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Despite What Corporate Media Says, Democrats May Have The Edge In November

A Gallup poll taken in January on political party affiliation showed some surprising results: 31% of Americans identify as Democrat, only 25% as Republican, and 42% as Independent. This is the lowest result for Republicans in 25 years. One might … Continue reading

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More Volunteer Positions Available at All Things Democrat

We still have volunteer opportunities available. Follow the links for job details and apply at Jobs4Dems: Two Video Bloggers – Posting the latest videos and campaign ads from numerous sources in our Videos pages. This is a new position that’s … Continue reading

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Work for Sandra Fluke’s Campaign!

As you probably know, Sandra Fluke is running for the State Senate in California’s 26th District. Marisa Kanof, the Fluke campaign’s Regional Field Director, posted two new positions in our jobs board (Jobs4Dems) that you should check out if you’re … Continue reading

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Seeking Democratic/Dem-Friendly Women to Blog on Women’s Issues

All Things Democrat is seeking several Democratic or Dem-friendly lefty women to blog on women’s issues. This is a volunteer position working with a group of volunteers, authoring or co-authoring articles on issues affecting women. See details and job posting … Continue reading

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Post Your Campaign Jobs with Jobs4Dems.com

A reminder that you can post your 2014 Democratic campaign jobs for free at Jobs4Dems.com. Sponsored by All Things Democrat, Jobs4Dems.com is always free. Democrats want to help Democratic candidates win, so post your jobs today!

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Sign-Up To Be A Factivist For The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party’s Rapid Response Team is seeking your support during this election cycle in reporting the daily lies told by the radical right. Teabillies, Republicans and Libertarians must be held accountable. Help expose their lies. Sign-up today to be … Continue reading

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Democrats Threaten ‘Nuclear Option’ Over Republicans’ War on Women Obama Nominees

Democrats in the Senate fumed this week as Republicans blocked another of President Barack Obama’s nominees to sit on a federal appeals court, the third woman in a series of legislative obstructions. Members of the Senate Democratic caucus have even… Continue reading

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Strong Support for Democrats Among Hispanics Surveyed

The 2013 Hispanic Values Survey was recently released and shows strong for Democrats. I’m proud to say that our elected Democrats and the new candidates for 2014 support legislation that benefits minorities, such as comprehensive immigration reform with a path … Continue reading

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Jeff Boss for President – NSA Conspiracy Theorist, 9/11 Truther and Birther

This week I began researching the individuals who filed with the FEC as a Democratic candidate for President in 2016. Why investigate Democratic candidates? Because all candidates for office should be thoroughly vetted. Teapublicans stopped caring about vetting candidates when … Continue reading

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This Week’s Jobs at Jobs4Dems.com

Account Executive, PAC Sales at NGP Van in Washington, D.C. Campaign Director (Rapid Change) at Color of Change in New York City, NY Internships at Campaign for America’s Future in Washington, D.C.

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The Week’s Jobs at Jobs4Dems.com

Precinct Chairs: Johnson County Democratic Party, TX Internship and Volunteer Opportunities: Women’s Law Project, Western PA Legal Intern: RFK Center, Washington, D.C.

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Jobs4Dems – The New, Free Jobs Board for Democrats

Jobs4Dems, a free service by All Things Democrat, is now open and ready for employers to post jobs for Democrats. If you have campaign positions to fill for the 2014 election cycle, feel free to post them anytime. The site … Continue reading

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