Cory Booker, Political Juggernaut: How to Run for Higher Office


How did Booker become a political juggernaut? Apart from a well-known name, famous friends, and deep-pocketed donors, Booker is well versed in the “All politics is local” play book (a phrase made famous by former Speaker of the U.S. House Tip O’Neill ).

Cory Booker knows how to successfully run for higher office; unlike some aspiring politicians, who wake up one morning and decide to run, Booker has strategically choreographed his rise on the political ladder; starting from the ground up.

Booker knows the importance of gaining public trust and admiration through carefully crafted displays of public activism. He brings attention to societal ills through emulation, albeit briefly, yet effective nonetheless. Booker reaches the masses because he is not afraid to show us that he is willing to become one with the problem in order to expose it, and change it. Notable instances of activism include going on a ten-day hunger strike outdoors to draw attention to the dangers of open-air drug dealing, living on a “food stamp” budget to raise awareness of food insecurity, shoveling the driveway of a constituent upon request, allowing Hurricane Sandy victims into his home, rescuing a dog from freezing temperatures, saving a woman from a house fire at his own risk and rescuing a dog that had been locked in a crate.

A political career starting as a City Councilman, then later as Mayor; And, if early polling is correct, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is on a clear course to become U.S. senator to serve the remainder of  the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg term.

I was fortunate to hear Booker speak live at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Booker is the REAL DEAL; a true political juggernaut.

Additional Sources:

Open Secrets


Photo: Steve Zmijewski, Townsquare Media NJ

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Republican Governors are the Real Threat

Check out this infographic from the Democratic Governors Association. Of course, they’re absolutely correct; radical change is happening at the state level. Which is why Dems need to focus on the 2014 mid-term election and win all the gubernatorial races.

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Being a Good Corporate Citizen

Today, I watched a rerun of the May 22nd edition of Bloomberg TV’s Inside the Red Sox Nation: Sportfolio in which Larry Lucchino, President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, explained his business philosophy and the role of a sports team in the community (especially following the Boston Marathon bombings):

larry lucchinoBusinesses should have a corporate responsibility, and do something to really show that connection [with the community] is a two-way street. I think it’s a fundamental obligation to do things in this world to make it a kinder, fairer, more humane place. We have the opportunity to do it. We have an obligation to do it.

In a time when it seems the goal of business is to say “to-hell with” the working-class and focus only on the investor-class, its nice to know there are still a few, good corporate citizens left.

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No more “E Pluribus Unum”

Did I miss something in high school biology, or did I dose off during a critical lecture during college anthropology class? According to Congressman Tom McClintock, there is a new race of man, ‘the American Race’. Yes, another GOP-per has pirated quantifiable facts. From the party that opposes the scientific method, logic and reason have now pronounced a neoteric race of man, the ‘American Race’. The stupid train, arrived at another sub-station of incredulous privilege…again.

YouTube Preview Image

Accordingly, immigrants must shed their culture to join the ‘American race’ and should reconsider their desire to remain in this country if they chose not to assimilate. At a town-hall meeting, McClintock completely perverts “E Pluribus Unum”, “from many nations, one nation.” However, McClintock’s reflexive rejection of multiculturalism by defaulting to the Anglo-Saxon model refuses to accept the dynamic progression of the American population to a new majority. Is the electorate’s transformation awakening to the faulty Republican ‘Southern Strategy’ Meme because of the exclusionary focus of limiting political participation? We can hope.

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Cory Booker Moves on to Face “Handicapped White Guy”

On Tuesday, Cory Booker handily won the democratic nomination for a vacant Senate seat in New Jersey, which many have said he is a shoe-in for. He now faces Steve Lonegan in the special election taking place in October. Lonegan is in charge of the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity in New Jersey, and spends his free time sayings some really stupid things. Below is his response to a racist tweet his campaign sent out mocking Cory Booker’s foreign policy beliefs:

“I have a handicap, you know. I am a white guy running in the state of New Jersey.”

Yes, Lonegan responded to his racist tweet with an even more racist “apology”. Wanna know what he thinks about Obamacare?

I have no interest in paying for your health care. I’d hate to see you get cancer, but that’s your problem, not mine.

What an amazing and inspirational person! The good news is, we don’t have to worry about him getting elected. Polls of the race show that Cory Booker is leading by about 25% of the vote in the blue state of New Jersey. But the fact that someone who thinks that Social Security is the “biggest threat facing America” is even allowed to even run for office is pretty upsetting to me. It won’t be long before he officially ruins his campaign anyways, after praising Romney’s 47% comments as “bold”. I expect a secret video tape of Lonegan calling 74% of Hispanics “illegals” any day now.

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

C&L reports that John Craft, Assistant U.S. Attorney of Beaumont, Texas, wrote this racist bullsh*t after the Zimmerman verdict:

JohncraftHow are you fixed for Skittles and Arizona watermelon fruitcocktail (and maybe a bottle of Robitussin, too) in your neighborhood? I am fresh out of “purple drank.” So, I may come by for a visit. In a rainstorm. In the middle of the night. In a hoodie. Don’t get upset or anything if you see me looking in your window … kay?

