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Sen. Lindsey Graham, or, as he may soon be known, El Dictador.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, or, as he may soon be known, El Dictador.

 Lindsey Graham: as president I would deploy the military against Congress – Graham is proposing that his first act as president would be to use the military to force the legislative branch to pass his agenda.  In the real world that’s known as a ‘coup d’etat’.  Do Republicans seriously have no brain-to-mouth barrier?


Abortion & Reproductive Rights

 GOP Quietly Inserts Anti-Abortion Provision In Human Trafficking Bill

 Texas Pro-Life Republicans Just Hahahaha No Seriously For Real This Story Just Read It =


 The ‘Five Horsemen’ Of Wikipedia Paid The Price For Getting Between Trolls And Their Victims – The Five Horsemen were editors dedicated to removing any edits that didn’t mesh with Wikipedia’s policies and didn’t come from reputable sources, according to Wikipedia editor and writer Mark Bernstein who first blogged about the problem in January. The editors, he said, were part of targeted attack from Gamergate supporters.


Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris

Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris, center.

 Arkansas Rocked By Rape Case Involving Adopted Daughter Of State Lawmaker – The full story of Harris’ adoption of the three sisters and exactly what occurred inside the family’s home remains murky.

Good Cop (☺)/Bad Cop (☠) (NEW Section Title!!)
(Most cops aren’t bad. Its just my job to point out the ones that are.)

 (☠) The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden ‘black site’ – This goes way beyond corruption or the militarization of the police.  It’s a wholesale negation of basic civil rights!

 (☠) DC police admit botching 11-year-old girl’s rape case, arresting her instead of her attackers – Well, at least they admitted it.

 (☠) NYPD Caught Editing Eric Garner Wikipedia Pages, Along With Other Police Brutality Victims (IMAGES) – Maybe if you can’t hide your mistakes, you can at least clean up the details?

Good News For A Change (NEW Section!!)

 First giant tortoise hatchlings born in the wild in over 100 years found by conservationists in the Galapagos Islands

Gun Violence

 Family Told No ‘Right to Bear Arms’ While Raising Foster Children – A couple in Nevada is seeking a change to state law after being denied a license to raise foster children due to a regulation that bars foster parents from carrying loaded firearms.  Because nothing could possibly go wrong with providing already traumatized children and teens with access to loaded guns.

 This new ‘Funny or Die’ spoof video hopes to revitalize the push for gun control

YouTube Preview Image


 This Democratic Congresswoman Wants the FBI to Take on Gamergate – Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.), backed by the National Organization for Women and the Human Rights Campaign, asked her House colleagues to join her in demanding tighter enforcement of cyber-stalking and online harassment laws.

In Memory

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett

 Terry Pratchett, Discworld series author, dies aged 66


 Landmark Violations Could Force Atlah Worldwide Church to Take Down Sign

 Oklahoma Rep. proposes pointed amendment to anti-gay bill

 Christian university shuts down bake sale benefiting homeless LGBT youth -The university would be happy to raise money for homeless youth, just so long as they’re straight or being served by an organization that is trying to turn them straight.


 How racist frat boys get away with it: Big money and the real Sigma Alpha Epsilon scandal

 Georgia middle school teaches Civil War in way designed ‘not to offend whites’: parents – Because, you know, southern heritage, or something.

 Anti-Islamic, Right-Wing Group Wins Right To Plaster Hate Ads On Philly’s Buses

War On The Poor (NEW Section!!)

 Homeless Portland Man And Woman Charged With Theft For Charging Their Cell Phones  – In this case, the theft was first reported by Portland Patrol Inc., and two Portland police officers followed up to issue the woman and her co-defendant, a homeless man who was also charging his cellphone at the “privately owned” planter box outlet, citations to appear in court for third-degree theft of services- a theft amounting to a fraction of a penny!

Women In History


 YOUNG, BLACK AND VICTORIAN: WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS OF VICTORIAN WOMEN OF COLOR – Unfortunately, a lot of these photographs have no names attached to the women posed in the photographs.  I’d love to know the stories behind each photo. What each woman’s life was like. Sadly, we’ll probably never know.

