Gay Rights Are Human Rights

Recognition of Marriage Equality in America…..Moving Forward Improving LGBT Protections

June 26, 2015 10 am ET: Finally, nationwide recognition of marriage equality in America!

Everything is awesome…love is love

gradual spread of marriage equality across nation
Today, the country celebrates a step forward toward eradicating a stone of bigotry. However, a patchwork of  inequality yielding lagging protections exist and demand redress. In too many states, a couple can marry but remain vulnerable for job termination, limited legal recourse from bullying or hate crimes, parental rights challenged or lose their home. The Human Rights’ Campaign mapped state policies and laws, often incomplete, according to issues affecting the quality of people’s lives.


Much work remains on the path to full equality & protection but for now, let’s party!

What a Week for Progressives!

With a 5-4 Republican leaning Supreme Court, Obamacare survives and Marriage Equality is now legal in all 50 states. Who would have thought?!


Hillary & Health Care

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that will allow millions of Americans who have health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act to remain covered. Health insurance is a necessity for many Americans with pre-existing conditions. But for these same Americans, purchasing health care insurance without assistance is impossible.

In 2008, Hillary voiced her support for universal health care:

The whole idea of universal health care is such a core Democratic principle that I am willing to go to the mat for it… I’m not going to start out leaving 15 million Americans out of health care.

Hillary previously provided a plan for universal health care, including expanded coverage, in the 2008 primary:

Well, I am very proud that we tried to provide universal health care to every American back in 1993 and 1994. I learned a lot from that, and I’m going to be presenting a plan next week that will be universal. It will cover everyone, and it will make it clear that we as a rich nation with the values that should be the best in the world will once & for all make it absolutely positive that everyone will have health care. Now it’s not only about the 47 million uninsured. Millions of insured Americans don’t get the health care they paid for. We have a lot of people who, all of a sudden, their child needs an operation and the insurance company won’t pay for it. Well, we’re going to make it clear that there will be no parent who ever is told no when it comes to getting health care for their children.

After yesterday’s SCOTUS decision Hillary tweeted:

Yes! SCOTUS affirms what we know is true in our hearts & under the law: Health insurance should be affordable & available to all. -H

ACA Big Win for President Obama’s Administration and His Legacy

potusNo need to cancel that doctor’s appointment, you can keep your healthcare as adjudicated by the Supreme Court today in a 6 – 3 decision affirming Obamacare Affordable Care Act. For one moment, Chief Justice Roberts along with ‘flip-flop’ Justice Anthony Kennedy joined Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor to favor the best welfare and respect the overwhelming desire of the American people. Fox inevitably will call for the excommunication of the Chief Justice from the cult of singular U.S. conservatism for abandoning ‘The Graeae’: Alito, Thomas and Scalia. Plus he audaciously scolded the plaintiffs.

Healthcare for millions dangled upon whether folks on the federal exchange are entitled to receive subsidies like residents served by states opting to provide insurance networks. Ironically, the GOP utilized the regulations of their most despised governmental agency, (not the executive branch) the IRS. Relevant to opponents’ goal of unraveling ACA: arguments for results and against the Administration, deference to the IRS’s interpretation of ambiguity in the statute, principles of federalism and standing of various plaintiffs.

Lying central to Robert’s opinion is a caveat encouraging judges to dissuade prospective challenges to the viability of the law on the premised on the intention behind the law to improve people’s healthcare.

  • Roberts’ court terminates future administrations from gutting tax credits presupposed upon alternative understanding. Since Congress failed to assign the management of the law to the IRS (lack of expertise) , the agency was not intended to interpret any ambiguous language.

The Chief Justice stopped short of opining the most odious aspect of the GOP and lower courts’ motivations for this lawsuit: Congress pursued litigation at the peril of the public welfare for political exploitation and advancement. Their actions over the last six years violated their fiduciary duty to their constituents and controvertible fidelity to the nation. Worst, the grounds for King v. Burwell  crashed against GOP Governors refusal to assemble state exchanges and obstinately chose federal dependency instead of a cooperative free market.


