Are Conservatives Even Literate?

The question I pose is not a joke; Conservatives obviously don’t understand the things they read or hear. In a talk on Women and the Economy at Rhode Island College in Providence, President Obama made these statements among others:

“Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.

… we need family leave, we need better child care policies, and we need to make sure that women get an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. “

Now, for people who graduated from high school, this is a pretty straight forward statement, for Conservatives, not so much. The only sentences they heard were the first two. They seem to have tremendous difficulty in the area of comprehension. Here are some of the Right Wing headlines resulting from those two sentences (I’m not going to link to any of them for the same reason I don’t listen to chimps screaming):

gopdunceObama Insults Stay-at-Home Moms

Watch as Obama Slams The Choices of Stay-at-Home Moms

Ouch: Obama Claims America Doesn’t Want Stay-At-Home-Moms

Obama: We Don’t Want Stay-At-Home Mothers

President Obama Plays the Shame Card on Stay-At-Home-Moms

Obama Loses Stay-at-Home Moms’ Support (If He Ever Had It)

– This writer not only totally missed the President’s point entirely, she rattled off a laundry list of talking points (no pun intended) straight out of the Venker handbook, which of course culminated in yammering about feminists. Pop a Zoloft lady, Sheesh!

Now there are only two possibilities here: Either these folks purposely took the President’s statements out of context, which we know they’d never do, or they’re simply illiterate. My money’s on the latter.

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Are You About To Get Dumped By A Liberal Friend?

That’s what I do – keep toxic right wingers out of my life as much as possible. Yes, I’m forced to work with them, but I shut them out after work. There are too many good Democrats and independents in this country to waste a minute of my personal time on right wingers.

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Friday Feminism – Happy Halloween

So sorry to be absent for a few weeks. And on this Halloween we have a monster post to catch you up on what has been happening. Buckle up, let’s go! And be sure to be safe on this crazy, crazy night!

Abortion & Abortion Rights

Trust him? – digby over at Hullabaloo offers up an article about Larry Pressler and his flip-flop regarding Roe vs. Wade.

Sam Harris doesn’t know anything about feminism, decides to set feminist priorities anyway – Very funny and beautifully written article that contains this gem: “In the classic stance of the mansplainer, Harris lets it be known that having no fucking idea what he is talking about doesn’t mean he can’t be the self-appointed expert over people who actually know things like facts.”

NEWSFLASH: North Dakota Court Restricts Medication Abortions

Exclusive Excerpt: How Pro-Choicers Can Take Back the Moral High Ground – I wasn’t aware we’d ever lost it.

Women’s Rights Groups Mount Online Offensive in Colorado’s ‘Personhood’ Battle


Culture & Pop Culture

#GamerGate is an attack on ethical journalism – I would have expected better from gamers, but at least it started a dialogue.

GamerGate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men

These 7 Geek Icons Have Had Enough of #Gamergate. Here’s How They’re Fighting Back.

Felicia Day

Felicia Day

Gamergate’s anti-woman agenda made clear: Actor Felicia Day threatened for speaking up

Billboard’s all-female Top 5 don’t empower – Many are claiming that the six week run of female artists snagging the top five slots is a sign of “girl power” – but is it?


This Mom Was Tired Of Princesses. So She Did Something About It. – A big welcome to the Guardian Princesses!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: ‘I decided to call myself a Happy Feminist’

Annie Lennox says the word ‘twerking,’ makes most controversial statement of 2014 – Finally somebody said it.

And feminism got a whole lot sexier this week:

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch best known for playing Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC series Sherlock


Alaska High School Pulls Plug On Q&A Session After Republican Compares Same-Sex Marriage To Two Bulls Having Sex – This could have gone under LGBTQ, but there’s more to it than that. Plus, you have to consider the difference between a run-of-the-mill fucktard (such as those Republicans, conservatives and teabaggers capering through the rest of these posts) and a real fucktard. The fact that Rep. Young was addressing a high school audience qualifies him by itself.

Gun Violence

Gun nuts’ powerful new enemy: How pediatricians are taking on the NRA – “The debate antagonists are the gun lobby and physicians, two of the most powerful interests in the country. At stake are fundamental issues: gun owner privacy versus physician responsibility; constitutional rights versus public safety.” Very good article and it raises a few questions I had not thought about.

Yes, Mass Shootings Are Occurring More Often


Former Rep. Gabby Giffords on gun violence: ‘This is a women’s issue’ – I’m mixed on this. I love Gabby Giffords but I find this to be an “everybody issue”. However, I completely agree with her otherwise.

