Reince Priebus deflects GOP’s abortion extremism with bizarre complaint about Florida strip clubs

Strip club owners may be disgusting, Reince (sounds like a Nazi name), but taking money from the Koch brothers is just evil.

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Darrell Issa Pretends Ebola Hearings Are Not Political While Attacking Administration For ‘Lack Of Leadership’

The best thing that could happen to this country is defeating that crook Issa. Please vote!

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The ‘Silent Generation’s Conservatism Marks the Electorate

The Silent Generation, my parent’s era matured and was dwarfed by the ‘Greatest Generation’. They witnessed the traumatic assassinations embodied by the civil rights decade of the 1960’s, a childhood ravaged by the remnant ashes of the Great Depression & Dust Bowl of 1939. Their youth basked in the country’s upswing of the 1950’s after WWII, witnessed a man landing on the moon and the evolution of TV in the 1960-70’s, so much change in one life time. Until yesterday, I’d never heard of these American loyalist born 1925 – 1942, who lived through a golden age of US expansion and promise.

Today, they have the distinction of the ‘angriest generation ‘ Americans. They were anointed by Time in 1951 as ‘unimaginative’, ‘withdrawn’, ‘unadventurous’, and ‘cautious, ever existing in the shadow of ‘The Greatest Generation’ until now. Today, the ‘Silent’ generation comprises 11% of the American population. The hardships of their youth inspired ambition, hard work, a thirst for status and propensity for voting predominantly conservative. Their reserved proclivities correspond with not embracing diversity and perceive the Obama presidency, Democrats reflecting, in their opinion, an unwelcome demographic shift.

In the south, particularly Arkansas, the Silent Generation, (anything but) tips the American electorate away from the Democrats and may cost them the Senate. Senator Mark Pryor (D) – AK only saving grace is registered voters favor him over likely voters. Hopefully, some other southern senate Dems, like Mary Landrieu – LA, Kay Hagan – NC, and Mark Warner – VA can claim the identical saving grace.

Ironic, the children who lived through the Depression, today, vigorously vote for similar greedy policies of deregulation that precipitated their sparse childhood, the loss of their parent’s homes and plunged households into an austere existence. Nevertheless, have no compunction of inflicting identical, dreadful social/economic circumstances for their children and grand children. I can simply surmise wisdom doesn’t ALWAYS accompany age, but self-preservation of social security & Medicare are shoddy, inferior substitutes.




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Gohmert: Gay Massage Will Make Our Soldiers Vulnerable To Terrorism

Gohmert focuses so much on gay erotica – its just a matter of time before his former gay lover comes forward.

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Paul Krugman: How About a Clinton-Warren 2016 ticket? AWESOME!

Way to go Mr. Krugman, two pronouncements within one month cheering the Democrats! The other, a Rolling Stone article espousing the greatness of the Obama Presidency, very TRUE, in the face of GOP obstructing hatred.

clinton warren


Now you’ve suggested a perfect harmonious progressive political 2016 pair:  Clinton-Warren ticket would sooth the less cool – ‘Demhawks’ & the equity minded-justice loving ‘lefties’ of the party.

Perfect harmony of Democratic values from the hard left moving toward the center. Brought a smile to my little face on this rainy day.

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Kirk Cameron: Halloween masks mocking Obama celebrate Jesus defeating Satan

Its obvious – Cameron love’s the RWNJ attention and, much like his bff Palin, will say anything to get it. Watch for him to run for a House seat in the near future.

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Tucker Carlson: It’s ‘obvious’ that black teens make neighborhoods dangerous

RWNJs continue to claim there is no racism on the right while Carlson proves them wrong.

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Police Response: One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Check out this Raw Story article about the twitter reaction to the recent riots at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene New Hampshire.

Most of the tweets listed in the article remark upon how the rioters are mainly white, and humorously compare the white rioters to the stereotypes that were used on protesters in Ferguson Missouri:

Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola
How many of the defiant white youth causing mayhem & destruction come from fatherless families? #PumpkinRiot

Katje @silentkpants
If white people continue to glorify pumpkin violence in their culture they deserve the spice-latte thug stereotypes.

This is video of the Pumpkin Riot and the police response, and the viewer will notice a substantial difference between how the police reacted in Ferguson as opposed to what happened in Keene. Here is the video from the so called Pumpkin Riot:
YouTube Preview Image
The police arrive on scene at the riot at about 2:05 in the video. They do not arrive in tanks. They do not have machine guns trained upon the rioters. They are dressed in standard issue police uniforms with the exception that some are carrying Plexiglas shields and they are wearing helmets with face shields… but their basic appearance is a far cry from the military commando outfits so prevalent in the Ferguson protests:

Law enforcement at the Ferguson protests.

The police in Keene do not confront people who are recording them with threats of arrest or physical aggression. The demeanor of the Keene law enforcement is not hostile or threatening. They simply form a line and calmly walk down the street to clear the rioters. Unlike the Ferguson protests, the New Hampshire police are not escalating the situation with unnecessary hostility and overt militarism. The Keene police are just doing what they should be doing to bring order to the streets.

