Governor of Illinois – Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn is the current Democratic Governor of Illinois seeking re-election in 2014. He is most known for signing a bill that abolished the death penalty in his state. Prior to being elected governor he served as a tax attorney, was an aide to former governor Daniel Walker, served as Illinois state treasurer, and was Lieutenant Governor of the state. His experience in taxing and as treasurer have served him well by lowering the state’s deficit, contributing to his support for financial reform, and him wanting tax reform for his state. He has been highly praised for his stance on environmental issues and community service, including his responsibility for expanding AmeriCorps in his state. He won 50.4% of the vote to become governor which means his re-election is not exactly safe, so Dems in Illinois need to get out the vote for Pat Quinn ahead of the election next year.

Research by Jacob Immel.

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

This edition is entirely devoted to stupid quotes by Donald Rumsfeld, one of the neoncons from the Dubya administration who was directly responsible for manipulating and betraying Americans with fake intelligence to start an illegal war that resulted in thousands of dead Americans and hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis. That not to mention how it completely destabilized the middle-east and gave us the problems we have today in Iran and Syria.

Raw Story reports on a conversation that took place on Wednesday between Rumsfeld and the fools at Fox & Friends:

“The essence of leadership, really, is clarity and a vision, and there hasn’t been one,” Rumsfeld told the hosts of Fox & Friends. “My concern is, it seems to me, if you’re going to do something, you ought to do something that has a value and has purpose, rather than sending signals out that what we’re going to do won’t be much, it won’t last long, and it won’t end up with any changed circumstance on the ground.”

“In fact, former Sen. Barack Obama pretty much opposed former President Bush at every corner regarding his foreign policy,” Fox News host Steve Doocy noted. “This president delayed when it came to getting bin Laden, he delayed when it came to following up on Benghazi, and he now he has delayed on Syria. He has gone to Congress, probably to share the blame if anything blows up in his face.”

Did he need to go to Congress? No,” Rumsfeld opined. “Under the Constitution and the practice we’ve seen, we haven’t had a declaration of war, for example, since World War II. And presidents, as commander-in-chief, have authority. But they have to behave like a commander-in-chief, it seems to me.”

“I think that the fact that American people are confused and the fact that the Congress seems uncertain and the international community is not supportive is a reflection of the fact that the so-called commander-in-chief has not been acting as a commander-in-chief,” he added. “He’s not provided leadership.”

Jesus, there are so many things wrong with these statements. First of all, the nation and the entire world was outraged when the Dubya administration rushed into war with Iraq while the weapons inspectors were screaming “there are no WMDs in Iraq!”. Of course, they were right – no WMDs. Its was all a scam on the American people. The only mistake Obama made was not charging them with war crimes. Obama felt it was better to put it all behind us – forgive and forget – which allowed the radical right to regain power. They should have been out of office for a hundred years. Instead, we have to live with these assholes.

Next, Doocy’s ridiculous statement:

This president delayed when it came to getting bin Laden

Are you shitting me?!! Dubya didn’t catch Bin Laden after 8 years in office. He even said at one point that he did not care where Bin Laden was. Obama promised to get Bin Laden and he did. End of story. So STFU, Doocy!

Rumsfeld adds:

Did he need to go to Congress? No.

He’s trying to criticize Obama for not bypassing Congress and launching a surprise attack, something he, and the Dubya administration, would have gladly done. Can you believe this guy?!! The radical right is so confused by their knee-jerk criticisms of the President that they can’t even keep their stories straight. They told everyone who would listen that the President must get prior approval from Congress, and then when he does, they claim that was the wrong decision. Un-frick’n-believable. Republicans in both the Senate and House have drafted resolutions requiring Congressional approval before the President can use force against Syria. Nearly 80% of the nation wants Congressional approval! Old man Rumsfeld wants us to believe its a mistake. He too, can STFU.