 Mapping history’s ‘invisible’ women – “These women have been edited from history not because they didn’t make meaningful contributions to society but because someone deemed their stories not worthy of being told.”

Women In Politics

 AP Sues State Department For Access To Hillary Clinton’s Records – Whatever.  Just because we had two Bushes, must we really have to have two Clintons?  I know a true Progressive is too much to ask, but I’m not happy with a ‘Pocket Progressive’ (you know, in the pocket of big money).

 Elizabeth Warren challenges Obama (and Clinton) on trade – You go, girl!

Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards

 Bold Progressive Donna Edwards Enters Key Senate Race – It is not often that a serious contender for a US Senate seat announces her candidacy with talk of grassroots environmental activism, fighting for union jobs and “protecting women’s reproductive rights from Tea Party attacks,” or with a pledge to answer proposals to “compromise away Social Security and Medicare” with absolute opposition—“no ‘ifs,’ ‘ands,’ ‘buts’ or ‘willing to considers.’”

Women’s Health & Image

 Why Republicans Will Never, Ever Have a Real Health-Care Plan, in 7 Charts –  As always, ideology, not money, is the root of all evil.

World News

 ♀ Irish Minister Leo Varadkar delivers heartfelt plea for equal marriage

 This Courageous One-Woman Protest Challenged Gender-Based Violence in Afghanistan

 Actress Emma Thompson and her husband refuse to pay ‘a penny more’ in taxes until HSBC tax evaders go to jail – ‘I want to stop paying tax, until everyone pays tax,’ Wise told the Evening Standard. ‘I have actively loved paying tax, because I am a profound fucking socialist and I believe we are all in it together. But I am disgusted with HMRC. I am disgusted with HSBC. And I’m not paying a penny more until those evil bastards go to prison.'”

Violence Against Women

 This billboard takes on domestic violence in a way you really have to see to believe.

On A Lighter Note

 How To Suppress the Republican vote

Read the Friday Feminism Series

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Either McCain Is Senile or Thinks We’re that Stupid?

McCain: BIG BAD SNOW made me sign!

Punch drunk from the blow back 47 treasonous Senators sending a letter to the leaders of Iran, thereby undermining US policy, damaging presidential authority and violating the Logan Act of 1799, the GOP is scrambling.

All the signatories of the letter currently hold political office and demonstrated rueful ignorance of Senate power and functions vested by the constitution. Almost all are slinking away, retracting into a myriad of cowardly excuses. All parlaying their treachery into feeble, meaningless excuses betraying meteoric incompetence of the constitution, the Senate and government….. most iconic and foolish utterance from Arizona’s McCain:

I sign lots of letters.” Which begs the questions, is the voice of ‘stupid McCain’ or senile-sun spotted McCain? Has centuries, I mean decades, rotting in the Senate made him incapable of grasping the ramifications of a one-page letter addressed to a less than friendly foreign government? On the other hand, McCain perceives the public’s intelligence subverts his own and more gullible to accept his explanation. Wait, the reflective apathy worsens overnight; McCain brain stormed a lamer excuse, wintry weather…” Everybody was looking forward to getting out of town because of the snowstorm” the poor little saps were in a hurry escaping snowy DC to notice their crime.

Kentucky’s pretentious liar, Rand Paul’s pathetic excuse is a bit more creative; he claims his intention was to ‘strengthen the President’s hand’ and indicated the letter was directed at the administration….wtf? Ophthalmological surgeon, Paul blindly signed under the opening statement, “An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran“……  Plagiarist, practicing not board certified surgeon, bigot and confirmed prevaricator, needs an eye doctor himself in addition to acquainting himself with the functions of his current job.

