The Backlash Against Indiana-Style Bigotry Continues

indiana protestIndiana’s members of the radical, religious right are learning there’s a high cost to bigotry.  These are the high profile individuals, organizations and local governments, so far, that have taken action to ensure their dollars are not invested in the Hoosier state and to encourage their employees and customers to boycott the state:

  • cancelled all company events in Indiana including sponsorship of Indy Big Data. CEO announced, “We are forced to dramatically reduce our investment in IN based on our employee’s & customer’s outrage over the Religious Freedom Bill. Today we are canceling all programs that require our customers/employees to travel to Indiana to face discrimination.”
  • EMC, Cloudera, Pivotal, Isilon, Platfora, Amazon Web Services and Oracle pulled their Indy Big Data sponsorships.
  • Heads of Apple, Yelp, and pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly have taken a public stand against the discriminatory law.
  • Angie’s List CEO: “We are putting the ‘Ford Building Project’ on hold until we fully understand the implications of the freedom restoration act on our employees, both current and future. Angie’s List is open to all and discriminates against none and we are hugely disappointed in what this bill represents.”
  • PayPal founder and Affirm CEO Max Levchin: “However it’s dressed up, it’s a signal that discrimination is welcome in this state. I encourage Paypal’s new CEO and other CEOs in Silicon Valley to evaluate their relationship with the state of Indiana.”
  • Gen Con video game conventions CEO wrote this letter to Pence in which he reminded Pence that his convention provides a $50 million boost to the Indiana economy and he basically threatened that if the legislation was passed it would “factor into our decision-making on hosting the convention in the state of Indiana in future years.”
  • In sports, the NCAA, the Final Four coaches, former NBA and WNBA players, and even NASCAR came out against the Indiana law. The NCAA said it may look at moving events.
  • Mayors in Seattle and San Francisco barred city employees from traveling to Indiana on city expense. The Republican mayor of Indianapolis spoke out against the discriminatory law and signed an executive order banning discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity in his city.
  • Travel guide site Gogobot posted this on their Indiana page: “Note: Gogobot is a company that supports equal rights for all people, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. If you are traveling to or intend to travel to Indiana you should know that on March 26, 2015, the Governor of Indiana signed the religious objections bill into law. Critics of this law say that it may legalize discrimination against travelers due to their sexual orientation.”

The boycotts that came after the passage of Arizona’s “papers please” law were nothing compared to this. Indiana is not only losing business investment, its in danger of losing an entire generation of young, educated adults who will take their education and skills to a more progressive, diverse state.

Honey Maid Sends A Message To Indiana

honeymaid graham crackers we serve everyone

For Indiana’s Conservatives, Everyone Else is a 2nd Class Citizen

ind_ResolutionPlusPeople are angered by Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence (R) signing the Religious Freedom law as a qualifier to extend the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, RFRA, from organizations and groups to individuals. However, if you regularly consume the news like a good meal, you acknowledge the Hoosier state has charged backward with their attacks to specific classes of citizens. The religious right doesn’t relegate their HATE to the LGBT community but lavishes their tentacles around the necks of individuals who refuse to share their beliefs. Given conservatism is a regressive ideology, we’re going to review stories in reverse chronological order…..

lgbt flagLGBT First up, Gov. Pence pens his signature to a law freeing individuals from the religious burden of interacting, serving anyone else perceived as a member of the LGBT community. The RFRA of the 1990s originates with two members of a Native American Church were fired from their drug counselors’ positions in Oregon for their use of Peyote in sacred ceremonies.  The Supreme Court disagreed with the plaintiffs, hence the Clinton Administration crafted legislation and the President signed new federal law meant to protect the practitioners of DIVERSE religious beliefs from unfair prosecution, burden or undue scrutiny.

Fast forward 20 + years and 19 other states exploiting and distending RFRA into an odious rational broaching the limitations of disenfranchising people from public accommodation. Today, a carved path oozes from the decisive disaster of Hobby Lobby elevating employers’ intolerance above worker autonomy.  The folks at Lambda Legal nailed the multifaceted Hobby Lobby on the nose: “religious interests now trump other interests in many circumstances, with religious believers entitled to impose their views at others’ expense in ways systematically rejected in the past. Like the multipurpose misuse of RICORacketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act , Hobby Lobby is destined to abuse, marginalize populations by  ambitious, back-tent-bible-thumping-revivalist possessed with the legal-zealotry to unravel a last half-century of social progress. The Christian right’s immediate task: stymie the victory for advancing equality achieved in Windsor vs United States.

