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Video Clips of the Week

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Trump’s Big Policy Statement

People say Donald Trump has no concrete policies; they just never asked the right question. Until a Trump town hall in Rochester, New Hampshire, that is: And there you have it. – Read the full article

Jeffress Sells His Soul For Trump

Pastor Robert Jeffress, Faux News religionist extroadinaire, Republican God operative, and professional Christianity mangler, has decided Trump is the man. Yes, you read that right; even with the likes of über “Christians” Santorum and Huckabee in the race, Jeffress is backing thrice married, win at any cost, reserved palace in hell candidate, Donald Trump. – Read the full article

GOP Candidate Update: Perry Is Out, Bashing Women Is In

Its been another, bizarre week for the GOP’s collection of presidential wannabes. Rick Perry dropped out of the race today, getting in a surprising dig against his party leader, The Donald.. We cannot indulge nativist appeals that divide the nation further. – Read the full article

We Need A Sustained, Anti-Bigotry Campaign Targeting Trump

Cindy Rose’s post on the absurdly bigoted campaign of “The Donald” left me feeling there should be an equally absurd campaign against his brand of bigotry. Sure, there was the initial outrage over Trump’s anti-immigrant remarks when NBC fired him from The Apprentice and other organizations cut business ties with the madman. – Read the full article

There’s No Limit To Trump’s Self-Promotion

Draft-dodging chicken-hawk Donald Trump is already equally as qualified on military matters as every neocon from the Bush/Cheney administration. But according to a new book, Trump has the nerve to claim he has more military experience than those who have actually served (with my emphasis). – Read the full article

When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong

I have been wrong in gauging the absurdity of The Right many times, but NEVER THIS WRONG. I thought a Trump candidacy would just be something we’d all laugh about in the years to come. Surely there is something about the man for every Conservative to hate: Screws around on his wives, married 3 times, should have lost the Evangelical vote. – Read the full article

The Republican Establishment Conspires To Take-Down Trump

RWNJs who intensely dislike and distrust the Republican establishment will see this as a reason to continue supporting Trump. From the New York Times (with my emphasis): Republican strategists and donors have assembled focus groups to test negative messages about Mr. – Read the full article

Walker Backtracks on the Canadian Wall

So here’s Scott Walker with Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press (with my emphasis): Chuck: We are talking about the southern border and building a fence there. We don’t talk about the northern border, where this is about securing the border from potential terrorists coming over. – Read the full article

The Real Cost of Trump’s Immigration Policy

Donald Trump, on the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants: Deport all of those who are, you know, bleeding from wherever. Ok, that quote’s made-up. Here’s his real quote: We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go. They have to go … we either have a country, or we don’t have a country. – Read the full article

The Not-So-“Evangelical” Embrace Trump

Surprise! “Evangelicals” are just plain old Republicans masquerading as Christians, and my friends, it seems the, ahem,  “Godly” are embracing Donald Trump’s candidacy. Pastor Jeremiah Johnson had this to say: “The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, ‘Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. – Read the full article

Video Clips of the Week

Emily’s List: Jeb Bush rewriting history on the illegal war in Iraq and the withdrawal – Read the full article