Worst, Arkansas newest little fraud and Harvard law graduate, Tom Cotton, revealed himself as woefully undeserving of a J.D. with the epic failed, conflating ignorance of the role and laws imbued by holding a Senate seat. Either this teabag buffoon is a legacy, cheated his path to graduation as evidenced by an unfamiliarity with basic civics that could have more aptly acquired on a episode of School House Rock. He is a proven waste of space, occupying a slot in a Harvard law track, Senate and distinguished himself as a domestic enemy of the United States government.

Again, the GOP reiterates their priorities, politics = ObamaHate, personal leisure and convenience trump national security. Here’s a tip from the American folks, conservatives stay home, living in DC is a waste of time since you REFUSE to work,  your absence, certainly won’t be missed. Leave running the country to the adults and patriots. Now, if we could get the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, to terminate GOP benefits and then the American people would be set on a path of saving themselves.

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Stop Ripping on Republicans?

Got a message today (via our Contact form) addressed to “Democratic Party Headquarters” in which the writer claimed to be a Democrat and asked the party to stop ripping on Republicans. She used phrases like “stop emphasizing the behaviors of the other party”, “stop belaboring the negative behavior of the other party”, and “stop spending so much time pointing out the human foibles of the Republicans”. She was either a dangerously naive fool or a right-wing liar posing as someone she’s not. Most likely, she’s the second one.

First of all, this is a private site that supports Democrats. We are not affiliated with the Democratic Party, nor any Democratic candidate or campaign, although the FEC informed us that we are free to write anything in support of Democrats or against opponents to influence elections and any Democrat, candidate or otherwise, is free to post in our blog on their own or in coordination with All Things Democrat (as long as its “uncompensated Internet activity” – we are not a for-profit site and will never be compensated by anyone except Google Adsense).

As far as ripping on Republicans goes, that will never end because the Teapublican party has moved from a rich boys club to racist, sexist, homophobic pricks and their cheerleaders. This must be exposed on a daily basis. Why? Because they lie. They make despicable, bigoted statements every day, typically defending their bigotry by hiding behind a warped interpretation of God as being only destructive and malevolent and cherry-picking Bible passages. They pass legislation designed to chip away at the rights of anyone on the left. They’re vulture capitalists who put profit before people. They’re bloodthirsty war mongers and war profiteers. They do these things and then they lie about it. Without the left documenting their daily crimes, Teapublicans would rewrite history and fool generations. If they had souls, one could reason with them. But they’re constantly competing to see who can move to the right of Palin, Nugent, Limbaugh, Beck, and the rest of their clown car of hate. Their behavior will continue to get worse as they are just now realizing that changing demographics in America will soon make them a permanent, minority party. That’s why they work so hard to keep Democratic-voting Mexican immigrants out and welcome only Republican-voting Cuban immigrants. That’s why they work to block-the-vote of Democratic-voting African Americans. That hatred for anyone who votes against Republicans is why they don’t care when unarmed black men are harassed, beaten, and killed. Like the Afrikaner Party of South Africa’s Apartheid era, Teapublicans are terrified because progressives of all races will soon be the majority. Like the Afrikaner Party, they’re desperately trying to hold onto their last years of power, greed, and abuse of their fellow citizens.

Stop ripping on Republicans? I’ve only just begun.

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Louisiana Republican Blasts Jindal For Pact With Norquist

This is the kind of thing I love; when RWNJs are called out for their insanity by more moderate conservatives. Check out these excerpts (with my emphasis) from Republican Tim Burns’ “The Balcony Blog” on Governor Jindal’s no taxes pact with Grover Norquist:

Louisiana is facing perhaps its worst fiscal crises in decades and this time no one is exaggerating for political rhetoric purposes. I spoke recently to the state’s chief economist, who put it quite bluntly; “We have a $1.6 billion deficit and this one is REAL. Listen to me! It’s REAL!” It’s not as if the other deficits were fake, but they always happened to be paired with some handy one time money to fill the gap. This time there’s no Katrina money or stimulus money or BP money or rainy day money or some other money pot or two tucked away somewhere convenient that’s going to magically appear to save the day.

