Albatross of Student Loans

According to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), “Student debt today, at $1.2 trillion, is the second largest category of debt in this country-more than credit card and auto loan debt.”  That is TRILLION with a T. 

President Obama has heard the out-cry from millennials, but his response is not what they want, let alone need.  Obama is proposing free community college, that will cost the government $60 billion.  Noble and would be great for his legacy, but it doesn’t answer today’s students with the albatross around their necks.

Solutions are needed.  Of course the most popular is to forgive all the debt.  This would be my first choice, but it would be like winning the lottery.  A favorite of mine is to have employers pay off the debt over a contractual period.  Now, while a few do this, it’s not mainstream.  There are also a few government programs that do this, like for teachers.

Interest free student loans would be favorable.  This would help get rid of the stigma of indentured servitude that graduates feel on the day of graduation.  The loans would shed 5-10 years for payback.

All of these ideas are great, but the biggest solution of them all would be JOBS.  Instead of colleges recruiting for their awesome sport teams or beautifully manicured landscaping, how about boasting their own job numbers?  Colleges and universities need to pump more money into their career centers.  The ones that I have entered were in a word, pathetic.  The last college career fair that I attended had about 20 companies with 20 jobs for over 1,000 soon to be graduates.

People go to college and take out loans because they were told that a bachelor’s degree is a necessity for a good paying job.  Wait.  You want to make a six figures?  Then you need a master’s or a PhD, more than doubling your loans.  There is no end in sight and still no guarantee of a job.

Obama and the First Lady know about student loan debt first hand, but they are the lucky few to pay off their loans.  Obama is on the right track but far from real solutions that are needed now.  With sky rocketing tuition and no qualifying jobs to meet the student’s major, the albatross will cause a huge economic disaster.

I believe this is a bipartisan issue and will be an issue that you will see on the campaign trail for the 2016 elections.  For the right, it will be about tax write offs for companies and for the left it will be about interest free or forgiveness.

When I was growing up, I was told the American dream for a woman was to have a bachelor’s degree, married, 2.5 kids, dog, cat, mini van and a house with a white picket fence.  Every time I went on a job interview I was asked where I see myself in 5 and 10 years.  My answers were canned with the above.  I currently have over $50k in student loans.  I hope to have it paid off in the next 15 years.  It’s going to take a lump sum and not payments to be debt free.

GOP Women Declare War on Women Over

This link in Amanda’s Friday Feminism deserves special attention. Its mind boggling that the radical right would hope to fool women into believing they have not waged a war against women while promoting this agenda:

… their task was to explain why increasing the minimum wage, expanding paid sick and family leave, and addressing the pay gap would hurt women more than it would help them.

Seriously? “Their task” means the Republican women at this event had the task of convincing other women that they should want to earn less than a man and not want paid sick and family leave.

Friday Feminism – Education, Racism & Good Cop/Bad Cop

Lead Story


Jim Bourg/Reuters

GOP Women Declare War on Women Over – A group of conservative women say the war is over—and that they won. Of course they previously claimed there was no war on women, so I’m confused about how you can win a war that doesn’t exist. But then, after reading the article I’m also confused about how any group of women can have no understanding what-so-ever of the majority of women who don’t share their ideology.

Abortion & Reproductive Rights

 Montana Invents Fun Science Experiments To Do On Ladies Who Want Legal Abortions – Can someone please explain to the GOP the difference between opinion and fact? Or, for that matter, magic and science?

Kansas Governor Claims Forcing Pregnancy Upon Women Is Good For The Economy (AUDIO) – Or voodoo and economics? Or anything?

Animals & the Environment (NEW Section Title!!)

FEMA To States: Admit Climate Change Is Real To Get Preparedness Cash

 These Gory New Hunting Competitions Have Taken the Country by Storm

Culture & Pop Culture

Paul Feig Says Female GhostbustersBacklash Most “Vile, Misogynistic Sh** I’ve Ever Seen in My Life” – Remember when Fandom was on the forefront of empowering roles for women?  No, seriously, way back when, they were.

Geena Davis is pictured in ABC's Commander in Chief.

Geena Davis is pictured in ABC’s Commander in Chief.

Geena Davis Is Still Locked And Loaded – “The one area where there’s a huge gender disparity that can change literally overnight is onscreen.” -Geena Davis

Education (NEW Section!!)

 9 Billionaires Are About to Remake New York’s Public Schools—Here’s Their Story – It’s well established that the 1% (read GOP) benefit from an ill-educated population.  The only thing I wonder is whether there’s an actual plan in place to dumb down our future citizens.