And thank God for our “so-called Commander in Chief” who, besides saving our economy that was nearly destroyed by Republicans on Wall Street, repaired our image in the world after 8 years of neocon rule and “cowboy diplomacy”. Our nation is stronger and, once again, respected in the world. The radical right can spew propaganda and sit in circle-jerks convincing themselves they speak for all Americans, but everyone in the world outside of their radical circle knows its pure bullshit.

View the Stupid Conservative Quotes series.

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Illinois Senate Candidate – Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin is the current Democratic Majority Whip for the Senate, which he has been since 2007. He is serving his 3rd term in the Senate, after serving in the House of Reps. for 7 consecutive terms. He has served on the Committees of Appropriations, Foreign Affairs, Judiciary, and Rules and Administration. He has a 100% rating from the AFL-CIO, and is known as one of the most liberal members of Congress, as well as being the “best debater”.

He has strong pro-choice beliefs and is highly revered by Naral and Planned Parenthood. He has tried to fight AIDS and HIV by attempting to allocate federal funding to causes fighting those diseases. He was the author of the DREAM Act and made it a high priority for him to get passed in the Senate. He believes that the financial crisis of 2008 was caused by federal banks, and has tried to lower the student loan rate. He has achieved these and many more things inside and outside of Congress that support our party platform, and we need to make sure he and loyal liberals like him are re-elected in 2014.

Research by Jacob Immel. 

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Another Chapter in the Jindal Voucher Scam

cantorjindalThe Justice Department has requested an injunction preventing the State of Louisiana from providing school vouchers for the 2014 school year to students residing in the thirty-four parishes currently under federal desegregation orders. This prompted Eric Cantor and Bobby Jindal to spend the last week putting the usual GOP spin on the issue while conveniently avoiding the facts.

Cantor posted this question to his government site:

“Why is President Obama Trying to Keep Poor Kids Out of Good Schools?”

As well as tweeting:

“It’s disappointing to see the Obama Administration try to stand in the way of the progress made by @BobbyJindal in LA.”

For his part, Jindal claimed quite disingenuously on his weekly website post:

“There is no explanation for why they would do this.”

Of course there is an explanation, and Jindal knows exactly what it is, as Louisiana blogger Lamar White recaps:

“…Governor Bobby Jindal, Superintendent John White, and the Louisiana Department of Education have been completely unable and unwilling to provide the federal government with sufficient evidence that their controversial school voucher program complies with the law. Because Superintendent John White and his team at the Louisiana Department of Education could not or would not provide the federal government with documentation demonstrating their compliance, the Department of Justice was, essentially, forced to go to court…

…although Bobby Jindal is pretty skilled at preparing statements against the President, for whatever reason, he’s never been able to figure out how to actually do his job. Truth be told: He may be OK at politicking, but he’s pretty terrible at governing. This case, for example, has very little to do with the Obama administration opposing school vouchers; it’s based, almost entirely, on Governor Jindal’s epic incompetence, sloppy record-keeping, and utter contempt for transparency.”

As usual, the ill-informed conservative blogosphere is parroting the right’s less than honest representation of the situation; one site even using the headline: Obama-Holder Waging War Against Black Children (As if  conservatives care one way or the other if minorities receive a proper education).

As for what Cantor calls Jindal’s “progress”, maybe he should look to someone other than the Governor for his facts; here are just a few of the more interesting ones:

Crooks & Liars: according to Louisiana’s own charter school report, “The majority of the charter schools listed in that report are receiving C, D or F grades. Even more amazing, those schools receiving “F” grades are marked as “No Action” by the Louisiana DOE because they’re not in fiscal jeopardy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, because the schools balance their budget they don’t warrant further scrutiny even though their performance is abysmal.”