To make matters even more interesting, a powerful national group, the Americans for Tax Reform has become involved in the budget battle and Louisiana’s governor, Bobby Jindal, appears to be actively seeking the Republican nomination for President. So our little state problem now has national implications.

[ … ]

While refunding money to the taxpayers in the form of repealing Stelly or excess itemized deductions certainly feels warm and fuzzy at the time, you better be damned sure that you don’t need the money because you can’t just ask for it back. An editorial in USA Today,, highlighted the fiscal problems of two states which cut taxes, namely, Louisiana and Kansas.

[ … ]

SO WHAT DOES LOUISIANA DO? I don’t think we have any other choice but to bite the bullet and look for revenue options, as a $1.6 billion cut focused on two areas of the state budget, which have already been significantly cut over the past five years is going to be devastating. And this time, It’s REAL!

I’m a conservative Republican, but I don’t think that it’s necessarily COMMUNIST TO MAKE BUSINESSES PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF DOING BUSINESS IN YOUR STATE, particularly one with abundant natural resources such as Louisiana. Average citizens pay for the privilege of using resources of the state so business should also.

[ … ]

At the Republican retreat last week, I made a comment about the voodoo junk science tax accounting used by the Americans for Tax Reform to Tim Barfield, who was presenting and heads the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Mr. Barfield responded that my comments were spoken like a true term limited legislator, which I am. Although I may be term limited, I’m certainly going out with a bang.

The blog’s About page on Burns explains why he sounds reasonable on matters of taxation:

Tim Burns (R-Mandeville) has served as a member of the Louisiana Legislature for 11 years, focusing on fiscal and transportation issues. He currently serves as Chairman of the House Committee on Governmental Affairs. He is a tax attorney and Certified Public Accountant with advanced degrees in law and business from Tulane University.

On Monday it was reported that State Rep. Jay Morris also criticized Jindal’s ties to Norquist in an email to constituents:

I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist but in my opinion what is going on as we approach session is insane. The insanity has its roots in the Governor’s pledge to the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the taxpayer advocacy group based in Washington, DC headed by its founder, Grover Norquist.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR), in speaking to a group of legislators where I was present, plainly stated, in no uncertain terms, that the administration won’t agree with any proposal which doesn’t get the seal of approval from ATR and the Governor will veto any proposals that don’t have the ATR’s approval.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes more commonplace on the right – moderate Republicans, sick to death of teabaggers, deciding to openly challenge the power-hungry mouthpieces of the radical right.

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The Dumming-Down Of Arizona

Arizona’s RWNJ returds in elected office spent the weekend passing a budget forcing deep cuts in education that are sure to make businesses that are thinking about creating jobs in the state consider looking elsewhere. The cuts include nearly $100 million from state schools and community colleges and $123 million from K-12 education. Among the many criteria used by businesses considering relocating or building a new facility is the level of education of the workforce. Arizona’s right wing is sending a clear message to potential employers – pick another state.

The teabagger party of maroons also passed $20 million in cuts to the Department of Child Safety and a 3-5% cut to hospitals and other Medicare providers. The Koch brothers must be giddy.

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All Things Democrat Needs Additional Bloggers

Every year All Things Democrat is fortunate to find talented writers with a desire to share important information and opinion with other Democrats. Since we’re the only political party that celebrates diversity, the range of topics to write about is nearly limitless. And the teapublican party is getting crazier every day, providing a continuous source of story ideas.

Some writing experience in blogs, online magazines, or even college newspapers is preferred. But we can also work with passionate, dedicated individuals who are willing to learn.

Apply at our site for any of these jobs:

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Speed Up WordPress, Block Bad Bots, And More

I’ve been regularly updating a couple posts for WordPress site managers explaining how we keep our site fast (considering the large number of images on our main page) and the bad bots blocked. Actually, much of it would be useful to any PHP site using Apache. Make these changes to your site and you’re sure to see performance gains.

