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44 Boys Is Too Many!

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Fox’s Peter Johnson: San Bernardino Shooting Could Be A ‘Literal War On Christmas’

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. warned that Wednesday’s mass killing in San Bernardino could be a “literal war on Christmas.” Speaking to Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy the morning after the shooting, Johnson advised that the “critical question” was would the incident be “whitewashed” as workplace violence. “There are cardinal characteristics, cardinal fingerprints… Continue reading

Emerging Fight Club Among Democrats Gets Interesting

Initially 5, two debates later, now 3 remain, and thus creating a more scintillating “Democratic Fight Club”. The past several years, Mrs. Clinton possessed a commanding lead over ALL challengers on both sides of the partisan canyon. Nevertheless, the uncoordinated efforts on the ‘LEFT’ and vigorous politburo right-wing bulldozing, that only rivals old style KGB propaganda machine, chewed through her insurmountable advantage. Polls and time, transformed away the former Secretary’s fait accompli anointment to the party nomination, thus, further casting her adrift from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And here we are feeling the ‘Bern’….
12 2 bern v hill

Senator Sanders’ fiery passion is spreading among a tinder of disenchanted ‘libs, progressives, all thirsting to shift farther FORWARD on the foundation built upon the Obama legacy. Yesterday’s polls announced Vermont’s fire starter now ‘SMACKS DOWN’   the GOP horde, head-to-head . Although, Clinton still commands an impressive lead over Sanders, this news changes the complexion and strategy for everyone over the next critical months.

holiday-gift-clipart-blue-gift-clip-artA satisfying early holiday gift for the Sanders campaign, enjoy & celebrate. Mrs. Clinton, time to pivot, reflect and dig deep,  around the new lava breaking ground as 2015 closes…..

One San Bernardino Gunmen Dead, Another Wounded, Report Says

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — One of three suspected gunmen in the shooting that left 14 dead at a service center for people with disabilities was killed in a shootout with police, The New York Times reported Wednesday night. Another suspect was believed to have been wounded in the exchange of gunfire and a third suspect remained… Continue reading

RW Phony Christians React To PP Shooting

As All Things Democrat’s Doug Marquardt wrote yesterday, Planned Parenthood Terrorist Was A Conservative, Anti-Abortion Nut – End Of Story. If only the crazy stopped there; but the Right Wing reaction on Twitter shows how many unstable, uninformed, willfully ignorant people align themselves with Conservatism. Here are a few “Christian” tweets, mixed with a little irony:


In case you can’t read it, this guy’s avatar says: “Love Thy Neighbor. Period.”


This avatar is a Black person in front of a rebel flag.


There’s the “Black people get all the abortions” myth again, but I’ll come to that later.


The insanity raged at the usual RW Crazy hot spots like Breitbart, among others; but “Lifesite” had some of the most interesting/callous comments:

Lifesite comments

Yes, PP has just been hoping and praying for a shooter so they could get sympathy. Idiot. How ironic that a RW’er, who’s political party’s entire philosophy is predicated on dishonesty, would utter the phrase: “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” It is precisely the lies told by the right, and Carly Fiorins in particular, that led to this shooting.

James O’Keefe wannabe, David Daleiden, the person responsible for the bogus Planned Parenthood video, had to admit on CNN that an image purportedly showing an aborted baby was actually a miscarriage. As If You Only News wrote:

Daleiden knowingly used a mother’s personal pictures of her miscarried son, which he stole from her by using them without permission, to misrepresent an aborted late-term, living fetus being prepared to have its organs harvested. Then, when pressed on it he excused his lying and theft by generally saying “Well it sorta looks like what an abortion could be.”

Well, as long as it “sorta looks like” what something “could be”, I’m sold; how about you? Now to the ridiculous and bogus “Black Babies” statements. Here are some FACTS to know, via NPR:

[Margaret] Sanger’s birth control movement did have support in black neighborhoods, beginning in the ’20s when there were leagues in Harlem started by African-Americans. Sanger also worked closely with NAACP founder W.E.B. DuBois on a “Negro Project,” which she viewed as a way to get safe contraception to African-Americans.

In 2014, the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research center, surveyed all known abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood clinics, in the U.S. (nearly 2,000) and found that 60 percent are in majority-white neighborhoods.

Margaret Sanger certainly had some questionable views, and in some ways was a detestable human being; but her opinions like many others’, were borne of the ignorance of the times. That’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. One thing she was right about:

image sanger

“No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother.”