GOP healthcare plan to replace ACA

Today’s victory is an auspicious reminder of Congress’ repetitive malfeasance against America. 22 million people benefit from Obamacare and the GOP was willing to replace the program with………… The wasted resources and expense in human capital with these feckless con-artist since 2009. 50 Votes at the cost of approximately $75 million and nothing was accomplished. Per the Daily Kos, the luxuriant party of the 1% for forfeited the jobs and squandered the betterment of lives in the following manner:

$150,000 jobs…. 500 per year

$75,000  jobs….  1000 per year

$50,000 jobs….   1500 per year

$35,000 jobs…    2142 per year

hope & change of Obama posterHowever, today’s decision established President Obama’s legacy as one of the most SUCCESSFUL administrations in US history. Paul Krugman, a vocal critic asserted this prognostication in a RollingStone article last fall. The noted economist points out healthcare, financial reform, economy, environment, national security, and finally social change as areas dramatically affected by ‘Hope and Change’. I will state along with Mr. Krugman, there are variant exceptions, dubious hiccups necessitating improvement: single payer, break up ‘too big to fail banks’, income inequality / GREED retards economic recovery, arctic / offshore drilling, and Snowden. And more recently, a confrontational leadership exuberance replaced a generally composed posture. Although, given the five rotten justices the administration we’re saddled and an abysmal Congress, his performance is stellar.

obama logo18 months left of the Obama Presidency and I’m sure it won’t be a dull ride. The TPP, the inevitable overdue passage of national marriage equality, a turbulent world and the emergent mystery issue/ crisis that inexorably will besiege the White House  Though, I don’t agree with every stance President Obama has assumed, I know I voted correctly in both elections and thank goodness for Obamacare.







President BJ? Another Clown In The Clown Car

BJ announced … yawn. He has zero appeal. I find him excessively creepy. He’s like that weird uncle (“BJ”) kids avoid running into over the holidays. The one that rubs their back while he’s showing a creepy grin and slowly asks “How’s it going, champ?”. I won’t even bother adding him to the “Presidential Candidates” category because, why?

But it was funny to listen to him trash baby Bush. As if that will move him to the shotgun position in the clown car.

Clinton Campaign Trail: Hillary’s Fights

Last weekend marked the first official rally of 2016 presidential hopeful and candidate Hillary Clinton. During the past weeks, she has worked on developing a preliminary platform built around four “fights“.

The battles she wants to wage for the American people have to do with strengthening the economy and our families, defending our people and our values, and reinvesting in a democracy that works.

Building An Economy for Tomorrow

Hillary realizes that people are getting by, but they still aren’t getting ahead. For a lot of people who live paycheck to paycheck, getting ahead would mean relief from the burden of not knowing if they can pay their bills in a given month. To have a savings account for emergencies shouldn’t be a dream for an employed adult who is working full-time – it should be the reality of each and every one of these workers.  Hillary sees how the rising costs of necessities – child care, education, health care – are making this goal impossible for Americans.

Strengthening America’s Families 

Strong families support strong communities. Today, families are broken apart and undervalued. As a country, we hope for families to support strong development throughout childhood – emotional bonds, social conscious, values and beliefs. We must as a country start to support our families if we want hope for future generations.

Defending America And Our Core Values

In order to exhibit leadership abroad, we need strong leadership at home. Hillary recognizes the challenges facing America on an international level. She has a clear plan for confronting other countries who do not have the global best interests in mind, and a desire to strengthen ties with allies and build new alliances for an even more secure future.

Revitalizing Our Democracy 

Hillary knows that progress is achieved when people work together. She believes in the power of our democracy – which includes allowing all citizens to have a voice. Further, she believes those voices should be heard, not drowned out with corporate money in elections.

Follow the subtitle links and learn more about Hillary’s platform. If you think these things are worth fighting for, you can get involved! She has a strong grassroots campaign underway – check it out.

Be a part of the process – and the progress.

Clinton Reacts to Charleston

Violence hit Charleston, South Carolina this week. “The passing of days has not dulled the pain or the shock of this crime.” Watch Hillary Clinton’s recent remarks regarding Charleston below.

The politics on this issue have been poisoned, but we can’t give up…

This Is Sick, Even For the NRA

This subhuman POS and his sick friends are EXACTLY WHY the NRA has the reputation of a herd of jackals:


Yes, because had he voted for it, the entire congregation would have been packing heat, I’m sure.

I’m just wondering: Will any NRA “responsible gun owners” condemn this “Vote against us, you deserve to die” mentality?