Gov. Cuomo Declares War On Special Education – I at least understand the war on teachers, but come on, special ed?


Schools Brace For Massive Cuts In Scott Walker’s Budget = business as usual.

Rick Santorum’s Plan To Save America: Putting Bibles Back In Schools = Where is John Thomas Scopes when we need him?

Elizabeth Warren to Obama Administration: Help Me Tackle Student Debt

How Bad Media Is Driving the Collapse of Our Once-Great Public Education System

Lawmakers Trample On 4th Graders’ Bill As They Watch From The Gallery – Well, you can’t say they didn’t get an education.

Gender Equality (or Equal Rights)

“No Ceilings” Report Shows Major Gains and Gaps in Women’s Equalityd-gaps-in-womens-equality/

Good Cop ()/Bad Cop () (Most cops aren’t bad. Its just my job to point out the ones that are.)

()This Father Told Bystanders ‘They’re Gonna Kill Me,’ Then Cops Tasered Him To Death (VIDEO) – This story is beyond the pale, even for the police!

()Police were Concerned for Man’s Safety, So they Broke into His Hotel Room and Shot Him to Death

()This Video Shows Police Shooting Mentally Ill Man Inside His Own Door (VIDEO)

Good News For A Change

Thousands of grateful admirers showed up—some traveling across oceans—to mourn the passing of a high school principal who helped more than 10,000 underprivileged students escape poverty and attend college.

Thousands of grateful admirers showed up—some traveling across oceans—to mourn the passing of a high school principal who helped more than 10,000 underprivileged students escape poverty and attend college.

Legacy of Selfless Chinese Principal Who Helped 10,000 Kids Go to College Comes to an End

Gun Violence

 Texas set to allow college students to carry concealed weapons on campus

WATCH: Ex-con goes off on Texas lawmakers as he demands open-carry: ‘I’m a criminal, ask me’



Ashley Judd isn’t alone: most women who talk about sport on Twitter face abuse

Enough Is Enough: Ashley Judd ‘Pressing Charges’ Against Twitter Trolls (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Sexual harassment lawsuit has women in tech talking

In Memory

Danny Schechter, the News Dissector, Dies in NYC at 72 – Schechter was a renaissance progressive with a long list of achievements and creative endeavors.

Betty Dorr, who promoted gay rights in her church and community, dies at 77 – Dorr, 77, was past president of the Omaha chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and was a part of the United Methodist Church’s debate on gender issues in Omaha and nationally.


Texas lawmakers just broke a record they really shouldn’t be proud of = Every state has citizens to be proud of and some not so much, but I swear Texas has more crazy per acre than any other state in the union.

Iowa Senate OKs bill that would ban conversion therapy

Rick Scarborough: Congressmen Back Plan To Go To Jail To Defy Gay Marriage – We might get a little peace and quiet that way.

Marriage Equality

Alabama federal judge declines to lift gay marriage order

Largest Presbyterian Denomination Gives Final Approval for Same-Sex Marriage


Our Hero Terry Crews Dropping Serious Truth Bombs About Feminism, Misogyny, and Toxic Masculinity



‘Exclusively For White People’ Stickers Found On Texas Businesses = As I said above, more crazy per acre…

Police Dog Bites Black Man

 Claiborne County Sheriff Speculates Body Found Hanging from Tree is Otis Byrd

Revealed: Texas couple’s piñata store demolished for SXSW tech party parking

Vendor banned from gun show after selling offensive target

Sexual Assault & Rape Culture

Penn State Fraternity Suspended for Facebook Page of Nude, Unconscious Women

Vice President Biden Pledges 41 Million to Clear Rape Kit Backlog – “Testing rape kits should be an absolute priority for the United States of America,” Vice President Biden said, referring to the estimated 400,000 untested rape kits nationwide. “If we’re able to test these rape kits, more crimes would be solved, more rapes would be avoided.”

This woman just explained consent with the most perfect metaphor


Gregory McQueen, a Fort Hood noncommissioned officer, was accused by a female private of recruiting her into a ‘prostitution ring.’


Fort Hood soldier pimped out cash-strapped officers, set up kinky sex parties and ‘gang bang’: report


Washington DC to reform police handling of underage sexual assault – Washington DC is planning reforms to the way police investigate sexual assault against juveniles and is considering extending some of the tough new laws introduced for adult rape victims last year to improve protection for children, following a series of complaints.

Violence Against Women


 These Disgusting Dolce & Gabbana Ads Promoted Violence Against Women (IMAGES)

Exclusive: Complete 911 Audio At Odds With New ‘Self-Defense’ Claim by U.S. Judge Mark Fuller’s Attorney in 2014 Domestic Battery Incident

War On The Poor (NEW Section!!)

