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Netroots Conference Video: 2016 Obama Calls 2008 Plouffe

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Full Speech: Obama at Dallas Police Memorial

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Two Different Responses to the Shootings of Sterling and Castile

The President gave a very well balanced statement on the shootings, not that RWNJs and racists are going to listen to anything he says. Here’s a different kind of response to what seems like an endless string of black men being gunned down because of their race – Personally, I think the only answer to this ongoing issue is to have well-armed, African American communities in every major city in this country. – Read the full article

Full Speech: Hillary Clinton and President Obama in NC

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Voters Don’t Trust a Trump SCOTUS Pick

The Latest From Public Policy Polling: New Public Policy Polling surveys in 6 key battleground states where Republican Senators are up for reelection this year find that voters don’t trust Donald Trump and would rather have Barack Obama picking a new Supreme Court justice than him. – Read the full article

President’s Weekly Address: Serving our Military Families This Fourth of July

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The President Gives It To Trump

Apologies for the ad at the beginning of the clip … – Read the full article

This Week: President Barack Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

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Hillary: I’m With Obama On Gun Control

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Don’t Count Out This Lame Duck

Obama, lame duck: c: @HaroldItz @ArrogantDemon pic.twitter.com/NftZvUbuho — M.S. Bellows, Jr. (@msbellows) January 16, 2016 – Read the full article

President Obama’s Address: ‘Freedom Is More Powerful Than Fear’

Here is the full text of his speech, as provided by the White House. Tonight, I addressed the nation from the Oval Office on my top priority as President: Keeping the American people safe. It weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of all of us in the wake of the terrible tragedy in San Bernardino.… – Read the full article

President Obama Mocks GOP For Being Pants-Wetting Cowards

President Obama has yet again proven he has no more fcks left to give when it comes to our pants-wetting Republican party. At a press conference in Manila Tuesday night, the president called out all the scaredy-cat governors and 2016 candidates: “Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,”… – Read the full article