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights, Good Cop/Bad Cop and Gun Violence

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

House GOP Tries to Eliminate Public Funding for Family Planning

We Must Remain Vigilant, Even Fifty Years Later

One of the more obvious examples that comes to mind is last year’s Hobby Lobby ruling. This ruling essentially valued corporations over women. A majority of the Supreme Court ruled in Hobby Lobby that for-profit companies were free to discriminate against women by refusing to provide coverage for her reproductive health needs under the guise of “religious freedom.”

Events like these are downright depressing and frustrating. Why are people in power, most of whom are men, getting to make decisions about my reproductive health? Why are they trying to limit access to something that not only prevents pregnancy, but also clears acne,relieves PMS, and even lowers cancer risk?

Texas Anti-Choice Law Targets Teens

An Appeals Court Just Upheld the Law Closing Abortion Clinics in Texas

Catholics to US Senators: Do Not Support Harsh Abortion Ban

This is What Happens When Abortion is Outlawed – In Paraguay, a 10 year old girl, pregnant from being raped by her stepfather, has been denied an abortion. Such horrors can and will happen here, if the anti-abortion right wing has it’s way.

Continue reading

Woo Hoo! Trump Is In!

Donald-Trump-Bad-HairIt’s going to be barrels of fun this run for the Republican nomination. After threatening hinting at a run for President since 2000, Donald Trump has declared his candidacy for the 2016 GOP nomination. At least he claims he’s a Republican now, has anyone checked lately? Here’s his party rundown from The Smoking Gun:

* JULY 1987: Trump registers for the first time from his Fifth Avenue penthouse. The real estate developer, 41 at the time, reports having previously been registered from his boyhood home in Queens (though his prior party affiliation is unclear). Trump enrolls as a REPUBLICAN.

trump hair* OCTOBER 1999: Trump dumps the GOP and enrolls as a member of the INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

* AUGUST 2001: Trump enrolls as a DEMOCRAT.

* SEPTEMBER 2009: After eight years as a Democrat, Trump returns to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Trump-hair* DECEMBER 2011: Trump lasts two years before he again abandons the party of Ronald Reagan. He eschews the GOP in favor of siding with no party. On his registration form, “The Apprentice” star checks off the box marked “I DO NOT WISH TO ENROLL IN A PARTY.”

* APRIL 2012: Trump registers as a REPUBLICAN.

In fact, when Trump left the GOP in ’99, he said:

donald-trump-bad-hair“I really believe the Republicans are just too crazy right.”

Does he think the party’s normal now?

David Koch, of those Kochs, said of Trump in 2011: “…he’s really not qualified to be President.” Koch is one of the GOP/Tea Party big-time financiers, but Trump hardly need someone else’s money to run.

That same year, Karl Rove told Bill O’Reilly that Trump was “discrediting the Republican Party” with his birther talk. I know, funny right?

Of course, right off the bat Trump had to inform everyone what (he claims) he’s worth financially; what that has to do with anything other than his ego I don’t know. He seems to think that makes him more eligible than anyone else, but as Forbes reported in 2011:

Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009.

“… this isn’t me personally, it’s a company,” Trump said. “Basically I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage…”

What the hell, hand him the reigns of America’s finances; what could go wrong?

Donald Trump is a clown. He’s neck and neck with Newt Gingrich for extra-marital affairs, he’s got the overblown ego of Ted Cruz, the sliminess of Mitt Romney, the bluster of Chris Christie, and the hair of… well I don’t even know where to go with that. Anyway… The fun is just beginning so buckle up- it’s going to be a wild ride.

Russell Brand On Hannity’s Defense Of Racist Cops

Even though its (hopefully) a small subset of the nation’s law enforcement, like every profession, there are racists in law enforcement. Unfortunately, these racists have a license to kill. Thanks to today’s smartphones, practically everyone is able to catch their racist actions on video. But as Brand points out, it doesn’t matter how many unarmed black kids are killed, Hannity will always defend racist cops. In Hannity’s warped mind, black kids are always asking for it.

Hannity assumes that if you’re black, you’re bound to be doing something illegal. Hannity told a black person last week:

But I can tell you one thing, and I can tell you a fact — that if you don’t do things that are wrong, if you’re not part of a gang, you’re not robbing, you’re not stealing, you’re not selling drugs, you’re not using drugs, you’re not violent, you’re not involved in any trouble, guess what’s going to happen? Nothing.

When will people understand that he, Sean Hannity, is representative of today’s conservatives? This is why you should get registered and vote!