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Another RWNJ’s Hitler Comparison Fails

All of these right wing clowns comparing Obama to Hitler at every turn or claiming the President is “appeasing” Iran as others appeased Hitler (or appeased Syria, or whichever country is in the news at any given moment) need to go back to school and brush up on American and world history. – Read the full article


LIMBAUGH LEANS FORWARD. Limbaugh’s slut tirade caused not only a massive loss of  sponsors , it also created a deep matrimonial divide.    And, in what some are calling a “stunt’ to save his crumbling marriage: LIMBAUGH HAS CUT ALL TIES WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. – Read the full article

Mitt’s Movie Debut

A parody of the silent film “The Artist” starring Mitt Romney. (hat-tip to Chris Matthews): – Read the full article