That is true regardless of race, nationality, or ethnicity. Now here’s a tidbit you won’t hear RW’ers echoing; Charisma News reports (as many might have guessed): 70 Percent of Women Who Have Had Abortions Call Themselves Christians. They write:

Fear of gossip and judgmental reactions routinely prevents churchgoing women who are considering an abortion from first seeking the counsel of pastors or others in their church, according to a new survey by an evangelical polling group.

The survey was conducted by LifeWay Research, associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and sponsored by the Care Net network of anti-abortion pregnancy centers.

The survey found that seven in 10 women who had an abortion identified themselves as Christian. Breaking that down, Catholic women represented 27 percent; Protestant, 26 percent; and nondenominational, 15 percent. Among Protestants, the top three denominations represented among women who had abortions were Baptist (33 percent), Episcopal (6 percent), Church of Christ (4 percent).

It’s hardly a surprise that religious doctrines of “submit to your husband“, coupled with the determination of conservatives to provide no, or incorrect sex education, is a recipe for disaster. Maybe if religion practiced a little more “Judge not lest ye be judged”, and a little less “Let’s stone her”, we would have far fewer abortions.

One final point for sex ignorant RW’ers:

baby vs tissue

originally posted at cindyrosedotcom

Planned Parenthood Terrorist Was A Conservative, Anti-Abortion Nut – End Of Story

In recent days, RWNJs have tried, desperately, to distance themselves from their hateful, violent rhetoric that, once again, caused a nut case to kill. They did the same thing when Gabby Giffords and numerous others were gunned down by a lunatic after Sarah Palin posted a map with rifle crosshairs targeting Giffords and other Dems with the orders “Don’t retreat, RELOAD!”

In the case of Robert Lewis Dear, the Planned Parenthood terrorist who killed 3 innocent victims, the radical right initially claimed he was a registered Democrat, then downgraded to a registered independent and a “tranny” (because Dear mistakenly or jokingly checked the “female” box). Even after law enforcement released details on the right wing nonsense uttered by the killer to law enforcement (“no more baby parts” and anti-Obama drivel) and to his neighbors (giving them anti-Obama flyers and complaining “Obama was ruining the country and needed to be impeached”), RWNJs continued their campaign of misinformation. Now, Raw Story reports that Dear’s ex-wife has given a clearer picture of the terrorist’s ideology (with my emphasis):

In 1997, Dear’s then wife, Pamela Ross, once called the police to accuse him of domestic violence, The New York Times reported. Ross said that Dear could have flashes of anger, but usually he would later apologize.

Dear was politically conservative, religious, owned guns and believed that abortion was wrong — but he was not obsessed with any of these issues, Ross said.

“It never, ever, ever, ever crossed my mind” that he would be capable of a mass shooting, Ross told The Times. “My heart just fell to my stomach.”

Never crossed her mind. Take one look at this freak and tell me how many red flags go up.


In the end, it appears that Dear is an “unaffiliated” voter who hates Obama, Democratic ideals and principles, and Planned Parenthood, or what I call a “fake independent”. We have tons of them in Arizona – conservatives hiding behind “independent”. Hating everything Dems stand for and praising Republicans, but straddling the fence and pulling out “independent” when its convenient.

Dear voter registration page now removed from colorado voter registration database

One more thing: it won’t surprise you to learn that this RWNJ had a confederate flag marking his driveway (according to one of several police reports on the terrorist’s activities).

dear police report

Could You Use Lethal Force To Defend Your Life?

people killed by policeThe massive, nationwide epidemic of bad cops murdering innocent, primarily black, civilians has me wondering something that I’m sure we’ve all discussed but were afraid to put in writing:

If you are about to be killed, could you defend yourself with lethal force, regardless of the identity of your attacker?

Obviously, you should defend yourself, simply because you want to live and you have the right to live. Even if you’ve committed a crime, your guilt is supposed to be determined by a court of law, not by a bad cop who feel he’s the judge, jury and executioner. But lets say you have done nothing wrong, you’re about to be killed, and you have a weapon at hand to prevent that from happening – could you defend yourself with lethal force? What if a bad cop was about to kill your child? Or your sibling? Is the superiority of law enforcement, perceived or real, embedded so deeply in your brain that you would let them die?

