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Border Patrol Militia Law Held-Up by Arizona’s GOP House Speaker

Well, this is a surprise. Many of you may not have known this, but the wacky state of Arizona was about to pass SB1083, the Arizona Special Missions Unit bill. The bill would provide $1.4 million a year to fund an armed, volunteer militia to help guard the border against illegal immigrants (and, apparently, have authority to shoot them). – Read the full article

Arizona Republican, Neo-Nazi, and Mormon Kills Family and Himself

I’ve commented in this blog before about the state of Arizona – “state” as in the current condition of the state. It’s only competition in the level of “redness” between all right-wing states would be Utah, Idaho and possibly a couple of those southern redneck states likeĀ MississippiĀ or Alabama. – Read the full article

Pic of the week

Once again, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer embarrasses herself and the state of Arizona. Brewer, you are beneath the president in every conceivable way. The Secret Service should have body-slammed your crazy ass into the pavement the second you got too close and wagged your finger in the face of the president. – Read the full article

Arizona GOP goes after independent redistricting commission chairwoman

Arizona is at it again. Under the direction of Governor Jan Brewer, the AZ GOP Senate majority voted to remove Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Chairwoman Colleen Mathis. The GOP was unhappy with the proposed redistricting from the independent commission. The commission was created after the voters passed a proposition to provide fair redistricting, regardless of which party is in the majority at a given time. – Read the full article