Suffice to say, one of these things is not like the other. Which is probably why the national reaction to the “Pumpkin Riot” has been largely humorous while the Ferguson protests led to much national consternation surrounding the militarization of the police, and dismay that local law enforcement played a significant role in needlessly escalating the entire situation.

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Liberal Media Bias is a MYTH, Conservatives Overwhelmingly Blight Sunday Talk Shows.

I can’t remember a time when conservatives didn’t whine about media bias skewing their political message. Like every facet of the Republican/GOP propaganda machine, from “climate denial-ism” or “women have a way of shutting that whole thing down” the news is more aptly conservative. Millionaires’ crow directives from penthouse suites controlling format, affecting presentation, determining content, a decisive predilection and partnering with conservatism exists.

Here is a quick run down encompassing shows pretending or purported to offer objective, useful analysis and news:

“ABC – This Week with George Stephanopolous”and “Face the Nation”

“Fox News Sunday” and “Meet the Press”:

Overall Appearances
 on Sunday shows   42% Progressives   57% Conservative

Appearances by Congressional Has-beens   41% Progressives   56% Conservative

In two categories, “ABC – This Week with George Stephanopolous” is faintly blue, with ‘Elected & Administration Guests’ and ‘Solo Appearances of Elected & Administration Guests,’ possessing a greater percentage of progressive ideologues than factually-challenged-regressive-lying-trolls.

Diversity among the guests is completely non-existence; each program aligned with the status quot.

These endless TV appearances demand unremitting prepping and perpetual preening in partnership and enabled by Congress’s permanent vacation culture of not WORKING for the constituents who elected them. Purchasing commercial airtime during election season is passe, each Sunday, conservatives freely broadcast their propaganda across the American psyche.  The last minimally-impartial Sunday show passed away with Tim Russert of ‘Meet the Press’.


Coupled with Mr. Russert’s untimely passing, and this ghoul’s frequent appearances over the years, both have kept me from wasting my Sunday mornings in front of the boob-tube. Instead, I dvr the MSNBC rundown, jog and/or hit the gym. In a sense, his 90 + appearances since 2009, have kept me in amazing physical shape. For McCain is one-third of a lying disgruntled-conservative triad, braced by Graham and McConnell pitching the Republicans distorted world view of actualizing a perverse, American existence swathed in selfishness. He has emerged as the ‘Jerry Springer, Maury Povich’ of politics who will say anything for shock value, a performer, entertainer and marginal politician working toward malignant celebrity. There is a ‘lame stream media,’ based upon a perfunctory conservative premise preying upon our Sundays by intentionally limiting equal liberal or neutral perspectives.

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Davis Attack Ad Against Abbott, Moderately Tasteless ~ yeah, Factually True, HELL YEAH!

MSNBC pundits feasted upon the Wendy Davis’ attack ad stumble against her Republican Greg Abbott as if it were Christmas morning on Fox & Friends. The first 10 seconds should /could have an alternate video other than the empty wheel chair but retained the audio. Yes, it is tasteless, a bit crass. The campaign did a disservice to the remarkable hard work of their candidate, potentially forfeited a competitive election and protracted the timeline of turning Texas purple.

YouTube Preview Image

I’d like to discuss individuals like Greg Abbott who belong to marginalized or minority segments populations. Marginalized segments of society must overcome complex obstacles to achieve equitable standards of living or success compared to ‘mainstream’ America. Nevertheless, there are individuals, members of discriminated groups who not only overcome insurmountable challenges, sometimes with the assistance of social, legal or political policies. Occasionally, an outlier/aberrant self-servicing person defies the best interests of the collective segment by advocating the termination of the exact policies that buttressed their status. It is a reflection in a dearth of character and betrayal of their arguably undeserved prosperity.

Here is my run down of odious individuals lacking the character to champion uplift the lives of folks facing similar circumstances and challenges to themselves:

Affirmative Action Beneficiary are Anti-Affirmative Action: Mute dote, Clarence Thomas, was Bush 41’s nomination to the Supreme Court and black token to assist in dismantling affirmative action. His appointment conveyed / served multiple purposes and messages. He was a conservative, a black jurists receiving a ‘qualified’ endorsement from the American Bar Association in 1991. A far fall from other high court appointees normally rated ‘well qualified’ and best of all he hungered to dismantle affirmative action the very policy providing him this historic nomination. The irony lay in the fact throughout Thomas’ maturation, he was “in the right place at the right time” to avail himself to the opportunities afforded by affirmative action in the 1970’s. His term a relentless insult to African Americans, liberals as a profane forgery for the legendary Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshal. Side note: Ben Carson extends the hubris of Thomas to the infinite intergalactic ego embodied by a brilliant surgeon. Both men foolishly perceive the embodiment of their personage would have elevated them to the successes they currently enjoy, maybe so, but given the overt effects of institutional racism on African Americans, minus the enlightened necessity of affirmative action, probably not likely.