Indiana Governor Signs Law With Anti-LGBT LobbyistsAlthough voices from multiple quarters of the business, industry and entertainment have asserted their opposition, Arkansas has pursued the identical intent in passing their state legislation. Both states’ laws distinguish themselves by inviting lawsuits between private parties while in other 19 states, litigation is between organizations, groups, businesses. Governor Pence ‘train spotted’ Sunday talk shows knowingly precluding this critical distinction.

 Earlier this week, Indiana served a crushing blow in the GOP’s ‘War on Women’ by serving the first conviction and 20-year sentence of 33 year-old, Purvi Patel, on the charge of feticide. Following a miscarriage at 25 weeks, Ms. Patel improperly disposed of the fetus’ body and sought medical help for heavy bleeding at a local hospital. A few years earlier, Bei Bei Shuai, a Chinese American-woman, attempted suicide while pregnant, survived but the fetus did not. Ms Shuai spent a year on prison on charges of feticide before release based upon an agreed-upon plea deal.

Both cases highlight the double standard of criminalizing, vulnerable ASIAN women in lieu of providing the desperately needed care. It is a frightful deterrent for women to seek medical help for fear of prosecution.

hc symbolHEALTHCARE  In light of conservatives’ obsessiveness of protecting unborn life at the consequence of the afterbirthed, their near-sighted, blighted perception inflamed a dormant HIV epidemic. Legislatures successfully strangled Planned Parenthood funding, for fear of providing abortions, yet also terminated critical services like HIV testing and general medical care for under-served populations. Enraptured with another foolish idea, Pence and his cronies let four clinics throughout the state go unfunded and subsequently close….now the GOP has relinquished control to the CDC for management of this recent crisis. Let’s all hear it for the imbecilic Republican vision of eliminating the federal government, except for disease or war.

Yes, conservative leadership like Governor Mike Pence demonstrates the consistent lack-less vision that inevitably backs residents into an unforgiving, compromised position of despair. Most notable Pence supporters and his discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act, is the entire bench of 2016 GOP Presidential wannabes. Bush – Paul – Rubio – Cruz and (Huckabee, who goes without saying), all eagerly hopped on the ‘bigot band wagon’. As Dr Julian Bond, iconic civil rights leader stated of such legislation: “this cloaks discrimination in the guise of religion — and it will mark people of color, LGBT Arkansans, religious minorities and women as second-class-citizens”. Given the national outcry, people of sound mind and good conscience remain aware of the true intent of these biases to justify diminution of equal treatment under the law and fairness. Hopefully, they are vigilante and remember ‘who’ and ‘where’ politicians stood on this issue as they donate to campaigns and their caste ballots in future elections.

Pence Signed Discriminatory Law With Anti-LGBT Lobbyists, Including One Who Helped Write The Bill

Courtesy of GLAAD:
Indiana Governor Signs Law With Anti-LGBT LobbyistsBreaking: Just hours after Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola urged Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to veto AR’s version of a “discriminate via religion” bill, Arkansas-based retailer Walmart urged the Arkansas Governor to veto the bill.

John Sununu Should Just STFU

Mediaite reports:

The White House announced Monday morning that President Barack Obama will travel to Kenya in July, his first trip to the country as president, though his fourth to the continent.


sununuJohn Sununu (R) sounded unenthused about Obama’s trip, intimating Obama was resurfacing the birther issue and paying more attention to his “travel plans” than the Middle East.

“He’s going to take advantage of the last two years and go to all the places he wants to go to,” Sununu said.

But then he added: “His trip back to Kenya is going to create a lot of chatter and commentary amongst the hard right, who still don’t see him as having been born in the U.S. He’s just inciting some chatter on an issue that should have been dead a long time ago.”

Most intelligent people might think that a guy born in Havana, Cuba, whose ancestors came to the U.S. from the Middle East (of Palestinian ancestry), and whose mother was born in El Salvador, might not wade into the birther BS.

Sununu’s own party will probably eventually turn on him, ala the Grover Norquist witch hunt currently heating up in Islamophobic circles (which I might add is somewhat amusing).

As for Obama going “all the places he wants to go, who is John Sununu to talk; he had to resign for misuse of taxpayer funds for his travel shenanigans. As the Sun Sentinal reported in 1991, Sununu:

…ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in air travel costs while flying in military jets to political rallies, ski resorts and his dentist.

By some accounts, Sununu was a pompous, condescending, arrogant, jackass while in office; obviously, nothing has changed. If he wants to be of any service to the country now, his best path would be to just STFU.

U.S. Air Force Spammers?