Alternet published an article on what happens when an innocent person uses lethal force to protect themselves and a cop ends up dead. The article focused on cases when SWAT teams or narcotics officers burst into an innocent person’s home, leaving the occupant no choice but to shoot at what appeared to be armed burglars. How is self defense with lethal force handled by the justice system when the person killed is a cop? Not surprisingly, it depends on your race:

A very similar incident occurred in Burleson County, Texas on December 19, 2013, when a SWAT team carried out a no-knock drug raid on the home of Henry Magee (who is white). An informant had claimed that Magee had a major marijuana-growing operation, and during the raid, Magee shot and killed one of the officers, Adam Sowders. Although Magee stressed that he believed he was being robbed and had no idea he was shooting at police officers, he was facing the possibility of being prosecuted for capital murder. But in February, a grand jury decided that Magee legitimately believed he was acting in self-defense—and Magee was not indicted.

[ … ]

Dick DeGuerin, Magee’s attorney, has pointed out that the grand jury’s decision to not indict him is the exception instead of the rule: in most cases, Americans who kill a narcotics officer during a drug raid are vigorously prosecuted—even if the evidence indicates that they genuinely believed they were acting in self-defense and the raid was not justified.

In the cases listed in the article, people of color were indicted while the white guy was not. Its clear that people of color don’t enjoy the same presumption of innocence. In fact, a black person with a gun is immediately presumed to be guilty, even though we all (supposedly) enjoy the same Second Amendment rights. A few months ago, an interesting video appeared on YouTube showing what happens when a black man carries openly in an open carry state, versus a white man. Clearly, the cops assumed the black man was a threat and the white man was not.

YouTube Preview Image

I’ve often wondered why more black men don’t open carry in open carry states. The video gives the obvious answer, but what if hundreds or thousands of black men exercised that right? Back in August, Oath Keepers, a group roundly despised by lefties, did something unexpected: they announced plans to instruct blacks on their Second Amendment right to bear arms. From a Newsweek interview of Sam Andrews of Oath Keepers:

“St. Louis County police have so violated the people’s rights that the people in the black communities here believe if they even thought about publicly exercising their God-given right for protection, for carrying a firearm, that they would be shot dead by the police—that’s a real issue,” he says.

In Andrews’s opinion, this fear has contributed to destructive protests.

“They don’t know how to react to the abuse, so they throw rocks and bottles and do other silly stuff, but we are flying black Oath Keepers in from around the country to educate the black leaders and the people of Ferguson that not only can you open carry, you should open carry,” he says. “The peaceful protesters, the lawful people which make up the vast majority of protesters, should be quietly standing there with rifles, saying: ‘We’re not going to take this abuse anymore.’”

“It’s one thing to say, “I hate you, and I throw a rock at you,’” he continues.  “It’s another thing to stand there and say, ‘Don’t screw with me anymore,’ and be able to back it up.”

Hold onto your hat, because this is probably the only time you’ll see me agreeing with a conservative: I agree with Sam Andrews. Every American is supposed to enjoy the same rights, including the right to bear arms. You may not want to own a gun, but that right is there for you, regardless of race. Open carry laws are not written to exclude by race. I think its clear nothing will change for African Americans until they’re able to say to bad cops, “Don’t screw with me anymore”.

Besides the issue of self defense and bad cops, there’s a cultural issue that makes the problem especially difficult to resolve: we have a problem in this country idolizing people based on their profession. Doctors, lawyers, actors, musicians, first responders, religious leaders, and cops. In my view, the primary reason we cannot resolve this issue of bad cops murdering innocent civilians is that bad cops are being defended by good cops attempting to perpetuate the myth that all cops are noble and trustworthy. Absolutes are almost never true. The same thing happened with the Catholic Church scandal: priests who raped children should have been immediately turned over to law enforcement (yes, I see the irony). Instead, they were defended by the church and/or moved to new parishes where they had no history of rape, just to start a new reign of terror over innocent children. The priesthood is no longer seen as a noble profession because of the way in which the church handled the abusers (and the abused). All professions include very bad individuals and we should always be alert and ready to bring them to justice. If police departments around the nation had the strength to reject bad cops, I believe we would be having an entirely different conversation. One in which law enforcement is still seen as a noble profession. Instead, we’re discussing how to protect ourselves from bad cops.

Kasich Hits The Mark With Anti-Trump Ad

Its clear to everyone, including Trump’s “moderate” challenger, that Trump’s form of bigotry is Nazi-like. Would right wing Americans actually vote for him?

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How to Suck at Your Religion

omgonozkt6.gif~c200The holier than thou folks on the right are using the ISIL attack in Paris and the Syrian refugees to fear monger and gin up their sheeple. They are creating an even more dangerous atmosphere of anti Muslim sentiment than we’re used to. It’s sad that we’re actually “used to” any level of bigotry, but such is the nature of Conservatism these days.