One is Htaccess Security And The Largest Block Bots List On The Web. Obviously, I strongly disagree with some who say its like playing “whack-a-mole” and not worth it. We had so many bad bots hitting us that a few months ago our shared hosting provider (at that time, now we’re on a VPS) warned us that bad bots were using too many executions and we were in danger of being shut down. We slashed the bad bots down to nearly nothing using htaccess. And I monitor our stats and add more to the blocking list each week. Trust me, it really works. So you’re getting my effort for free. Plus, I’ve added additional code that covers commonly used solutions to known security issues and how we block individual sites from hotlinking to our site images, You may not know this but when other sites hotlink to the url of images on your site, that steals your bandwidth. There are also times when you want to block an unfriendly site from linking to your site’s images.

The other is WordPress Performance Improvements Through Caching And Serving Static Content. This one is about performance gains with caching plugins, optimizing images, and serving static content (images, css, js) from a cookieless domain (see my previous post on using a cookieless subdomain).

Enjoy! Post your questions or add suggestions in those pages.

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Stupid Conservative Quotes

monicacrowleyWhen Bill O’Reilly is the reasonable one, you know the radical right is in trouble. Check out this back-and-forth between O’Reilly, Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers (transcript by Crooks and Liars):

O’Reilly: the only way to prevent it from happening (acquiring uranium) is to attack them.

Crowley: Is a military strike. Yes, and President Crowley would have done this years ago

O’Reilly: Really?

Crowley: To prevent the position we are in right now..

O’Reilly: What would you have done years ago?

Crowley: You do an airborne military strike

O’Reilly: When would you have done it?

Crowley: On a nuclear facility, before it had gotten all out of hand

O’Reilly: When would you have done it?

Crowley: Years ago. Not now, it’s all underground…North Koreans have been building underground tunnels and now so many of these sites are

O’Reilly: They’re underground, but we still have those bunker busters, we could go get them.

Powers: Do you agree with Bill, what she just said?

O’Reilly: Attacking them? No.

ralphpetersAfter praising Israel’s RWNJ-in-Chief on his campaign speech (planned by America’s radical right to help him win a close election), Fox News’ fool Ralph Peters simultaneously insulted the President, Democrats, and young women with this misogynistic insult:

And the Democrats in response — including the President — acted like snitty, bitchy high school girls.

Actually, Peters reminds me of a creepy old man who looks down the blouses of high school girls.

Here’s conservative windbag Alex Jones to Obama-hater Joel Gilbert on “liberals”:

alex_jones_yellingThey’re really like criminal, bank robber types, like felon types I’ve been around before [conservatives], that are really creepy and have bad will towards people. And behind the scenes they’ll go, ‘Listen, when we take over we’re going to kill everybody. We want blood.

And finally, a clear sign that the GOP’s Hispanic Outreach program is in deep trouble (strong language!):

YouTube Preview Image
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Israel’s RWNJ-in-Chief Fails At Campaign Speech To Congress

Despite the radical right’s propaganda, Netanyahu’s campaign speech to the Republican Congress was nothing more than cheap, conservative politics – all hyperbole, no solutions, and calls for war, war, and more war. Even top military figures in Israel have spoken out against the war-mongering:

Netanyahu’s aggressive posture on Iran also prompted some unexpected pushback. The heads of Israel’s three key security institutions – the Mossad intelligence service, the Shin Bet internal security service and the Israel Defense Forces – began speaking against a rush to military action against Iran, first in private and then also in public. Their concerns were echoed by military intelligence commander Amos Yadlin (now the Zionist Camp candidate for defense minister) and by prominent politicians, including President Shimon Peres.