So, we rejected the IP for multiple attempts to hit our comments with spam. The IP belongs to the ISP and Organization “United States Air Force” out of Oklahoma (hostname Could be recruiters. Could also be right-wingers in the Oklahoma Air Force who are unhappy with my stance against neo-con wars. In case I have not been clear in previous posts, I am 100% against the neo-cons’/Presidential-wannabes’ latest push for war with Iran. War profiteers like Cheney and Halliburton can kiss my skinny white ass.

This Is How You Stop Bad Cops In A Bogus Traffic Stop

This guy’s my hero. He shows how to calmly defend his rights against bad cops. Story by The Free Thought Project

YouTube Preview Image

I wish it was all about his eloquent defense of his rights. Sadly, it probably had more to do with him being a Fire Marshall and showing his badge. I would imagine the bad cop was thinking, “If I’m not careful, my name will be all over the news.” Too late for that.

If you read the rest of the story, you’ll find that the bad cops aren’t letting it go. They’re continuing to harass him, follow him, and threaten him.

Senator Harry Reid Announces Retirement

YouTube Preview ImageWell, yesterday the weekend kicked off with the retirement announcement of one of the most strategically gifted Democrats, Senator Harry Reid (D) NV. After his New Year’s accident at his home gym, the past five years of unyielding conservative treachery, unpatriotic profane behavior, I can’t blame the guy. Mr. Reid has represented the citizens of the ‘Silver State’ honorably.

However, his departure represents a unique opportunity for the Democrats. Senator Reid shifted more to the left, LIBERAL, over his distinguished 30-year career, hails from a ‘red’ Cliven Bundy, ‘Oath Keeper’ open carry state. As the bruising sting of defeat from the 2014 midterms subsides, perhaps Mr. Reid can share his rousing formula of successful candidacy with other Progressives. After all, ‘Hard Hit’n Harry’ knocked ‘tea party dress-wearing Ted Cruz kook, Sharon Angle out. Granted, most candidates regardless of party affiliation, lack the irreproachable guile to identify top Republicans possessing credible political threat to his seat and imperium to land them important appointments, his talents were honed and matured. The path and journey secured in those campaign years, particularly the campaign preparation engendered in the similar partisan environment of opposition extremism epitomized by Angle’s ideals of privatizing the VA, has spread like measles through an un-vaccinated nursery school, infecting every state.  Despite critics labeling him a bad campaigner, he can’t be that shabby for holding his ground for this long. Additionally, who better to navigate, lead with his connections, a strategic sea of democratic challenges next year since he is free from the administrations of the party’s Senate caucus?

From Senator Reid’s 2010 triumphant defeat of Angle, here is a brief edification on running a successful campaign. Maybe, ‘Dems’ should re-embrace the fundamentals of organizing…. NOW, instead of waiting to fall behind….hmmmm!

  • Mobbilize supporters and strive toward assembling  a proficient integrated field operation to assure your voters go to the polls.
  • Vigorously sustain a like single-minded, relentlessness discipline entrenched in preparation.
  • Never underestimate identifying with an old guard, principled value  which is applicable to any office holder: govern by one golden rule: hold fast to town, district, state FIRST…..or to the 47 TRAITORS, try country first instead of ideology! (wasn’t going to let another dig at betrayers slide by)

Despite the radical swing of a destructive darkness sweeping across our nation, progressives, the left can win if political campaigns understand, apart from finance, one of the greatest challenges  —  is preparation….


In the meantime, Senator Chuck Schumer (D) – NY, is rumored and prepped to skip over the next in line for ascension, Senator Dick Durbin (D) – IL. 2015 bodes a challenging year in democratic Senate seniority: Barbara Boxer (D) – CA, Barbara Mikulski (D) Md and now Harry Reid, are declining to seek re-election. And though no indications of departure ruminate from the upper house, Senator Patrick Leahy (D) – VT is 74, and one can’t help but speculate his professional intentions given the current temperature on the ‘Left’….we’ll see.

Friday Feminism – Abortion/Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ and Education

Lead Story

 Meet The ‘Wiccan Witch’ Who Took On Scott Walker –

On September 28, 2001, a group of Wisconsin legislators introduced a resolution memorializing the tragic attacks 17 days before and saluting “the unity and patriotism of the American people, who hold diverse religious beliefs and represent diverse ethnic heritages.”

