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It’s April 15th, Time For Conservatives to Start Bashing Their Base

It’s tax time folks, the most festive season next to Christmas for Conservatives; a time for them to revel in smearing those less fortunate, while ignoring the obscene tax breaks given to Corporate America, and failed presidential candidates. This year, … Continue reading

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A Letter No Veteran Should Ever Have To Write

The following letter was written by a veteran named Jason, in response to the House cutting $40 Billion from the food stamp program this month: My name is Jason. I turned 35 less than a week ago. My first job … Continue reading

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A Glaring Omission In the Plan For Immigration Reform

First, let’s get the jargon out of the way; immigrants who are living and working here illegally are referred to as “illegals”, undocumented workers”, “out of status”, and “undocumented migrants” to name a few. When immigration hearings began earlier this … Continue reading

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What Paul Ryan Hopes You Gloss Over In His *New* Budget

This morning, Paul Ryan released a rehashed version of the “Path to Prosperity” – and it’s nearly identical to the Romney/Ryan economic blueprint roundly rejected by Americans in November. Medicare is turned into a voucher system, Medicaid is block-granted to the states, … Continue reading

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Jindal’s Budget Still Balanced on the Backs of the Poor

Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has reversed himself on his plan to stop providing hospice care for medicaid patients, which we told you about in an earlier post. Lest you think it’s a sign of a kinder, gentler Governor, think … Continue reading

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Ryan Borrows a Page From Romney’s Playbook

Republicans have done it to America again – plucked some less than qualified dolt from the party rank and file and convinced them they could run the country. Many believe Paul Ryan will seek his party’s nomination in 2016, which … Continue reading

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Moms Rising Counter Protest

I posted Tuesday on a Salon report on Campaign to Fix the Debt, which appears to be a faux grassroots organization leading people to believe they’re concerned about the debt. In reality, they’re funded by rich, fat cats pushing to … Continue reading

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It’s D-Day in the Class War

“We cannot negotiate with those who say, ‘What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.’” –John F. Kennedy On November 6th, 60 million Americans waited in line to yank the monkey wrench from Congress.  We reappointed our Democratic general … Continue reading

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Warren Buffet Suggests Minimum Tax On Wealthy

The latest from Warren Buffet via the New York Times: “…we need Congress, right now, to enact a minimum tax on high incomes. I would suggest 30 percent of taxable income between $1 million and $10 million, and 35 percent … Continue reading

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To Mitt Romney and Republicans, It’s a Matter Of “Us and Them”

Remember Mitt Romney’s little declaration at his $50,000./plate dinner in the video that Mother Jones uncovered; the one where he called: “47 percent of Americans—those who back President Obama—”victims” who are “dependent upon government” and “pay no income tax”. Where … Continue reading

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The Romnzi Scheme

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” –George Orwell ThinkProgress reported that Mitt Romney, his son Tagg, his campaign and campaign surrogates all have significant … Continue reading

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The 47% Have a Few Things To Say, Mitt

Conservatives’ have created a caricature of 47% of folks as collecting welfare and hanging out in front of the TV while 10 kids play on the family WII , getting up only to answer the door when the local drug … Continue reading

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