We have “ammosexuals” intimidating Muslims outside their Mosques; Red State Governors grandstanding, and playing the terrorist card; while conservative politicians call for religious tests. Hell, most Right Wing Christians wouldn’t even pass a test of their Christianity; in fact, they’ve pretty much mastered the art of how to suck at your religion.

Matt-BarberIn what he titles: “A Christian Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis”, Matt Barber spends at least four paragraphs in an anything-but-Christian rant. He then proceeds to be selective, if not downright misleading, as to facts. He writes:

Nearly 70 Muslims, including refugees, have already been arrested within America’s borders in the last 18 months. In just the past week, over a dozen Syrian refugees have been caught at our borders with fake passports and bad intentions.

liesThe  one benefit people like Barber have is that folks reading their posts are not likely to question, let alone follow links and read sources. For instance, the “70 Muslims” are largely made up of  American citizens who sympathized with ISIL and/or converted to Islam. The “over a dozen Syrian refugees caught at our borders” links to a piece titled 8 Syrians caught at Texas border; the other 5 in the post were apprehended in Honduras. They had faked passports yes; but two statements from the original source, the UK’s Daily Mail, were conveniently left out:

  • Men are not considered terrorists, Honduran officials tell Daily Mail Online
  • Men fled Syria after fears they would be kidnapped by ISIS, police say

What’s a little skimping on the truth, right? Let’s look at some other “Christian responses”. Rev. Franklin Graham declared:

“We cannot allow Muslim immigrants to come across our borders unchecked while we are fighting this war on terror.

…We need to pray for God’s mercy, His grace, and His protection. I pray that America will turn to God before it’s too late.”

Unfortunately, Franklin’s idea of mercy where the refugees are concerned, is leaving them in Syria in “safe zones”. He doesn’t mention where exactly he thinks they’d be “safe”. This, by the way is what many neighborhoods look like now:


Concerned only about Christians, and obviously failing to see the irony, Allen West wrote:

As reported by Fox News, “The dwindlingallen west - communist Christian population of the Middle East could vanish completely within a decade unless the global community intervenes… followers of the Bible are being killed, driven from their land or forced to renounce their faith at an unprecedented pace.

The world has largely stood by as a dangerous tide of intolerance has washed over the region…

One could be forgiven for thinking he’s talking about the U.S. Back in February, Sen. John Boozman (R-Ark.) said this about Christians in the Mideast being targeted by ISIL:

boozman“These jihadists are persecuting religious minorities based solely on their beliefs. Our country is committed to religious freedom and we must take necessary action to protect the people facing this unjust persecution.”

West’s and Boozman’s statements are so in-your-face hypocritical, they’re almost humorous. Now for a few Lousy-excuse-for-a-Minister Mike Huckabee statements:

mikehuckabeeAre we going to open the door so ISIS people come on in, give them a place to stay and a good sandwich and medical benefits? (GOP kids’ table debate, 11/10/2015)

Are they really escaping tyranny, are they escaping poverty, or are they really just coming because we’ve got cable TV? (Eagle Forum Conference, 09/2015)

If you bought a 5 lb. bag of peanuts and you knew that in the 5 lb. wtf2bag of peanuts there were about 10 peanuts that were deadly poisonous, would you feed them to your kids? (Morning Joe, 11/2015)

This guy might be exhibiting signs of dementia; he sure as hell isn’t speaking like a minister.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, who built built himself a big ol’ megachurch in Dallas, says:

“It is time to start bombing the you-know-what out of ISIS. That is a biblical response.”

Conservative “Christians” have suggested putting refugees in internment camps, registering all Muslims in the country, even warrant-less searches of mosques. These people aren’t Christians, they are messengers of fear and animus; they are the ones you cannot trust.

Koch Brothers Try to Buy Hispanic Vote with Free Thanksgiving Turkeys

That’s right, the billionaire Koch brothers and their fake Libre Initiative are at it again. This time, they think giving out free Thanksgiving turkeys will get Hispanic voters to ignore the hateful rhetoric of Republican presidential candidates and actually vote Republican. Do rich pricks really think Hispanics are that dumb?

free Koch turkeys

Burger King Confirms Chicago Police Deleted Video Of McDonald Shooting

On the heels of dashcam footage of the Laquan McDonald shooting released today, other news is coming out about how Chicago police worked to suppress video proving he was shot without justification. According to NBC News Chicago, 86 minutes of security video was missing after the shooting, after police ran through and reviewed it but before… Continue reading