Louisiana Educator: The kids being graduated by the New Orleans Recovery District were told by their charter school administrators that they would be prepared to attend Harvard and Yale. But now they are graduating with ACT scores that don’t even qualify them to attend our state colleges…

Lamar White: … for thirteen (13) out of fifty-one (51) private schools tested, tuition and fees received for certain students through the Scholarship Program exceeded tuition and fees charged to students not participating in the Scholarship Program.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the participating schools charge less in tuition for students that are members of the school’s sponsoring church, and many of them reserve the right to reject students on the basis of their religion.

Texas Freedom Network: Even if it has more than 40 voucher students, a school scoring less than 50 on a 150-point state evaluation scale (based on the scores students get on standardized tests) can continue to receive public dollars for voucher students already enrolled…

Private and religious schools may get state approval to accept publicly funded vouchers even if they haven’t received accreditation from any entity, public or private.

Some private schools seeking students with publicly funded vouchers pass off myths and urban legends as science. For example, the Lake Charles-area school seeking voucher students uses a curriculum that claims the Loch Ness monster is real and evidence that dinosaurs still exist…

Unlike public school students, voucher students are not required to pass the state’s standardized tests in order to pass to the next grade.

There is one thing the unmitigated farce that is Jindal’s voucher program accomplishes: It proves beyond any doubt that we need common core standards, and a federal education department. Without them, children in “red states” will find themselves laughed out of college… if they can even get in at all.

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Howard Kurtz Is A Cad, Part IV

A lot has happened with Howard Kurtz since May, which is when we last noted the goings on with “the nation’s premiere media critic”.  Let us start with a brief recap of our coverage of Howard Kurtz over the last several months.

Our interest in Kurtz began with the Boston Marathon bombing. The week following the bombing was embarrassing for Fox and CNN, while MSNBC earned plaudits for the reporting on the scene of Pete Wilson. Kurtz used his platform on CNN to nitpick a report on the suspects capture by MSNBC. Of his own networks piss poor performance Kurtz gushed that since CNN had owned up to their mistakes “that was a good thing”. Kurtz then whacked Fox for following the incorrect lead of CNN in prematurely reporting the capture of the suspect, leading to the only example of me castigating a pundit for taking on Fox News in the history of the universe!

The 2nd time Kurtz caught our eye was when he wrote an absolute embarrassment of a column about Jason Collins coming out as the 1st gay player in the major 4 sports leagues. The mistakes in that column could only be accounted for by Kurtz not doing fundamental research on his subject. Kurtz’ eventual “correction” was a monument to mealy mouthed, weasley petulance. The column was such a disaster that he was fired as a writer for the Daily Beast.

Part 3 of this series was due to Kurtz allowing his platform at CNN to be used as the vehicle for an accounting by ABC news of their inaccurate report on emails from the administration regarding the Benghazi attack. “The nation’s premiere media critic” allowed his show to be the conduit for Jonathan Karl’s justification for using Republican supplied transcripts of administration emails which turned out to be wrong when the real emails were released. Kurtz read a statement from Karl and then had two guests argue both sides of the issue. As though using inaccurate quotes from transcripts provided by the political enemy of the supposed emailer has two sides when it comes to what is or is not acceptable behavior for the “nations premiere media critic”.

Kurtz had a terrible start to this year so when it was announced that CNN & Kurtz would be parting company it was hardly a surprise. In fact we noted speculation that Kurtz’ contract would not be renewed by CNN in part two of this series. Some folks were surprised when Kurtz was picked up by Fox, but not me. Fox, with their situational ethics and blatantly partisan outlook and Kurtz, being a cad, seem like a natural fit from my perspective.

Which leads us to the reason for part 4 of the ongoing series, Howard Kurtz Is A Cad. Kurtz has penned an article titled “Ben Bradlee’s daughter-in-law reveals (almost) all on Facebook”. I refuse to link to the article on but I have read it in its entirety, which is more than Kurtz could have honestly said when he started pounding out his response to Jason Collins coming out of the closet… but I digress!