I would imagine he’d say its not racist, just like these folks.

The Tea Party is once again putting the pressure on GOP lawmakers to refuse to govern and let working Americans suffer through an unnecessarily weak economy just to spite President Obama. Tea Party groups sent a letter to Republican Lamar Alexander with this complaint:

lamar_alexanderDuring your tenure in the Senate we have no doubt that you voted in a way which you felt was appropriate. Unfortunately, our great nation can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship, two traits for which you have become famous. Quite honestly, your voting record shows that you do not represent the conservative values that we hold dear and the votes you have cast as Senator are intolerable to us.

I can only hope that this kind of pressure continues, forcing Republicans to be more and more extreme and turning-off the crucial independent vote.

The crazy idea has been floated by the RNC that Rush Limbaugh should moderate a Republican presidential debate. Limbaugh’s response?

Rush Limbaugh 2I don’t see how I can do it. I’m too famous. This business about moderating Republican debates. I think I’d overshadow it. I think I’m too famous. It’d be a tough call. It’d be a real, real, real tough call. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. It could get ratings, I mean there’s no question about that. Anyway, it’s an idea that’s out there.

The RNC has also suggested the rest of the right-wing propaganda machine should moderate debates, including Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. So instead of a respected, neutral moderator asking the tough questions, they’d have a little pep rally for the extreme right that only they would watch.

gordonklingenschmittI hate to give anyone in the lunatic fringe too much exposure, but this crazy bastard is giving Ted Nugent a run for his money. Disgraced former Navy pastor Gordon Klingenschmitt is in the news again, showing how little he cares about women’s rights:

How are you going to be qualified, Wendy? To rule the people of Texas when you yourself are ruled by a demon of murder? Having personally participated in the funding and oversight of so many abortions?

Sorry Gordon; you may not like it but abortions are legal in the United States. And even though some on the right would like to change this, Texas is still one of the United States. Why don’t you do us all a favor and move to another country? I hear Russia is accepting new immigrants.

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All Things Democrat Seeking Volunteers

Are you a proud Democrat looking for a challenging volunteer opportunity? Do you enjoy writing and sharing your opinion on politics? Then we want you to join our team!

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Note: All Things Democrat is not affiliated-with or compensated-by the Democratic Party, Democratic National Committee, or any official party organizations.

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

GOP fringe candidate Lee Bright is challenging incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham. Normally, I could care less. But I do love a good fight within the Republican ranks. Bright had this to say about Graham’s trip with John McCain to Egypt:

lee-brightDuring the recess, when I would hope that he would be around folks in South Carolina, getting their feelings on so many issues that affect their lives, he has instead chosen to take his time to be a community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood and that concerns me. He needs to spend more time listening to what the brothers in South Carolina have to say.

Conservatives have been trying to blame the President for what seems like an inevitable government shut-down. But here’s Tom McClintock, another Republican who is all too eager to shut down the government if he doesn’t get his way on defunding Obamacare:

tom-mcclintockWe approach the end of the fiscal year on September 30th and the authorization for the federal government to spend money expires, we face the prospect of a government shutdown if something doesn’t happen, and that something is a continuing resolution which essentially puts aside all of that painstaking work on the appropriations bills, has gone into months and months of deliberations, and they simply kick the can down the road for another year. I told the House leadership, I will cut you a lot of slack on the appropriations bills. I understand they have to be reconciled with the Senate, this is a compromising process, they have to be approved by the president. But I am not going to vote for any more continuing resolutions that simply kick that can down the road. Now, I’ll make one exception to that, and that is if we can get a provision in the continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare this year.

lauraingrahamConservative mouthpiece Laura Ingraham is attacking fellow Republicans who are willing to negotiating with the President on immigration reform:

If you’re willing to do that, you might as well be willing to sit down with Castro and talk about human rights, because he had such a great record on that.

David Barton, Glenn Beck’s “historian”, says global warming doesn’t exist:

david-bartonWe haven’t had global warming in 16 years. So, why are we indoctrinating kids with the view of anthropogenic global warming? Now, global warming occurs, we haven’t had it in 16 years, but anthropogenic? No, that hasn’t been proved at all. Not by a long shot.

But Ratheon, a member of the military industrial complex, sees business opportunities in global warming:

Recent actions and statements by members of Congress, members of the UN Security Council, and U.S. military officers have drawn attention to the consequences of climate change, including the destabilizing effects of storms, droughts, and floods. Domestically, the effects of climate change could overwhelm disaster-response capabilities. Internationally, climate change may cause humanitarian disasters, contribute to political violence, and undermine weak governments. Customers’ needs are changing as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy where energy efficiency, renewable energy, and highly efficiently energy delivery becomes paramount. Expanded business opportunities will arise to Raytheon as a result of these security concerns and the possible consequences.

I guess that means David Barton is anti-capitalist. Maybe he’s a communist. Or a socialist. Or maybe even a fascist.

View the Stupid Conservative Quotes series.