7 Big Gun Fights to Watch on Election Day

In Memory

Efua Dorkenoo dead: Influential FGM women’s rights campaigner dies, aged 65 – Such a terrible and sad loss.


Someone needs to explain to Greg Abbott where babies come from – I have raved about this blog before and sure enough Margaret and Helen are back and talking about Greg Abbott and his idiotic belief that the ban on same sex marriage will reduce the number of babies born out of wedlock. Helen is poetic in her writing and this is a must read!

Evolution complete: President Obama backs constitutional right to marriage equality for first time


20 disgustingly misogynist quotes from religious leaders

Men’s rights group launches creepy website to co-opt respected anti-violence campaign – Not only is this underhanded, but they seem to not understand that men’s rights are women’s rights, which are human rights.  And I dare you to look at the first picture and not get the creeps!!

A Female News Anchor Has A Priceless Reply To Comments That Would Never Be Made About A Male Anchor

Police Mayhem

Texas Cop Under Fire After Shocking Video Of Dog Shooting Surfaces (VIDEO) – Is it getting to the point that shooting anything that moves is the accepted response?

Slain hostage’s family asks: Did 33 cops really have to fire 600 bullets during shootout?

Autopsy Reveals Black Man Was Shot Five Times in the Back in ‘Self Defense’ By Utah Cops

 There is a twitter account called Killed By Cops and they actually have to tweet on an hourly basis!

St. Louis Police Officer calls the job of Ferguson Activist to get her fired. She gets his number and calls him back.
YouTube Preview Image


How the ‘War on Women’ Is Deepening Racial Inequality – Wow, findings from a 1983 study are still, sadly, accurate.

Supreme Court’s civil rights backlash: How a new case could set us back decades – Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy.

S. Carolina HS football coach fired after team mocks Black opponents with watermelons

Teacher suspended for alleged racist remarks

Horrific “lynching” display removed from home on Kentucky Army base

Rape & Rape Culture

High school football player still on team while out on bail for two sets of rape charges – Oh, for fuck’s sake! Even though the superintendent says “they are ‘sickened’ by the allegations against [Tyler] Smith, but until he is convicted, he should have the benefit of playing for his school.”

If We Don’t Teach This To Our Sons, Women Will Be Harmed. So Will Our Sons.

People Have Mocked Her Story For Years. Now She’s Going Up To The Mic And Taking It Back.

“Who do you report to when your rapist is the police?”

Ex-trooper coerced sex from women he stopped

The scandal that threatens Alaska Republicans

Conservative pundit rallies GOP voters by calling rape culture a “gargantuan lie” – Why is the asylum allowing these people outside without an orderly?



Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants to see 9 women on the Supreme Court – I wish this great lady could live forever (and that’s what her wish just might take).

Sexual Assault & Harassment

Creepy Tennessee Republican Gets Arrested For Stalking And Intimidating Female Neighbor (VIDEO)

Woman walks around New York for a day, is catcalled more than 100 times – And she’s already gotten numerous rape threats for posting the video according to this.

Gun extremists’ ghastly new low: A fight over “open carry” turns vulgar and scary – Meet gamergate’s big brother.


Boko Haram agrees to release kidnapped girls after cease-fire

– Or not.

Sixty more women and girls reported kidnapped in Nigeria

War On Mothers

Victims of Domestic Violence Getting Longer Prison Sentences Than Their Childs’ Abuser? – Remind me again about how we have the best system of justice in the world?

Women In History

Forgotten Women of Film History: Marion Wong

Women In Politics

Grimes Beats McConnell in Kentucky Debate – Okay, who’s surprised by this??

SarahPAC, Like Palin Herself, Light on Donations to Fellow Republicans

Joni Ernst: Repeal Obamacare And Cut Food Stamps And Force People To Rely On The Church For Help – And what fucking century is this woman living in??

Times-Picayune Endorses Landrieu On Front Page: She’s ‘Vital’ To Louisiana

Elizabeth Warren Demands An Investigation Of Mortgage Companies

Is Martha Coakley About To Blow Another Major Race In Massachusetts?

Did Elizabeth Warren Really Just Open The Door To A 2016 Run?

Alison Lundergan Grimes Punches Back And Says She Won’t Be Bullied By Chuck Todd

Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare: Elizabeth Warren As Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary

Women’s Health

Breast Cancer Industry Month Is Here! – Also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the splash of pink everywhere you turn is known as “pinkwashing”.