When it comes to Ben Bradlee’s daughter in law, Kurtz comes across as a dirty old man, leering at pictures of someone who is related to someone that is in his field of expertise. Like how a sports reporter would naturally feel obligated to ogle and then report on risque pictures posted by the family members of famous sports figures, right?  Or how military experts would want to post articles about the family members of high ranking officers… etc etc etc…

Kurtz posted about Bradlee’s daughter in law on his 92nd birthday. Kurtz calls Bradlee a “great man in American journalism” then spends the rest of the column rhetorically leering at Bradlees family member. Kurtz actually had the gall to ask Mr. Bradlee for a comment about his daughter in law’s Facebook pictures!  Folks, if this is not proof that Howard Kurtz is a cad, there is no such thing as a cad. The definition of a cad is: a man who behaves dishonorably, esp. toward a woman. Another definition is: A man who acts with deliberate disregard for another’s feelings or rights

Kurtz wrote this column within days of writing another column castigating the media for obsessing on Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Awards. Shame on the media for being all obsessed with Miley Cyrus twerking and grinding… but get a load of Ben Bradlee’s daughter in law!

I’m going to use Kurtz’ own tactics to write about his family members… but I feel so unclean for doing so that I’m going to hide the rest of this article beneath the veritible fold.  Feel free to read on…

Continue reading

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Liz Cheney Disagrees with Her Sister’s Way of Life

The daughters of former Vice President Dick Cheney seem to be at odds with each other over the very polarizing issue of gay marriage. Liz Cheney said last week that she is not “pro-gay marriage” and it should be left “up to the states”, but her sister Mary (who is gay herself) told the press today that her sister is “dead wrong” on the issue. This is not the first time that a prominent Republican has spoken out against gay rights when someone in their immediate family was gay themselves, but to his credit he eventually did change his mind. In the press release, Mary also had this to say:

“Freedom means freedom for everyone,” she continued. “That means that all families — regardless of how they look or how they are made — all families are entitled to the same rights, privileges and protections as every other.”

Liz Cheney will be running for the Republican seat in Wyoming next year against Mike Enzo, and this issue with her and her sister could prove quite complicated for her campaign. It seems as if neither sister consulted with the other before making these public statements, and it is my belief that Liz isn’t happy about her sister going public with her remarks. I think that all in all this looks bad for Liz, and that is a good thing. She may end up evolving on this issue like Portman did, and I would definitely commend her if she was brave enough to do so, but honestly I don’t see it happening any time soon.

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If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” ― W.C. Fields

Two days ago the Conservative Treehouse had this to say:

Having watched a media cycle it’s obvious.   President Obama is going to strike Syria;  Alone. Imagine if George W Bush refused to consult congress, garner congressional (ie. the peoples’) support, proceeded without U.N. mandate, defied the U.N. Security Council, ignored the entire international community and also failed to secure any allied backing prior to attacking another nation.

Yesterday, POTUS made this statement:

“Over the last several days, we have heard from members of Congress who want their voices to be heard, ….I absolutely agree. We should have this debate, because the issues are too big for business as usual.”

POTUS’ statement and deference to Congress on the matter is a strategic move to exorcise the War Demon from the soul of the administration and return it to its home within the Republican party.

Forward Progressives nailed it:

While Republicans harped on about the “tyrant” President Obama who would circumvent Congress to wage war, he laughed right in their face and endorsed military action — but only with Congressional approval.

Now what can Republicans say?  If they don’t support military involvement, then don’t approve it and that’ll be the end of it.  If they do, then he will.

But wait, endorsing our involvement in Syria would mean Republicans would have to support something President Obama has endorsed.  Which is something they just don’t do.

However, if they choose not to endorse action in Syria, how can they continue to claim to be the party that’s “hard on terror?”  Isn’t this the party that voted for Bush, McCain and Romney — all men who governed and campaigned on preventative war?