 Most Americans Think the Wealthy Don’t Pay ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes, Poll Says

GOP’s “screw the poor” budget: Republicans plan some serious pain for low-income Americans – The new GOP budget seeks to slash Medicaid spending and coverage, and in return will provide nothing

 If You Own a Pitchfork, You Will Grab It When You See This Chart

War On Women

Cut their paychecks and take away their healthcare! The GOP’s insane plan to woo women in 2016 – The GOP wants to attract women voters by putting a happy face on policies that will make their lives miserable. Good luck with that.

Women In History

“Madame du Châtelet at her desk,” detail, Maurice Quentin de la Tour, mid-18th century

“Madame du Châtelet at her desk,” detail, Maurice Quentin de la Tour, mid-18th century


Women’s Health & Image

No, The Pill Won’t ‘Give’ You Crohn’s Disease – Have you seen the media reports about a new study that suggests women who use the contraceptive pill may be more likely to develop Crohn’s disease? The headlines are pretty alarming, but if you read a little further there’s something these headlines are leaving out, and it’s really important.

World News

Fast forward through her life for the awful ending. Then, do it again to see something amazing.

 ‘You can hide a microphone in a hijab’ … Sara Najafi, in a still from No Land’s Song PR Photograph: PR

‘You can hide a microphone in a hijab’ … Sara Najafi, in a still from No Land’s Song PR Photograph: PR

Rocking the casbah: the gig of a lifetime that put Iranian women back on stage

Explainer: the facts behind the outrage over Tony Abbott’s Indigenous ‘lifestyle choice’ remarks – Australia’s PM says taxpayers should not ‘subsidise lifestyle choices’ of Indigenous communities living in remote rural areas. His remarks caused uproar, and here’s why.

Read the Friday Feminism Series

Right Wing Racists Have New Heroes Tonight

Once again, we’re watching the story of rogue cops attacking an unarmed, young, black man. A few bad apples can make an entire group look terrible. By now it should be clear to everyone that there are precincts across this nation that are rotten to the core. Its time for a purge. Rogue cops should be charged and convicted for their crimes and jailed for a very long time.

Israel’s and America’s RWNJs Win

And the world loses.

Prediction: The campaigns for the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections will be thrown into chaos when Bibi orders air strikes on Iran, the Palestinian people, and possibly others, to the cheers of conservative-American war mongers and profiteers. Charges of antisemitism against those of us who refuse to support the Israeli/U.S. RWNJ coalition will explode from Fox, hate radio, and red state billboards. Giuliani’s adulterous mug will appear on every channel stuttering “9/11”. Cheney will parrot the phrase “If a Democrat is elected in 2016, we’ll be attacked at home.” Palin will make millions touring on the bus and giving speeches to the red-necked masses, reading jingoistic bullshit scribbled on her hand. The likes of Cruz, Limbaugh, and Nugent will shout and push for war and, just like the rush to war under Dubya/Cheney, we’ll all be dragged kicking and screaming into the next conflict because too many will fear speaking out and/or sit on their asses and refuse to vote while whining “both parties are the same”.

Categorized under “Wars” because that’s what Bibi’s win was all about.

Downton Abbey & SNAP

Soon to be Former: Rep. Aaron Schock (R) - IL working on the House Floor

Soon to be Former: Rep. Aaron Schock (R) – IL working while the House is in session.

Yesterday was an eventful political day in DC. The wealthiest and most regressive conservative Congress proclaimed their intentions to reduce the US budget, not balance it, but gamble with the lives of vulnerable Americans by slashing SNAP and denying increasing members of Medicare recipients’ service. In typical Ryan-Reagan budgetary fashion, the GOP proposed shifting monies from life-saving programs to augment the already bloated military budget in hopes and prep for another war. Later in the afternoon, another conservative slug, Rep. Aaron Schock (R) – IL, resigned his congressional seat amid scandalous expenditures on luxury accouterments, including falsifying governmental reimbursement for an SUV utilized for official function by almost 90,000 miles.  Both examples are the convergence of conservative ideology and practice of proliferating ‘retroversion Robin-hood’ at the expense of their constituents and the government they vigorously seek to dismantle, except for personal exploitation.

Conservative, young-gun hardly working

Conservative, young-gun hardly working. Where’s Paul Ryan?

