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The GOP’s Class Warfare: What the Fluke?

Throughout the past four years, and ad nauseam in Tampa, Republicans have denounced Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on top income earners as “class warfare.” Yet, in another example of trying to have his cake and eat it, Romney has propagated ads on welfare that are demonstrably divisive on demographic lines. – Read the full article

R.I.Pieces, you douchbag

Yes, I’m referring to Andrew Breitbart. The snake died at 43 of an apparent heart attack (as if he had a heart). 43 years is way too many years on this earth for that spawn of satan. He spewed hate without remorse. – Read the full article

AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit in Minneapolis, Sept 29 – Oct 02

The AFL-CIO Young Workers Summit is coming to Minneapolis September 29th to October 2nd (hat-tip to yda.org). This looks like a great opportunity to continue the momentum against the attack on workers rights. From the website: Young people are making a difference all across the globe—from Egypt to Wisconsin. – Read the full article