But the real news story did not lie within the BREAKING NEWS of the moment, or in POTUS’ decision to follow protocol, the BREAKING NEWS akin to the crackling ice sound of HELL FREEZING OVER:  Uber Conservative TED “Sleezy Car Salesman” CRUZ actually issued a press statement commending POTUS on this decision:

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) today released the following statement regarding President Obama’s remarks on Syria:

I commend President Obama for listening to bi-partisan calls for him to seek congressional authority before any possible use of force against Syria.

Of course the compliment was cloaked under the premise that because POTUS didn’t call special session, the Syrian conflict was not an emergency.

Given that the President did not request an emergency session of Congress, that must mean that he agrees there is no imminent threat requiring the Commander in Chief to act without consulting the representatives of the American people.

Liberals shouldn’t get too worked up-yet.  Seriously, do we really think that a Republican Congress is going to support the President?

But I don’t think for even a second he believes he’ll get approval from Congress, because Republicans have had the political strategy the last few years of, “Whatever Obama does, just do the opposite.”  I always use the joke that if Obama came out in support of oxygen, Republicans would suffocate.

So while liberals can get up in arms over Obama publicly endorsing military involvement in Syria, they always tend to forget that he’s a brilliant chess player.

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I’m An Obamacare Poll Truther, And Here Are The Reasons Why.

Poll truther was the derisive term used to describe those on the right who willfully disregarded (or reinterpreted to fit a hoped for result) the polls as the 2012 presidential election drew near. It really was fun for us lefties to heckle and jeer as the truthers on the right twisted themselves into pretzels trying to find justifications for how Obama was going to lose and Romney was on his way to a landslide victory despite what the polls were showing. I contended that poll trutherism was simply the latest iteration of the tendency of conservatives to disregard the facts and figures they did not agree with, while wholly creating their own, wrongheaded, reality.

Now I find myself an admitted poll truther. When it comes to the chronically low numbers of approval for the ACA, I flat out do not believe the polls. Ok… go ahead. Point and laugh while I twist myself into a pretzel trying to demonstrate why the approval of Obamacare is a huge media conspiracy against truth, justice and the American way of life!

First: The only reason Republicans hate Obamacare is because it is Obamacare. If it were Bushcare or Reagancare they would love it. The fundamental mechanism of Obamacare, the individual mandate, was proposed by conservatives in response to the Clinton health care reform drive in the early 90′s. Obamacare was invented by the Heritage foundation as the free market health care solution.

The individual mandate in particular positively reeks of conservatism. It mandates personal responsibility to allow for a private market solution to the nation’s health care needs. Conservatives decrying the individual mandate as some sort of attack on freedom and government takeover of healthcare should have found that religion when the Heritage foundation and party leaders like McCain, Dole, Gingrich and Romney were pushing the idea.

 It seems you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Republican presidential nominee who supported Obamacare before it was Obamacare. In 1993 Bob Dole co-sponsored Obamacare (then known as Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993, or HEART ) and went on to be the Republican presidential nominee in 1996. John McCain touted the Republican plan in opposition to the Clinton plan in the early 90′s. The first time the head of the Florida Hospital and Health Care Association heard of the concept of the individual mandate was from John McCain in a speech he gave in Miami at the time. Obamacare was first passed into law by the 2012 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

Republicans are fundamentally unable to approve of anything President Obama does, even when it is their own idea. Nearly all of the opposition to Obamacare from the right is simply blind opposition to Obama by the same people who proposed the idea in the first place.

Next: The numbers showing opposition to Obamacare include a significant amount of people who oppose the law for not going far enough.  For example consider CNN’s recent poll finding that 54% of the nation oppose Obamacare while 43% approve.  16% of those opposed felt the law was not liberal enough. Only 35% of respondents opposed Obamacare because they thought the law was too liberal. 65% of respondents approve of the law, are undecided, or think Obamacare does not go far enough.