The President and Dems were right to refuse to meet with Israel’s RWNJ-in-Chief. Netanyahu’s Cheney-style fear-mongering was a DESPERATE attempt to keep Likud, Netanyahu’s conservative party, in power. If anything, the President and Dems should only support and meet with Netanyahu’s progressive challenger, Isaac Herzog. Herzog’s Labor coalition is now neck-and-neck with the right-wing yahoo with less than 3 weeks until the election. Netanyahu could get a bounce in the polls from his deal with the Teapublican devils, as well as some pointers on how to steal an election (although, Israel doesn’t have a large black population, like the U.S., so they can’t screw millions of citizens out of their right to vote). But its more likely that Netanyahu will get a Romney-like surprise and blow the election with this latest campaign stunt.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Herzog, read this excerpt from Sunday’s post by The Guardian:

netanyahu's challenger herzogIn many respects Herzog is the antithesis of Netanyahu, with an understated and careful lawyerly delivery in contrast to Netanyahu’s gimmicks, rhetorical flourishes and hyperbole.

Herzog’s manifesto too appears to have been crafted to bring in as many Israelis under his umbrella as possible rather than leave any hostages to fortune – not least after a virulent attack ad launched by Likud suggested that a vote for Herzog and Livni could bring Islamic State to Jerusalem.

He promises to reverse the country’s drift towards international isolation. On the Palestinian peace process he says he will wait until after the election to see where the Palestinian leadership stands, vowing, meanwhile, to protect Israeli soldiers from being brought before the international criminal court.

On settlement building – a key issue for the US and the EU – his position is similarly nuanced: a freeze, but outside the large settlement blocs. Regarding Iran’s nuclear programme he differs with Netanyahu only in approach, condemning the prime minister’s actions in undermining US-Israeli ties with his planned speech before Congress next week.

Read the rest of the story at The Guardian.

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Teabag Radio Host’s Racist Rant

Teabaggers who claim they are not racist are the worst racists in the country, possibly the world. Here’s proof. Its teabag nutjob Andrea Shea King on the members of the Congressional Black Caucus who intend to skip the campaign speech to Congress by the conservative candidate for Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. From Right Wing Watch:

andreasheaking“I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol Building,” she said. “What they are doing is they are putting their own interests above that of America, and to me that is criminal.”

King specifically suggested hanging members of the Congressional Black Caucus, saying “their districts are all dumb clucks because these dumb clucks wouldn’t be electing these people if they knew better.”

“How do people like this get to represent us in Congress?” she asked. “Because there are stupid people out there in those congressional districts who are so ignorant it’s dangerous…. Stupid, stupid people. Our lives are on the line and all they can think of is skin color. All of us will turn black if we end up in a cage on fire.”

Please proceed, baggers, all the way to November, 2016.

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All Things Democrat Is Back

I just finished our site migration from shared hosting to a more powerful and flexible VPS (virtual private server). We were on shared hosting for over 8 years, since 2006 (4 different hosting providers). But as many of you with sites on shared hosting can confirm, the limitations can be sooooo frustrating. We were even shut down for two days last week because our hosting provider panicked over a spike in traffic.

Anyway, everything tests perfectly and you’ll begin to see our regular posts again, soon. :-)

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GOP Revisionist of Human Anatomy…We’re All One Big Thruway

Republican State Rep. Vito Barbieri (R) ID

Republican State Rep. Vito Barbieri (R) ID

Rep Barbieri: “If a woman can swallow a small camera for doctors to conduct a remote gynecological exam“.

Dr. Madsen: ….”that would be impossible because swallowed pills do not end up in the vagina“.

Republican State Rep. Vito Barbieri – ID, posed this question to Dr. Julie Madsen, testifying before the state’s House State Affairs Committee. The hearing was determining if the state will ban doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication through telemedicine.

Evidently, Barbieri protested health class in middle school, remained absent from high school biology, in other words; he decided at an early age education is for other people. His question exposes a uniquely profound ignorance of basic human anatomy. Forget about the GOP pronouncement, ‘I’m not a scientist’ restate, ‘I’m uneducated & unfit to hold office or making critical decisions.

People should be concerned dullards like Barbieri are elected, imposing legislation concerning issues, topics they’re their unfit to discern, forget regulate.

Defiance of  education by empowering individuals lacking basic skills of reason or facts, is no laughing matter. Truly, America yields an infinite bounty of ignorant conservatives.

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