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Bernie Sanders Perfectly Answers Bill Clinton Question; Fox News Exploits

At a recent Bernie Sanders event, somebody asked the senator about Bill Clinton’s notorious sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. Sanders perfectly answered by strongly condemning those actions but reminding everyone that politics need to be about the issues and that his main competitor is Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton. – Read the full article

In Defense Of The Clinton Foundation … by Newsmax???

I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this article by Christopher Rudy, the CEO and Editor of Newsmax Media. Newsmax is Conservative with a capital “C”.  But even Newsmax is unable to accept right-wing vultures going after the Clinton Foundation in an attempt to smear Hillary Clinton early in her campaign. – Read the full article

Time Magazine: Conservative, Sexist, Typical

In March, Time magazine proved just how typically conservative and sexist big business can be. Here’s the March 16th, 2015 cover of Jeb and the Bushies – youthful, carefree, a sweet picture of a younger father and his boys. For a second, I almost forgot about the fact that the Bushies are the worst family of criminals this nation, and the world, has ever seen, personally responsible for the deaths of thousands Americans and the torture and deaths of 100s of thousands of foreigners. – Read the full article

One Feminist’s Take On Monica Lewinsky

Oh goody, Monica Lewinsky is back – seems she recently told her story to Vanity Fair in a piece they’ve titled “Shame and Survival”. The teaser on the cover states: “She tried public appearances. She tried being reclusive. She tried leaving the country, and she tried finding a job. – Read the full article

Obama Awards Clinton, Winfrey Top Civilian Honor

Obama awards Clinton, Winfrey top civilian honor (via AFP) President Barack Obama on Wednesday celebrated American legends of politics, sports, letters, science and the arts including Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey in awarding his country’s highest civilian honor. The Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony… – Read the full article

Nate Silver: Hillary The Strongest Non Incumbent Ever.

Before writing this post I was sorely tempted to drive a rusty fork into my leg,  understanding that the resulting trip to the hospital and enhanced scrutiny from the local mental health experts would stop me from writing a post this early about the 2016 presidential election.   – Read the full article

Living in Interesting Times

This past week I turned 53 years of age – born on June 12, 1960 (I was horrified to learn that I share my birthday with Dubya). Pursuing my college degrees in the 80s and 90s and working in I.T. has meant that I’ve been around younger people for decades, so at least mentally, I don’t feel like a guy in his 50s. – Read the full article

Benghazi Investigation – Understand that its all about Fear of Progress, and that Equals Hatred of Democrats

Benghazi – The never-ending, foaming-at-the-mouth of rabid right-wingers and the piling-on by the mainstream media. The latest talking points on the right are: The Obama Administration did nothing wrong, per se, but the way they explained the attack was wrong, and that’s scandalous [again, they’re trying to use the “2 weeks later” claim that was debunked (on video) and brought down Romney in the second debate.]. – Read the full article

Putting Newtown / Sandy Hook Trutherism’s Logic on Trial

“Thank you for the freak show,” Jared Lee Loughner said in an outburst during initial court proceedings for his January 8, 2011 shooting spree that killed 6 people and wounded 12 others.  “She died right in front of me.  You’re treasonous,” he continued.   – Read the full article

Its time for bold moves

Let’s face facts: the presidential race is too close and that could affect candidates down the line. The President’s poor debate performance, Romney’s deliberate, manipulative lies, threats of voter intimidation (including threatening signs in minority districts), and an estimated half-trillion dollars in right-wing superPacs poised to saturate the airwaves with advertisements that are sure to be filled with the ugliest of lies … they all have the potential to put the radical right over the top and result in a Republican takeover of all branches of government. – Read the full article

My Preemptive Strike Against Lies And The Lying Liar That Lies Them

Mitt Romney is going to celebrate Columbus Day by giving a foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute.  Romney is expected to castigate the Obama administration over the handling of the killing of Christopher Stevens and three other American personnel in Bengazi Libya.  – Read the full article

The Simpsons and Politics

As a child of the ‘90s, The Simpsons will always have a place in my youth and heart. As fans might know, Matt Groening and Co. are no strangers to political commentary. Below is an assortment of politically charged Simpsons clips for your enjoyment. – Read the full article