The 16% who express dissatisfaction because the law is not strong enough are counted by pollsters as though they support the rhetoric and positions of the 35% who just reflexively dislike anything the president stands for. That is the opposite of the truth. The 35% would really detest the solution supported by the 16%, not just out of reflexive hatred for a personality, but because the liberal solution really would be one of the most objectionable things conservatives supposedly hate about Obamacare:  A big government takeover of the health care system.

Truth be told, I would probably be in the 16% if I were polled under the influence of truth serum. The individual mandate is a conservative solution, and conservative ideas are not in the best interests of the nation as a rule. The truly liberal solution is a single payer system. That would constitute an actual government takeover of the health care system, just like the government controls the police departments and fire departments. Bare bones necessities such as the defense of the nation and our basic health and welfare needs are the proper function of government.

Under the single payer system folks who wanted to go out of network to pay for their own healthcare would not be prohibited from doing so. Just like you may hire a private security firm to guard your property but you still pay taxes for the local police department.

So I don’t believe the polls reflecting widespread opposition to Obamacare. Most of that opposition is not against the policy but against the president, and a significant part of the opposition is because the law does not go far enough. BUT… I do count my lucky stars that I’m not discounting the polls a few weeks before a general election to settle the issue!

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Texas: One Gay Hatin’ Redneck Spoils the Whole Bunch

dont_mess_with_gay_texas_tshirt-p235614318856484142enstl_400Greg Abbott and his traveling circus of evangelical, redneck lovin’, gay haters stopped in San Antonio recently to speak out against a LGBT discrimination measure.

Attorney General Greg Abbott is the latest in a slew of Texas politicians to weigh in on a proposed San Antonio ordinance that would include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the city’s nondiscrimination code. (Texas Tribune)

imagesThe circus includes three clowns vying to become Texas’ next attorney general.  The consensus according to the clown posse is that  a proposed San Antonio anti-discrimination measure discriminates against “people of faith” by suppressing their views about gay people.

The candidates — state Sen. Ken Paxton of McKinney, state Rep. Dan Branch of Dallas, and Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman — have expressed opposition in recent weeks to the proposed updates to a San Antonio ordinance through letters to city officials, online petitions and media interviews.

Smitherman stated: “It attempts to stop my freedom of speech by suppressing my point of view,”  “You may disagree with my point of view, you may think I’m an idiot or a redneck for that point of view, but it’s not speech that incites riot and it’s not speech that is intended to cause harm.”

Perhaps Smitherman would be on board if we included idiots and rednecks under the anti-discrimination measure.

  Juanita Jean from the World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Salon had this to say about using faith to stymie the equal protection measure:

Sweet Jesus is the major endorser for any public office in Texas and since he tends to phone it in, it’s up to voters to believe which candidate is telling the truth about Jesus’ endorsement.

Being nice to all God’s children has already become the law in five of the Texas’ largest cities.  The Republicans argue that being a “person of faith” gives you the right to discriminate and torment people that you don’t like even if they are also persons of faith.  It seems to me there’s not much faith involved here.


“Justice is equality, but only for equals; and justice is inequality, but only for those who are unequal.” ARISTOTLE, from Politics


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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

In today’s edition of stupid conservative quotes the radical right uses the 50th anniversary of MLK’s dream speech to go beyond hypocrisy into a bizzaro-world where up is down and black is white.

Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh 2claims a viewer compares him to the most famous black leader in American history:

I had a friend of mine send me some excerpts of Martin Luther King’s speech fifty years ago, and there are four of them there. He says, you know, Rush, when I read what King said, I’m reminded more of things you say than things Obama says.

Limbaugh has a long history of making racist statements. Comparing himself to MLK is a joke. Seems to me that he, and Glenn Beck, invoke the name of MLK as a tactic to, in their minds, neutralize the left’s focus on their outrageous, racist statements. The joke is that they believe it works.

joe walsh dead beat dadFormer congressman Joe Walsh has his own “dream” speech:

I have a dream that young black men won’t become fathers until after they’re married and they have a job. I have a dream that young unmarried black women will say “no” to young black men who want to have sex. I have a dream that today’s black leadership will quit blaming racism and “the system” for what ails black America.

