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Women’s rights under a Santorum administration

While Rick Santorum works to insert his ultra-conservative brand of Catholicism into American politics, and rails against secular progressives, and blames liberals for all things evil (including the Catholic church sex scandals), we should take seriously the threat of a man who would use religion and the literal word of the Bible against us as President of the United States. – Read the full article

Dear Ms. Nance, Sorry – I’m Still Not a Catholic

Right-wing, pseudo-Christian Conservative politicians have been waging an assault on women’s reproductive rights for over a year now. They are literally churning out junk legislation for political gain and some warped sense of self-satisfaction. This onslaught has included imposing unnecessary sonograms, requiring “counseling” by state sanctioned adoption middlemen, and attempts to circumvent doctor-patient privilege. – Read the full article

HHS Ruling Based On Reality, Reactions to It – Not So Much

CBS reported that during church services on Sunday, “Catholics around the country were read a blistering letter assailing the Obama administration for an “assault on religious liberty” in the form of a coming requirement that most church-linked organizations – among them hospitals, schools and universities – offer birth control coverage as part of their health care plans.” According to Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal* today (emphasis mine):  “President Obama just may have lost the election. – Read the full article