Brain Cancer Cases Shot Up In this Florida Town—Is a Defense Contractor to Blame?

Why Is This Country Full Of So Many Idiots? – Are they trying to get me started?

Jaggar: Why are Komen’s pink ribbons on so many carcinogenic products? – Why indeed.

Women’s Rights

Who’s the civic illiterate, George?

Fox News to young women: Don’t worry about voting, just focus on your Tinder profile

World News

Serena Williams shuts down tennis chief’s “racist, sexist” remarks

Hackney Flashers, feminism and art forty years on

Thousands in Iran Protest Acid Attacks on Women

Violence Against Women

LA Kings Slava Voynov suspended by NHL following domestic violence arrest

Oklahoma man opens fire on ex-girlfriend for not leaving ‘fast enough’: police

Claiming rights, facing fire: young feminist activists

Private Violence: up to 75% of abused women who are murdered are killed after they leave their partners

‘In 2014, violence against black women is seen as nothing more than a joke.” – Holy crap on a cracker. . .

On A Lighter Note

Tom and Dick had it right way back in 1968.

YouTube Preview Image


Read the Friday Feminism Series

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Neuroscientists: Shroom-induced brain rewiring could hold the key to fighting mental illness

This may explain why some musicians (Led Zep comes to mind) write brilliant lyrics. Next question: where can I find these shrooms???

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Timothy Johnson: NRA’s Ted Nugent Closes TX Gov. Race With Attack On “America-Hating” Wendy Davis Campaign

Why does anyone listen to that pedophile? Maybe because that’s his core audience. Nugent was f@cking a child and in order to continue f@cking that child he convinced her parents to let him become her legal guardian. That’s as sick as it gets. Let’s hope the Democrats in Texas are energized and ready to vote. The future of Texas is too important to be led by friends of a pedophile.

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Why Polls Tend to Undercount Democrats

donkey kicking elephantFinally, an article that reflects reality on the prospect of mid-term results Why Polls Tend to Undercount Democrats includes me. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer my free time to a Senate election, (except for the last two weeks of recuperation ..I’m not gonna talk about it).

Personally, I’m an outlier and while I was at an election headquarters, we had a chance to review my personal data, boy were they wrong! They got my gender correct, but the rest of my stats, the algorithms got it ALL wrong..Completely “jinky” …LMAO!

Which provides a glimmer of light for the Dems for the mid-terms. My habits have been consistent throughout the years but evidently, the science and analysis did not keep up with outliers (me) and given my geography/state, we are not a small minority to be ignored and that mistake could be a perilous misstep to victory. Along with many respondents and the duties of volunteering, contact is through land lines…I rarely answer my own home phone, most folks reach me through my cell. As I contacted folks per their home phone, most weren’t home and the answering machine picked up my call for me to leave a message, the end a vote undetermined. As the article reiterates, I’m not alone especially among democratic leaning voters, we’ve migrated our communications and interactions to our smart phones or online. So we will see if AGAIN, technology has outmaneuvered the pollsters…I rather think so.

We’ll see this Tuesday, November 4…The media consistently discounts out, dismisses the party, and their voters. Why, I think my fellow bloggers on this site accurately and faithfully answer very well. Regardless,  don’t forget to vote! …..DEMOCRAT

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Facts & Reality, A Conscious Conflict w/ the Delusions Propelling American Conservatism

A while ago, I posted Liberal Media Bias is a MYTH, Conservatives Overwhelmingly Blight Sunday Talk Shows., and also on LinkedIn in one of the group discussions….since I don’t own the group, I’m not going to mention the name…but you probably can find it if you are inclined.

Generally, I am cordial towards folks who make the effort to comment unless when I’m mocked, inundated with blatant stupid misinformation or pedantic remarks peppered with snark. My intersection with anger and issues with conservatives / right leaning folks are LIES pedaled in the face of data/reality/facts or observations.

Nevertheless, I had to share this interaction and show you what this guy was refuting:


Me:  article snippet w/link Liberal Media Bias is a MYTH, Conservatives Overwhelmingly Blight… bit.lyI can’t remember a time when conservatives didn’t whine about media bias skewing their political message. Like every facet of the Republican/GOP propaganda machine, from “climate denial-ism” or “women have a way of shutting that whole thing down”…

Responder: read this.
this post was a tease yes?
perhaps we avoid being mired in defining “what ‘is’ is?”