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Harry Potter Is To Blame For Obama Presidency


Wow, I have heard some ridiculous things in my time, but this just may take the prize.

According to Anthony Gierzynski, a political science teacher at the University of Vermont, the worldwide sensation that is Harry Potter “played a small but not insignificant role” in the election of President Barack Obama.

Claiming that “Millennials” — the generation of Americans born from 1980 onward — have been brainwashed by the morals contained within the bestselling series are supporting Obama in massive numbers.   He goes on to say in an email to The College Fix:

“The lessons fans internalized about tolerance, diversity, violence, torture, skepticism and authority made the Democratic Party and Barack Obama more appealing to fans of Harry Potter in the current political environment.”

And god forbid we start allowing tolerance and diversity into our elections.

Between 2009 and 2011, Gierzynski surveyed over 1,000 Millennial-aged college students covering seven universities around the United States.  Of these, 60 percent who had read the Harry Potter books said they voted for Obama in 2008 while a whopping 83 percent acknowledged unfavorable views of the Bush administration.

The Daily Caller reported:

“The professor suggests that the moral lessons in the Harry Potter books are plentiful. For instance, he argues, the villains in the world of Hogwarts “quite vocal in their bigotry” toward non-wizards and half-wizards who have lesser social positions. Harry, on the other hand, is a powerful wizard who makes friends with outcasts such as elves.”

Professor Anthony Gierzynski

Professor Gierzynski goes on to mention that a possible weakness in his research is that college students are generally more likely to vote Democrat regardless.  And could that be because, oh I don’t know, they’re literate?

Still concerned about how your tax dollars are being spent at the taxpayer-funded University of Vermont?  You should be, the good professor may have already covered Star Wars and South Park, but will next be looking into The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

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GOP: Stop Stirring-Up Racial Tension by Focusing on Our Racist Actions

Texas Republican Louie Gohmert complains that Obama is not a “post-racial” president. In his mind, post-racial means we should all stop drawing attention to the radical right’s racist bullshit. Poor Louie must long for the days before the internet when people could be overtly racist without having to worry about pesky websites sharing pictures and videos. As long as they keep providing material, we’ll keep posting.

louie gohmert obama stirring up racial tensions by focusing on our racist actions

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Texas Republican Gets Dem Challenger

Democrat Michael Cole has announced that he will challenge freshman Congressman Steve Stockman in the 2014 election for Texas’ 36th district. Cole has said that he wants to help “turn Texas blue” and him running will bring it closer to that. He is a Libertarian-turned Democrat and educator who wants to strengthen our education system by giving teachers more flexibility, and wants to focus on job creation. Here is a statement he made on his Facebook page:

“If your candidate for Congress is not talking about good paying jobs, better education or equality for all… then he doesn’t understand the problem facing South East Texans and is probably part of it. Time to focus on the real issues.”

It is unclear whether he stands a chance in such a notoriously conservative state like Texas, but his Libertarian ties and focus on education may help him convince voters that he is right for them. Also with people like Wendy Davis taking a stand and all those women going to the state capitol to fight for their rights, Texas may be starting to understand that the GOP is the problem, not the solution. We’ll have to see how things play out, but in the meantime you can check out Michael Cole’s website here to learn more about him.

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

buckmckeonBuck McKeon of California (personally, I can’t stand good-ol-boy nicknames like “Buck”) kicked the conservative, anti-immigration reform rhetoric up a notch with the claim that Arab persons disguised as Hispanics could take advantage of our immigration reform to harm Americans:

There are people that can’t tell the difference between a Hispanic person and an Arab person. They can mingle in, and they can get in here, and then they can do damage.

And by “people that can’t tell the difference” he means himself.

markwaynemullinHere’s multi-millionaire businessman and House member Markwayne Mullen on why we shouldn’t increase the current minimum wage:

You guys wanna pay $20 for a hamburger at McDonald’s? If you wanna increase it, that’s great, but what you’re gonna do is punish everybody along the way.

Thank God there’s Markwayne to stand-up for the rich. That poor, international conglomerate McDonald’s would be forced to pass-on the additional labor costs to the customer, eh? McDonald’s has maintained a roughly 20% quarterly profit margin for many years, which is revenue minus all fixed and variable costs, including labor. 20% is a very healthy profit margin and the company could easily handle additional labor costs. But the “investor class”, as Dubya called them, cares more about building their pile of wealth higher and higher than paying a decent wage to the lowly, working class. And millionaire Markwayne Mullen appears to agree.


McDonald’s Quarterly Profit Margins

Steve King announced a Stop Amnesty rally to be held today in Eric Cantor’s hometown of Richmond, VA that he hoped would draw a “massive” response against immigration reform. King famously claimed that most young, Mexican immigrants are drug mules, to which Cantor responded, “I strongly disagree with his characterization of the children of immigrants and find the comments inexcusable.” King probably hoped he could count on the lunatic fringe to back him in a fight against Cantor and the Republican establishment. Today’s rally was estimated to have drawn an embarrassing 50-60 people.


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