Joe Walsh is probably the most infamous deadbeat dad the world has ever known, having been sued by his ex-wife in 2011 for being behind over $100,000 in child support. For him to call-out young black men on the responsibility of being a father, is ludicrous.

A group called the National Black Republican Association had the nerve to put up this completely false and misleading bulletin board:


As Media Matters reminds us, King himself stated this in 1958:

I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.

And in his autobiography, King had this to say about the 1964 Republican National Convention and the Republican nominee for president:

The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism.

[ ... ]

I had no alternative but to urge every Negro and white person of goodwill to vote against Mr. Goldwater and to withdraw support from any Republican candidate that did not publicly disassociate himself from Senator Goldwater and his philosophy.

Yup, sounds like he was a Republican. No doubt.

View the Stupid Conservative Quotes series.

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Illinois Congressional Candidates – Part Two

Bobby RushBobby Rush is a Representative from Illinois’ 1st district who is serving his 11th term. He co-founded the Illinois’ division of the Black Panthers in 1968, and served in the US military for 5 years. In the House of Reps he serves on the Committee for Energy and Commerce, is a member of the Congessional Black Caucus, and is the Assistant Democratic Whip. Throughout his tenure in Congress, he has brought in over $1 Billion to his district, and also initiated the Chicago Partnership for Earned Income Tax Credit. He actively protests for Human Rights Causes, supports legislation to help low income citizens, and is a big opponent of racial profiling. He is known for being the only person to beat Barack Obama in an election with his 2000 Democratic Primary victory for his district, and also for wearing a hoodie while addressing the House in honor of Trayvon Martin.

Robin KellyRobin Kelly is a Representative from Illinois’ 2nd district who is serving her first term after winning a special election this year with 71% of the vote. She is a member of the Committee on Housing and Urban Development, International Trade and Commerce, Oversight and Government Reform, Space and Technology, and more. Her previous accomplishments were directing a crisis nursery, being an associate director of a youth center, serving as Illinois Secretary of State, and serving as a member of the Illinois House of Reps for 4 years. She strongly supports small businesses and believes they are the backbones to communities, believes improving transportation will strengthen our economy especially in larger cities, and wants to prohibit conceal and carry laws.

Research by Jacob Immel.

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polls_birther_nut_job_3045_854505_answer_1_xlargeHarold Cook (Letters From Texas): If the birthers’ old, tired narrative had been accurate – that Obama was born in Kenya to a mother from Kansas – that would have put Obama’s eligibility to be President exactly where it currently stands with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to a mother from the U.S.

Because of the birther narrative, Tea Party members howled during the Presidential election that Obama wasn’t eligible to be President, but there’s no evidence that the Cruz situation is so much as raising their eyebrows.

But never fear: a Tea Party member has an explanation for why they’re not upset about the Cruz situation: “Canada is not really foreign soil.”

Cruz supporters don’t question eligibility.

The Texas Tribune:

“As far as I’m concerned, Canada is not really foreign soil,” Katok said she was more disturbed by Obama’s “strong ties to Kenya,” the African country where his father was born. She also said she didn’t like the fact that Obama did not release his long-form birth certificate during the 2008 race.

Cruz, who recently released his Canadian birth certificate, is at least “up front about it,” she said.

 Katok, who saw Cruz speak at a Tea Party rally here this week, is not alone. The vastly different perceptions of similar controversies were evident at rallies and events Cruz attended this week across Texas, where he is meeting with constituents and promoting his drive to strip federal funding for Obamacare.

Liberal critics say Republicans who questioned Obama’s presidential eligibility are being hypocritical now that one of their own is facing questions about his. Republican partisans say the controversies are different — and that Cruz has been more transparent about the circumstances of his birth.



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