Me: This old, out dated bias article from the 1980’s, 30+ yrs back ‘ Media Bias Basics‘ focuses upon the journalist’s opinions, NOT the numerous appearances of politicians on Sunday talk shows expressing partisan agenda / platform talking points. It clings to the faux narrative conservatives like to assert contrary to 2013 actual-recent data. The only tease is “Media Bias Basics’, an antiquated perception utilized to dates, as an excuse to dismiss reality & facts.

Responder: its through 2004. i’d be interested to read analysis to the contrary. not a huge deal, but we need to understand simple truths. each party does have its bad days in the media, some of which are well deserved, and some are not.

Me: Ideology And Partisanship On The 2013 Broadcast Sunday Morning Political Talk Show Huge bar graphs displaying a predominantly disproportionate conservative presence, often devoid of a neutral or progressive voice, appearing for several quarters sometimes years is a huge deal and definitively, not just a bad media day.

Herein lies the problem, the fact-less perception, perpetuated indefinitely by the ‘right’ of being victimized/stigmatized by a left leaning media, when reality directly contradicts that lie. And then, further dismissing the perpetuating lie as a minor misunderstanding, when there was none to begin with.
The power of lying on TV with unchallenged bias is damaging, the effects are no small consequence on people’s lives nor our society.

Responder: this is over the top. best wishes.


If you have a social media account, twitter, Facebook, Disqus, etc. you’ve had similar encounters. This person, like many, is absolutely dismissive and diminution in the face of conservative deceit poisoning the consciousness of our electorate. And I don’t perceive this conversation as vindication of the facts because the Responder cowers to his belief, which is wrong. It is the aspect of willingly disassociating from reality that is most disturbing of tea-party conservatism. Arguably, the entire political party experiences shared multiple delusional disorders, not limited to neurotic or psychotic mental states….’facts’ are the ’emperor’s new clothes’ to the conservatives.

One of the greatest examples of media disinformation by conservatives is rationalizing obstructing President Obama’s administration because of his race and capitalizing upon white fear with the impending demographic shift.

American conservatism intimately interwove racism, bigotry throughout US history and continues to capitalize upon this hate in their platform. Joan Walsh’s article, America’s modern political nightmare: Two electorates, separate and unequal highlights the new perversion of the GOP attempting to dismantle US democracy by limiting or disqualifying millions of US citizens from the power of the vote. In subsequent troll comments, you can read growing support for eliminating swaths of the electorate. From Fox suggesting a qualifier to vote to Governor Christie – (R) NJ / President of the Republican of the Governor’s Association stating “Republicans need to win gubernatorial races this year so that they’re the ones controlling “voting mechanisms” going into the next presidential election”… openly advocating rigging the electoral process to disenfranchise voting blocks that don’t support the GOP oppression of the populous. For me, the federal prosecutor can’t indict Christie quick enough.

Abundant unchallenged conservative message has co-opted voter awareness, decency with blatant fabrications and obstruction of facts / reality. It is no small thing as elected officials boast plans and message of diminishing democracy by mutating our Republic into an oligarchical hell ruled by an amoral minority. As we stand two weeks from Tuesday, November 4, 2014 mid-term elections when the country goes to the polls, remember to exercise your right to caste your ballot. There is a dying minority, ‘silent generation’ & their spawn, that believes the delusions of the ‘right’ and faithfully / consistently, casts their vote/money toward the GOP. Remain home and you’ve ensured your opinions, life, are irrelevant. You’re absence helps to empower conservatives like Chrisite with the momentum of preventing the majority from casting a ballot in future campaign cycles or their children’s rights respected.

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Lindsey Graham: White men in ‘male-only clubs’ will do great if I’m president

Just a joke, he says. If Obama made a similar joke, the heads of RWNJs would explode. Issa would chair hearings. Limbaugh would continue as usual.

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Laura Ingraham: Democrats punish ‘the black population’ if they ‘get off the plantation’

Let’s make this clear for you ignorant f****** racists in the Republican Party. Unlike you, Democrats believe that blacks do have a choice. Black voters choose to vote for Democrats, or not vote at all, because Republicans are f****** racists. Period. End of story. If you want blacks to vote for Republicans, stop being racist. Its that simple.

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The Project 2017: GOP ACA Replacement They Don’t Want You To See

In all seriousness, if you don’t vote, you deserve a shitty health insurance plan like this.

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Dear Conservative Working Class Voter

A Letter to Conservative Working Class Voters,

election-2014_300x300I’m going to ask you to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for a few minutes and read about some things your party hasn’t told you, and will never tell you. Everything here has a link to the source of the information, because you’re sure to be skeptical. If your friends don’t use the internet I’m hoping you’ll relay the info, because elections are never really about parties or super-pacs, they’re about Americans’ quality of life, and your party has lost sight of that fact.

