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Where In I Agree With CPAC Firebrand, Dr. Ben Carson… Sort Of.

I am not a fan of political correctness,” Carson said to loud applause in a video clip pulled by Media Matters. “I still believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.” “Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else,” he continued. – Read the full article

If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Once, Shame On Them.

The entire title to this post is: If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Once, Shame On Them. If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Twice, Fool Me… Won’t Get Fooled Again. During his speech to CPAC, Paul Ryan gave a “moving” example of the difference between the Republican party’s desire for hard work and the left’s supposed desire to maintain dependence on big government. – Read the full article

Why Do Conservative Brains See Things So Differently from the Rest of the World?

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) wrapped up Saturday, but not before Sarah Palin did her stand up routine (I guess they like to give the audience a break in between serious political figures). She did their favorite Palin schtick – the catty school girl – and gave them all their favorites: ◊ She made an Obama teleprompter joke, yet again (as she read from one herself). – Read the full article

CPAC Seminar Fails at Teaching Old Racist Dogs New Tricks

Why do Conservatives think they can train their racist voters to not sound racist?  And why does a party chock full of racists hold a seminar titled: “Trump The Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?” And why is a black man running this CPAC seminar? – Read the full article

Christie Doesn’t Make the Conservative “All Star Team”

Conservatives are like the Gallagher of politics: You know they’re going to take a sledgehammer to America, bringing a rain of shit down on everybody; at the same time you have to watch because, in between making a mess of things, they’re just so damned funny. – Read the full article

So Much For Toning Down the GOP Crazy

Karl Rove’s “Conservative Victory Project” may want to keep the wingnuts out of GOP primaries, but it seems they’ll be the stars of the show at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Here’s a look at some of the invited speakers: Allen “The Modern-Day Harriet Tubman” West Rand “Paycheck Fairness Act = Soviet Politburo” Paul Rick “BP oil spill was an act of God” Perry Wayne “The answer is More guns!” LaPierre Rick “Catholic Missionary” Santorum Steve “Todd Akin was right” King Michele “Creeping Sharia is coming!” Bachmann And just recently it was confirmed that Sarah Palin will speak as well. – Read the full article

GOProud “Takes One For the Gipper” So to Speak

The Great Pilgrimage of the Holier Than Thou took place last week, as Conservatives flocked to Washington, D.C. for their annual Political Action Conference. CPAC, as it’s commonly referred to, is the yearly superiority fix for the right wing’s Crème de la Crème (or scum on the pond, depending on your viewpoint). – Read the full article

Overheard: Newt’s “Conservative Dream Team”

How was CPAC? You should’ve seen Gingrich’s speech Friday; he had this big photo projected on the wall behind him of his “Conservative Dream Team” Endorsers, and… Wait, he got Marco Rubio’s endorsement? No, he… Jim DeMint? Nope. Jeb Bush? Nope. – Read the full article