Anti-Women or Women Warriors Attacking Women: Conservative women in the legislative branch vote against Pay Check Fairness Act considering the law entitles and protects their rights of undeserved equal pay. Identical to their male counterparts, these women pretend work and more frequently vacation during crises and use public office as a stepping stone to lucrative lobbying gigs. Hustlers like Ayotte, Collins, Fischer, Blackburn and Bachmann don’t depend upon their obscene salary of $174,000 to live but have no conscience of denying REAL WORKING Women the surety of an equitable wage. Surprisingly, the women senators voted for the Violence Against Women Act, but the vigilant ignorance of Blackburn and Bachmann correlated with their GOP male colleagues of maintaining the War Against Women. I can only speculate someone close to the individual Senate female conservatives were victims of domestic abuse, since this is the usual motivator for republican empathy or decency. Despite GOP callousness, VAWA was eventually renewed in 2013 but women voted against the interest and protection of their female constituents.

LGBT Candidate supports GOP, the Anti-LGBT Party: In this 2014 midterm season, a clash is blooming in the 6th Congressional district in Massachusetts between a democratic  Rep. John Tierney (D) – MA and his openly gay Republican challenger, Richard Tisei. The contradiction circulates around Tisei’s support of LGBT rights endorsement from Victory Fund, an organization committed to increasing the number of open LGBT representatives, vs. professing he would vote with Speaker Boehner, who has spent millions defending DOMA, Defense of Marriage Act and vehement marriage equality opponent. Compound Tisei’s joint fundraising event with anti-same sex-marriage, New Hampshire congressional GOP candidate Frank Guinta. Conversely, Rep. Tierney’s record on LGBT rights is a demonstration of unquestionable, consistent support. Former Congressman Barney Frank (D) – MA, nails the predicament of selecting an allied incumbent for the LGBT community or a gay candidate who will be aligning with their party and voting against LGBT interests. Sound mind and logic dictate voting for Congressman Tierney, who unquestionably champions with LGBT issues.

Nation Immigrants of Hating on Immigrants: The most obvious hypocrisy is our nation of immigrants who invaded North America, ravaged the native inhabitants, stole slaves clamor for cessation of immigration. The anti-immigrant feverish pitch trolls upon the undesirability of new comers because they are often non-west-European-whites.

Climate Denier, Aid for My State, “Not Your’n!”: One of my favorites is Senator Jim Inhofe (R) – OK, an infamous-fool climate denier, voted AGAINST Hurricane Sandy Aid yet claimed the same type of federal aid provided to Oklahoma would be different. The only difference is ‘blood-red conservative’ Oklahoma is his state, the northeast affected by Sandy is populated by a majority of ‘blue state-democrats’.

Reasoning Against Abbott Hypocrisy: I could continue with a multitude of examples of the grand hypocrisy the Wendy Davis campaign was attempting to convey to the voting public of Greg Abbott’s hubris of removing the similar benefit he exploited /enjoyed after he was injured. As Attorney General, the man argued a woman with a prosthetic leg wasn’t disabled and therefore, not entitled to damages she incurred through her injury. Comparably, the argument could be made although he may not have use of his legs, but possess a wheelchair as a legitimate substitute for bipedal ambulation… Outrageous, equally stupid insensitive  logic!

Abbott appeared on Fox pitifully lamenting, if Ms. Davis wishes to pick on a man in a wheelchair, then so be it. Yet, he has no compunction victimizing proliferating LIES  about his opponent being under a FBI investigation, nor arguing for voter suppression id-laws, or limiting women’s healthcare by advocating for closing clinics unable to function as a hospital across the state. As the commercial mentions, Abbott protected surgeon Dr. Duntsch from malpractice suits from patients either maimed or killed by this scalpel-wielding drug-addict. Abbott has a litany of skeletons in his professional closet as AG from lying during a debate about cutting school funding against Ms. Davis to denying the storage of harmful chemicalssiding against sexual assault victims and his cover-up in the Texas Enterprise fund costing taxpayers $22 million.

Hope / Recovery for Wendy Davis Campaign: Most fair minded individuals desire to impart good fortune, opportunities to subsequent generations or people who follow / share similar circumstances or characteristics to ease their path through life. In artfully, the Davis campaign fumbled in conveying to Texas voters, Abbott is not one of those people. But maybe after the fall out, they’ll become curious, like me. They will google records on Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott, educate themselves on both candidates. When they do, they will know Greg Abbott’s condition hasn’t hampered him from dedicating his career to ensure people who suffer misfortune or are unjustly treated will not reap equitable remedies to soothe their suffering/pain. Ms. Davis’ campaign was right to focus upon such entitlement of a truly selfish man. I hope others will see pass the Davis’ campaign faux pas and Abbott’s disability to his maliciousness.


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Teen shot by off-duty St. Louis cop had gunshot residue on hands, police say

Duh! He was shot 17 times at close range. He would have had gunpowder residue on every exposed bit of skin, as would everyone else in the area.

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Republican Missouri official: I meant ‘no ill will’ calling Obama ‘our domestic enemy’

Translation: She’s feeling pressure to reign-in the crazy until after the election.

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