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Giving Thanks For Obamacare

Today, President Obama spoke at the White House on reaching the end of the first enrollment period for Obamacare. Estimates show that up to 22 million Americans are now covered because of Obamacare, including those with pre-existing conditions (like myself), … Continue reading

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Obama: A Year of Action to Create Opportunity for All

Obstructionism is the only plan Republicans have had for the past 5 years. Those days are over. When Congress refuses to act, the President will.

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Alan Keyes: Jesus is the Driving Force Behind Obama’s Impeachment

Alan Keyes says Jesus Christ inspires his unceasing efforts to impeach President Barack Obama. The perennial candidate for public office and former host of the MSNBC show “Alan Keyes Is Making Sense” has been promoting a movement to elect officials… Continue reading

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Birther Preacher Claims Obama Had Mother of His ‘Love Child’ Killed Outside White House

A birther preacher is pushing the conspiracy theory that Miriam Carey, who was shot to death Oct. 3 after police said she tried to ram her car into a barrier outside the White House, was the mother of President Barack Obama’s illegitimate child. Rev… Continue reading

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Obama: Iran Deal ‘An Important First Step’

President Barack Obama hailed an historic interim deal with Iran Saturday as “an important first step” towards a comprehensive pact to end the showdown over Teheran’s nuclear program. The president however quickly ran into criticism from opponents… Continue reading

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Obama Awards Clinton, Winfrey Top Civilian Honor

President Barack Obama on Wednesday celebrated American legends of politics, sports, letters, science and the arts including Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey in awarding his country’s highest civilian honor. The Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony… Continue reading

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Maddow Mocks Right Wingers Over Substance-Free ‘Under God’ Obama Attack

On her show on Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow dedicated a segment to laughing at right-wing pundits and provocateurs for their most recent attack on President Barack Obama. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the websites Breitbart.com and the Daily… Continue reading

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Democrats Threaten ‘Nuclear Option’ Over Republicans’ War on Women Obama Nominees

Democrats in the Senate fumed this week as Republicans blocked another of President Barack Obama’s nominees to sit on a federal appeals court, the third woman in a series of legislative obstructions. Members of the Senate Democratic caucus have even… Continue reading

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Obama Warns Against Further Iran Sanctions

US President Barack Obama on Thursday warned Congress against further sanctions on Iran, saying that a deal in the works could prevent the “unintended consequences” of war. Obama pressed Congress as the UN nuclear watchdog said that Iran has not expanded… Continue reading

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The Tea Party Will Make 2014 Fun for Democrats

Despite the calls by moderate Republicans to neutralize and marginalize Ted Cruz after their disastrous government shutdown, the tea party and their media supporters have claimed victory and elevated Cruz to “hero” status. I have no doubt that the loudmouths … Continue reading

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Obama Stands His Ground, America Wins

The U.S. Senate has announced a deal that ends the government shutdown and increases the debt ceiling with no concessions on Obamacare. John Boehner has signaled there will be a House vote on the Senate deal and there will be … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

I guess Ted Cruz has decided to be part of the “blame God for everything” crowd. At a Value Voters Summit over the weekend, Cruz was asked by David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network if God played a role … Continue reading

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