Schock lavishly spent over $40,000 in taxpayer money to redecorate his congressional office. He did more chronicling travel expenses on Instagram, violating House and campaign finance rules for accepting gifts (bribes), posing for magazines like Men’s Health, photo-ops working out at the House gym than working on ANY signatory legislation in six years of office. Nevertheless, this thief rejoined in the identical hypocrisy of this Republican-dominated Congress whose combined $4.3 billion in personal wealth representing over 500 members, supersedes the worth of 76,000 typical American households. Four decades shifting the nation’s tax liability downward, crafting austerity measures to protect their own pocketbooks, the 1% and the wealthiest Americans have brought us to this blatant corruption, criminality.

When are voters going to tire of the false proclamations accusing safety net programs of suckling away the tax base or create dependency, and accept the economic reality, the nation’s wealth is siphoned upwardly in the form of displaced austerity supported by representatives like Schock? The 47% reality lies with ‘takers’ like Darryl Issa (R) – CA, a class of Americans akin to billionaire Mitch Romney, who discretely pays effective tax rates and margins approximating poverty rates of 10%,  significantly less than the middle class of 28%. Ordinary and the least able Americans pay the gap with substantially fewer resources, reduction in the quality of life, and too often, their own mortality.

Existing in the intersection of enabling Schock’s abuse emboldened by conservative hubris & values, is the media’ the blind deafness of consistently averting their ire from GOP sanctimoniousness ugliness. As the purveyors of facts, wishfully truth, the mainstream media’s galling, complicit silence is reminiscent of the days leading the nation in the pursuit of WMDs and uncovered unicorns. You’d think we’d finally learn to ask ‘why’ and demand accountability….or at least, NOT repeatedly cast ballots for a verified ‘grifter‘.

Conservative activist James O’Keefe accused of trying to goad protesters to ‘kill some cops’

Typical right wing fraud. The fear of losing their grip on power to progressives and minorities makes them do desperate things.

Chuck Norris Stumps For Bibi

Norris tells Israelis in campaign ad that he likes Israel because he made a few really awful movies there. He hopes they’ll ignore the fact that he believes Israelis will burn in Hell because they’re Jewish. And he hopes they won’t notice the bad wig.

Why Americans are screwed and Europeans are not

” Americans can’t thrive within a political system run largely by big American corporations — organized to boost their share prices but not boost America.” Robert Reich is 100% correct, which is why RWNJs could care less. If it came from Rand Paul, maybe.

Tom Cotton Bigger Idiot Than We Thought

cottonIt seems Senator Tom Cotton (R) – AR is an even bigger idiot than we thought. As if he and his dopey pals contacting Iranian leaders and talking to them like they’re fools wasn’t enough, his explanation of why Iran must be stopped takes the cake. As Alan Colmes reports at Liberaland:

During an interview on CBS, the host of Face of the Nation, Bob Schieffer, discussed the fallout from the letter authored by Cotton/the Israel Lobby and signed by 46 other Republican Senators. In particular, Schieffer focused on whether they undermined Obama’s ability to get a nuclear deal with Iran.

Schieffer asked Cotton “Let’s say the deal falls through, then what?”

Cotton responded by quoting Bibi Netanyahu, insisting that “The alternative to a bad deal is a better deal” and that “The Iranians frequently bluff to walk away from the table. If they bluff this week, call their bluff. Congress stands ready to impose much more severe sanctions.”

He added that it was important to stand up to Iran’s “drive for regional dominance.” And just to press how serious the matter is, Cotton said that “They already control Tehran…”

tom cotton idiotNow consider this: Cotton is on the Intelligence Committee, and the Armed Services Committee, and doesn’t know Tehran is the capitol of Iran. I wonder if he cc’d our embassy in Iran like Michele Bachmann would have done.

In addition, Cotton thought it necessary to send translated copies of his traitorous letter to Iranian officials; including Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif, who earned his college degrees at San Francisco State University and the University of Denver.

Are Conservatives even capable of embarrassment? The Tea Party is calling his stupidity a “triumph“, Arkansas Republicans are already talking about changing the law so he can run for President and Senator at the same time, and Idiot Supreme Bobby Jindal thinks Vice President Biden owes Cotton an apology.

How much humiliation will Americans put up with before they finally send the hillbillies packing? Tom Cotton as President… I’m still laughing.

John Kerry Lashes Out At Tom Cotton: ‘I’m Not Going To Apologize’

I’m not going to apologize for the unconstitutional, un-thought-out action by somebody who’s been in the United States Senate for 60-something days.

That’s Secretary of State John Kerry on #TehranTom’s mutinous letter to his Iranian pen pal.

‘Your world is on fire’: Ted Cruz scares the hell out of a terrified little girl in New Hampshire

Ted Cruz makes children cry. That will be the first campaign ad against Cruz, from Bush.