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RNC 2016 Hate Fest: Funniest Lines

Trust me, no one would confuse the speakers at the Republican convention in Cleveland with members of Mensa. To be fair, when someone like Donald Trump is your nominee, you take what you can get. But one thing you can say about each and every one of them is, they tow the Donald line. – Read the full article

Someone Built Trump’s Wall

Best thing I’ve seen all week – someone built a wall around Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. They even included the barbed wire. – Read the full article

The Myth of Trump’s Business Success

Trump business “success” was the result of screwing hundreds of small businesses and contractors out of the money they were owed to build his company. – Read the full article

RNC 2016 Hate Fest: Recap 1

The Republicans are holding their 2016 Hate Fest at Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio this week, under the guise of nominating a candidate for President. So far, they’ve spent their time attacking the Democratic nominee, in order to avoid praising their own nominee, Donald Trump. – Read the full article

Trump-Pence Banners of Hate

Sometimes, hyperbole is as accurate a it gets (via Twitter). – Read the full article

Think Donald is Divisive? Meet Mike Pence

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Pence’s Record: Heavens No!

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Trump as a Role Model?

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Trump VP Pence’s Legislative History

In his usual hissy-fit style, Donald Trump announced Mike Pence as his running mate on Twitter as opposed to a press conference. It seems Trump was mad because his choice was leaked before he could get in front of the fawning media. – Read the full article

Trump, the “Racial Healer”

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Full Speech: Hillary in Atlantic City Discusses Trump’s Business Failures

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Donald Trump Loves Dictators

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