crazy train. Here are a few unhinged statements that prove beyond a doubt that he is a Republican:

… a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight,” he told Cuomo, “and when they come out, they’re gay.

America is very much like Nazi Germany

Called The Affordable Care Act “the worst thing that has happened to this nation since slavery.” (Bernard Goldberg, March 2015)

… argued that feminists are partially responsible for the events that have taken place in Ferguson…
“Usually the father figure is where you learn how to respond to authority…

As the writer points out:

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown both had fathers in their lives, but why let facts get in the way of forming a biased opinion? (Ebony, December 2014)

What an insult to Carson’s own single mother who, in spite of being unable to read, and living on public assistance for a time, managed to raise a future brain surgeon.

Christie3. Chris Christie, the scandal plagued Governor:

Standard & Poor’s has downgraded New Jersey’s credit rating eight times under Christie’s watch – a record for a New Jersey governor.
(NBC News, September 2014)

…awarded a $150 million no-bid contract to AshBritt, a Florida-based firm. Just days after the deal was done, AshBritt donated $50,000 to the Republican Governors Association, of which Christie was then vice chairman. (Politico, January 2014)

… spent $360,000 of his taxpayer-subsidized expense account over the last five years.

Perhaps most conspicuously, Christie spent $82,594 to buy concessions at football games during the NFL season in 2010-2011 on 58 separate occasions.

… nearly one-third of the federal house aid money allocated to Hurricane Sandy victims went to areas of New Jersey that weren’t particularly impacted by the storm.

“… $47.6 million, earmarked for new affordable housing projects—landed in Essex and Middlesex counties…while many hard-hit Jersey Shore communities in Ocean saw relatively little of it.”

… moved the retirement savings of public workers like teachers, firefighters, and police officers over to private financial firms on Wall Street…

“While Christie says the pension system cannot afford to maintain current retirement benefits, pension fees paid to financial firms have quadrupled to $600 million a year… or $1.5 billion in total since he took office in 2010.”
(Salon, May 2015)

Obviously another graduate of the Conservative School of Fiscal Responsibility. You can read more about Christie’s not so stellar record here.

ted cruzTed Cruz: The GOP candidate with the most stunning record of outright lying.

A full 54 percent of Ted Cruz’s statements have been rated “false” or “pants on fire” by PolitiFact. Another 20 percent are only “half true.” That’s 74 percent of Cruz’s statements failing the truth test. (Burnt Orange Report, April 2013)

[Claimed the government] “seeks to ban our ammunition.” The Obama administration sought to ban a certain type of armor-piercing bullet, not all types of ammunition.

…claimed that as a result of the Affordable Care Act “millions … have lost their health insurance.” In fact, about 10 million people on net gained insurance between September 2013 and December 2014…

…vowed to repeal “every word of Common Core,” which he called an effort by the federal government to “dictate school curriculum.” …the standards were developed by governors and state education officials and voluntarily adopted by states, and the curriculum is set by state and local school officials. (Fact, March 2015)

In announcing his presidential candidacy, Sen. Ted Cruz painted a bleak picture of “economic stagnation” and “record numbers” of small-business failures. He’s off base on both counts.

  • Far from being stagnant, the U.S. economy has chalked up five straight years of growth, gaining nearly 11.5 million jobs since early 2010.
  • It is actually new business establishment openings that have recently posted the biggest gains on record. The number of business establishment deaths is currently well below the record — which was set in late 2008 . (Fact, March 2015)

These are typical Cruz headlines:

Cruz Distorts ACA Impact on Seniors, Children

Cruz Misses Mark on Endangered Species

Cruz Cherry-picks Terrorism Comments

Cruz’s Nonfactual Illegal Immigration Figures

Cruz Distorts NASA’s Mission, Budget

It’s not surprising that Ted Cruz is truth challenged, he learned from the best. His father Rafael literally invented his own biography, as we have documented on this site.

These four candidates are just the tip of the iceberg. Next week we’ll take a look at Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal.

Real Life Super Heroine “Does The Right Thing”!

wonder woman taking down the confederate flag

Hopefully last week is the end of an era and the beginning of a brighter, more equal one.

Respected, Awesome – Lefties –

Bet you didn’t know these accomplished folks were…………

dems who are socialist

#WeWillShootBack – The 2nd Amendment Applies To All Races

#WeWillShootBack is a movement for blacks looking to defend themselves from murdering racists. This story is sure to get RWNJs all “up in arms”. The thought of anyone who is not white actually using their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms to defend themselves is unthinkable. Only white folks can use a gun to defend themselves, right? Wrong. As I’ve written and tweeted many times before, all races have the right to own, and in many states carry openly or concealed, legal, defensive weapons and use them to defend their lives and the lives of their families and friends. Finally, there’s a group willing to step up and do just that, challenging the murderous status quo.

Last week, many people of color took to social media to voice this position as part of the#WeWillShootBack online movement, sparked by Taurean “Sankofa” Brown, a community activist and blogger who hails from Kinston, North Carolina. Brown, a self-described revolutionary and proponent of militant self-defense, told ThinkProgress that dissenters who have called for peace often forget that black people have always had to take arms up against those who used violence to intimidate them and limit their progress in the United States.

“There’s a campaign to pacify black people,” Brown, 28, said. “The point of this movement is to educate and let black people know that we too have the right to protect our families and communities by any means necessary.”

That opportunity may be around the corner. Black people across the country will learn about gun laws in their state and attend community trainings where instructors will show them how to use and clean their weapons as part of National Gun Registry Day, tentatively scheduled for early August. In preparation for the day long event, Brown said he reached out to Akinyele Omowale Umoja, chair of American-American Studies at Georgia State University and author of “We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement.”

“There will be black trained firearms instructors who are able to give our people that education. This message resonates with black youth who have seen that reformism does nothing and generally other black people — especially older black people who remember the violence before, during, and after the Civil Rights movement,” brown said. “That mindset hasn’t died, but folks have tried to erase it from history.”

The growing sentiment around armed self-defense may be unable to be ignored. A survey by the Pew Research Center earlier this year showed that 54 percent of black people view gun ownership positively, describing it as a means of protection — an increase of 29 percentage points from just two years prior. While African Americans living in rural regions may feel neutral about gun ownership, some of their counterparts in urban centers with strict gun laws have found a change of heart in recent years, initially out of fear for their lives in high-crime neighborhoods.

Particularly after the Charleston massacre and other acts of violence against black people, the focus among some African American clergy and civil rights officials has shifted. Numerous threats prompted members of a Minnesota church to tote registered pistols and sit throughout the chapel in preparation for a probable attack. In April, the head of the Georgia chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference gave a similar call a week after police officers killed a mentally ill black man, telling protesters at a rally in Atlanta that “we’re going to have to do something in our community to let the rest of America know that we’re not going to be victimized.”

Read the full story at

Followers of this blog know that I’m an Arizona Democrat, meaning my views on open and concealed carry are not in line with many in my party (given that we have the only diverse party, such disagreements are not at all unusual). There should be common sense limits: assault rifles are no more necessary than hand grenades and should be banned, background checks should be meaningful (to exclude felons and the mentally ill) and a waiting period should be required. But I do often encourage Democrats to get armed, especially bloggers and other involved in politics, because many of today’s RWNJs are extremely dangerous. It does my heart good to read about groups like #WeWillShootBack and hope that the next time a black man is about to be shot by a racist, the racist gets a deadly surprise.

The President’s Weekly Address On The Affordable Care Act