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I love anonymous!

No, this is not the title to a 90’s romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan. I’m referring to “Anonymous”, the secretive group of computer hackers who, from time to time, hack into the computer system of some government agency or uncaring corporation and cause mischief. – Read the full article

And the right-wing theft of the election begins

When the corporate MSM looks back on this election and wonders why the polls were so wrong, they’ll surely ignore the most obvious reason – electronic voting machines owned by conservatives. Rebecca at Wonkette tries to vote for Obama: UPDATE: Mother Jones reports American Crossroads superPAC, the one co-founded by Karl Rove, is using Rovian-style propaganda (thinking they can neutralize news stories by claiming the dirty deed they’re doing is done by the left) to report false stories and raise money. – Read the full article

How the GOP plans to manipulate the outcome of the November election

We’ve all heard of ways in which the GOP is working to steal the election, including through voter suppression and election fraud. But as I thought about this and researched the possibilities, I concluded that the GOP may already be working on numerous plans to defeat Dems in November: Voter Suppression: A study by the Brennan Center for Justice has concluded that GOP voter suppression efforts could affect 5 million voters, in states that provide 63% of the electoral votes, and in 7 of 12 battleground states. – Read the full article