Six weeks later, one of the resolution’s co-authors — then Wisconsin Assemblyman Scott Walker (R) — posted an alliterative press release, titled “Walker Questions Need for Wiccan Witch of Waupun.” He was chairman of the Wisconsin Assembly’s Committee on Corrections and the Courts and was upset that the Rev. Jamyi Witch had been hired as a full-time chaplain at the maximum-security Waupun Correctional Institution. His reason: her Wiccan faith.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

 Ohio lawmaker caught laughing as colleague reveals horrifying story of her own rape – “I don’t want government in my business. I want my freedom. I fought in the military for that freedom. And for all those women in the military who were raped — I see people laughing; I don’t appreciate that on the other side. And it happens to be a man who’s laughing,” Fedor says in the video. “I don’t know if it’s about what I’m saying, but this is serious business right now, and I’m speaking for all the women in the state of Ohio who didn’t get the opportunity to be in front of that committee and make this statement.”

 West Virginia passes ‘fetal pain’ law

 Permission Slip Abortion Bill Is Devious Strategy

 Abortion Lies Doctors Are Forced to Tell

Animals & the Environment (NEW Section Title!!)

 Climate denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal Church: ‘It is a very blind position

 This is absolutely terrifying: “There are really only two big patches of intact forest left on Earth”

 Our end-of-the-world obsession is killing us: Climate denial and the apocalypse, GOP- style –

Of course, we can’t say with complete certainty that climate change is the cause of the drought. But public policy is inevitably based on less-than-certain estimates about the future. The best we can do is follow the advice of experts and err on the side of caution. In this case, the overwhelming majority of qualified scientists think that climate change is the culprit, and that there are a variety of practical, reasonably effective measures that can be taken in response.

Instead, a widespread reaction, particularly among Republican Party stalwarts, has been to ignore the problem and suppress the evidence. According to an extensive survey conducted by the Union of Concern Scientists, government researchers during the George W. Bush administration were “effectively barred from communicating their findings [about global warming] to the news media and the public.” James Inhofe, Republican Senator from Oklahoma, has written a book entitled “The Great Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future” with Republicans in control of the Senate, he has become Chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. Even more disturbingly, perhaps, large segments of the general public are convinced that this willing ignorance constitutes good public policy.

 U.S. gives approval for $350,000 rhino hunt sold at Texas auction – Isn’t it time we quit giving in to the immoral demands of the 1%?

 Monsanto Lobbyist Swears Herbicide Safe Enough To Drink…Until Journalist Offers Him A Glass (VIDEO)

 Time running out for wild elephants say experts

Culture & Pop Culture

♀ The new Gamergate: Angry white men are trying to shut down diverse comics

Education (NEW Section!!)

 Top Utah school official: Teachers rallying for funding are 3-year-olds ‘crying on Christmas’ – Apparently in Utah they think budget and service cuts are like Christmas. I suppose they are in a way, but only for the 1%. He apologized eventually, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

 Adult Interrogation Tactics in Schools Are Turning Principals Into Police Officers – Not exactly subtle about turning the kids into good little robots, are they?

 Sen. Ron Johnson on slashing student aid: Federal loans are a waste because ‘college is fun’

 Michigan Tea Partiers want to scrap teaching standards — because pretty much anyone can teach scripture

Continue reading

What Do You Think About Elizabeth Warren Running For President?

YouTube Preview Image

Not asking trolls. Blocking function on standby …

Obamacare: Cruz Loves Me Not … Wait, He Loves Me!

Teddy Cruz is starting off his campaign with a reversal so unimaginable that even Mitt Romney has to be thinking, “And they called ME a flip-flopper?!”

From Dave Weigel at BloombergPolitics:

cruz suess graphicThe Goldman Sachs health insurance plan has lost a high profile customer. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is going on Obamacare. With his wife Heidi taking leave to help her husband campaign for president, the Cruzes are leaving the $20,000 per year coverage she enjoyed at Goldman.

“We will presumably go on the exchange and sign up for health care and we’re in the process of transitioning over to do that,” Cruz told the Des Moines Register‘s Jennifer Jacobs. “It is written in the law that members will be on the exchanges without subsidies just like millions of Americans… I think the same rules should apply to all of us.”

[ … ]

Now, Cruz is finding a political advantage in his unhappy journey into Obamacare. In an interview with CNN, Cruz contrasted his sacrifice with the law-dodging ruthlessness of the Obama administration. “I believe we should follow the text of every law, even law I disagree with,” Cruz told CNN’s Dana Bash. “If you look at President Obama and the lawlessness, if he disagrees with a law he simply refuses to follow it or claims the authority to unilaterally change.”

Cruz, who’s 21 hour filibuster fail against Obamacare resulted in nothing more than ridicule from his fellow Republicans, who said he would “Throw my body in front of a train to stop ObamaCare.“, is now getting ON that train and will reap the benefits of the program he claims to despise. And that delusional twit actually thinks he can use some crazy logic/change-the-subject-to-Obama to avoid the mountain of shame that’s about to be heaped upon him, not by Dems, but by the other GOP candidates and every RWNJ Obamacare hater.