This is a rather long piece, but there are a number of issues that are important to the future of the poor and middle class in your party. I’ve used a lot of maps in this post as opposed to charts or graphs because it’s easier to visualize what I’m saying (and I happen to love maps). First, some economic facts, courtesy of Armoni Records:

1. We’ve now had 63 straight months of economic expansion.
… Forbes magazine, no fan of President Obama, crunched the numbers and demonstrated how the economic recovery under President Obama has been better in just about every measurable way than the recovery under President Reagan.
2. We are currently enjoying the longest period of private sector job creation in American history.
… we have now had 54 straight months of private sector job creation. That is the longest period of job creation since the Department of Labor has been keeping statistics.
3. Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 6.1% and projected to reach 5.4% by summer of 2015.
Not only has the unemployment rate dropped significantly, but since the recession ended, our economy as added over ten million new jobs.
4. The Federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced by two-thirds since 2009.
As ten million people have been put back to work, there have been billions more tax dollars generated. As a result, the deficit has been shrinking each year. The 2014 deficit is projected to be around $500 billion, the smallest deficit since 2007 and roughly 1/3 of what it was in 2009.
5. Under President Obama, spending has increased only 1.4% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president.
You may have heard critics say that President Obama is spending money wildly and running up our debt. According to this article from Forbes, Obama has increased spending by 1.4% annually, far less than President Reagan (8.7%) or George W. Bush (8.1%). In fact, Obama has increased spending less than any president since Eisenhower.
6. For 95% of American taxpayers, income taxes are lower now than just about any time in the previous 50 years.
… the only people whose income taxes have gone up during Obama’s presidency are those making $400,000 per year or more. That’s less than 2% of the population. Today, for the vast majority of people, tax rates are exactly where they were when Obama first took office or lower.
7. Our dependence on foreign oil has shrunk due to record domestic oil production and improved fuel efficiency standards.
While some people claim that oil production has declined under President Obama, the truth is just the opposite. Oil production has reached record highs. The United States now produces so much oil that we export more oil and gasoline than we import.
8. At least 7 million more Americans now have health insurance than before.
Depending on whose numbers you use, between 7 and 10 million Americans acquired health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act… This saves the American people billions of dollars in the long run.
9. The Affordable Care Act has added years to the life of Medicare.
The Medicare trust fund had been on course to run out of money by the end of 2016. But due to cost savings from the Affordable Care Act and lower healthcare expenses, Medicare’s trust fund is now stable until the year 2030 without cutting benefits.

Don’t you wonder why Republicans never mention these things? Shouldn’t we be celebrating this recovery? Americans are getting back on their feet and paying their bills; we should be cheering this news as a Nation, whether Republican, Tea Party or Democrat.

Continue reading

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Grimes Garners Great Geminate Gazette Greenlights.

Grimes Garners Great Geminate Gazette Greenlights.

Alison Grimes has been given a major boost in her campaign to unseat Senator Mitch McConnell with the endorsement of two of Kentucky’s largest newspapers. The Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader urge their readers to vote for Grimes by noting her support for a minimum wage increase, and various other issues.

In support of Grimes the Courier-Journal notes her decision to be interviewed by the editorial board, although it was certain that the McConnell campaign would use snippets and portions of the interview in campaign ads. During that interview Grimes refused to answer whether or not she had voted for President Obama, in a minor faux pas that was mercilessly flogged by Republicans and talking heads for days. Be that as it may, Grimes was willing to be interviewed by the editors, while McConnell was not.

It is proper that Grimes would be rewarded for being interviewed, understanding the grief that was sure to ensue, by being endorsed by the editors who interviewed her.

Both papers also point to McConnell’s oft stated wish to “root out Obamacare, root and branch” while telling voters in Kentucky that the state exchange established as a result of the law should be allowed to continue. Those two positions quite simply are not compatible. McConnell blithely taking both sides of the same issue depending on what he thinks is the most popular side at the time should cost him. He is just being blatantly dishonest one way or the other.

Both editorials call out McConnell for being one of the primary architects of gridlock for the past 6 years. The Herald-Ledger goes to far as to say that McConnell has repeatedly hurt the country to advance a political strategy.

With all of the recent polls from Kentucky showing this race to be a dead heat heading into the final week, these endorsements give the Grimes campaign a nice push to the finish line.

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