This campaign is going to be absolutely awesome!!!


Well, Canada’s most disgraceful Cuban son, Ted Cruz (R) – TX announced his campaign to assert a new monarchy over the American people. Though, Twitter ‘LEFT’ rampaged across social media for a good part of yesterday expressing their HATRED for this liar’s candidacy with hashtags, #YouCruzYouLose or my personal preference #TedCruzCampaignSlogans.

cruz crap

After the bay of pigs, the 1980 boat lift, Cruz is Castro’s next greatest revenge and strike at the heart of American democracy.  As taken from the GlobalGrind, the McCarthy doppelganger’s vomit of his own words spews as follows:

1. ‘Obamacare’ or the Affordable Care Act: I intend to speak in opposition to Obamacare; I intend to speak in support of defunding Obamacare until I am no longer able to stand,” he said during a fake filibuster. Imagine, proffering advocating denying medical care to other people while their tax dollars pay for yours. Ignoring the fact, many of your fellow Americans will perish without medical care and refusing to offer a substitute or solution to surviving without healthcare, that is the GOP solution.

update March 25, 2015: After trashing Obamacare, screaming for repeal of the law, Cruz is signing up for ACA due to his wife losing their family coverage while taking a sabbatical to assist him on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. Just hold the  $#@* – up! A man, a principled person living the values they proselytize to their followers would refrain, break the law and go without health insurance. After all, consider, Cruz along with 46 conservative traitors defied the Logan Amendment, committed a criminal act by entreating foreign policy negotiations with the government of Iran. The object difference in this hypocrisy lies with protecting the welfare his own family vs anyone else’s personal care and subverting the nation’s interest for his personal political ambition/agenda. Only the Canadian-Cuban refugee, reformed as a southern bigot would act upon the entitlement of conservative hypocrisy and carry on living the ethos of  “do as I say, not as I do” axiom.

 2.  Deflecting from shared racist views & support of Ted Nugent: “I don’t think we should be focused on the personalities and – and – and Hollywood celebrities and like,” he said, shifting attention to Obama, reports Politicus USA. “We should be focused on the substance. The substance is our constitutional rights and liberties are being undermined.  And the substance is millions of Americans are hurting because we are trapped in an economic stagnation from failed policies from the Obama administration.” Like every other bigot and racist profiting from prejudice, Cruz feebly attempts to defer from the power structure of supremacy that empowers him.

3. Reaffirming his white supremacists’ bona fideses: U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms ardently opposed civil rights measures and even tried to block the Senate from approving a federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. “It’s every bit as true now as it was then,” Cruz said. “We need 100 more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate.”

taliban ted4. Scares children…..and many more adults: The bit about the world being on fire was news to 3-year-old Julia Trant of Londonderry. She asked:The world is on fire?” The world isn’t on fire, but changing with more nations having propelled beyond US supremacy in a variety of categories by shying away from austerity economics. Governments over the past 40-50 years, implemented national programs of investing in people, infrastructure and elevating the quality of life. Other populations are awakening to a burgeoning political awareness and consciousness by demanding autonomy.

5. Blames President Obama & Congress for dysfunction: conveniently omits his stupid Dr. Seuss ‘Green eggs & ham’ stunt that shut the government down and cost the American taxpayer $24 billion. What significant legislation has this political free loader created since he landed in the Senate? nothing

6. He wants to ban federal same-sex marriage: ‘ the states have the constitutional authority to do so and the federal government and unelected judges cannot set aside the democratically elected legislature’s reasonable decisions to enact and protect traditional marriage’ But denial of marriage equality is unconstitutional and immoral. It is in these instances we have a federal government, thank goodness.

7. Per Cruz selective omission, memory, and LYING he threw up the 1970s as a period in which scientists were predicting climate cooling: You know, back in the ’70s — I remember the ’70s, we were told there was global cooling,” as he tells CNN. There’s never been a day in the history of the world in which the climate is not changing.” ——–Typical idiotic illogical climate-denialist dribble as I’d expect. – actually the TRUTH about leading scientists of climate change during the 1970’s, they were concerned with the converse. Similar to today,  more scientists were alarmed about global warming than cooling based upon environmental observations. ———71 peer-reviewed articles from 1965 to 1979 and found that only 7 predicted falling temperatures. Some 44 predicted warming, and another 20 were neutral.

However, Governor Jerry Brown (D) – CA,  pronounced the most daunting observation and efficacious conclusions on Cruz:  “that man betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification…….. It’s shocking and I think that man has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running for office.”