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“I’m a Republican, and You Should Get Covered”

From Whitehouse.gov with a hat tip to Joanmar on the Daily Kos rec’d list comes yet another inspiring story about how Obamacare is helping Americans, including those who do not normally support President Obama. Mark D. Bearden is a retired … Continue reading

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Eric Bolling of Fox News Denies Racism on the Right

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Pound of Makeup? Check. False Eyelashes? Check. Vet Your Guests?…OOPS!

This is pathetic, even by Fox standards: Evidently, after Salon’s Eric Stern exposed Sean Hannity’s ACA shoppers as completely bogus, Megyn Kelly decided she wasn’t getting caught in that trap. In a segment on her new show, the Kelly File, … Continue reading

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Another Anti-American Vulture Capitalist

Listen to this anti-American contributor at Fox News commenting on Walmart’s plan to have more products that are made in America: This whole notion of buy-American is actually un-American. How does a greedy, corporate vulture get to the point where … Continue reading

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IQ Not a Job Requirement at FOX

Check out this exchange between Fox News’ White House correspondent Ed Henry and press secretary Jay Carney. Henry is asking if Carney would enroll in Obamacare. H/t to Maddow: HENRY: Would you enroll? CARNEY: Absolutely. HENRY: It’s a simple question. … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

Republican Ted Yoho (more like yahoo) had the nerve to compare the GOP’s efforts to defund Obamacare to the civil rights movement: It only takes one with passion — look at Rosa Parks, Lech Walesa, Martin Luther King. People with … Continue reading

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Fox News Aligns with Division of White Supremacist Group to Drive Wedge Between Blacks and Hispanics

Ya, they did that. From Media Matters: During a segment [on Fox] highlighting the “DC March for Jobs,” an anti-immigrant rally sponsored by the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA), Fox News host Jon Scott stated that the group is “opposed … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

The clowns at Fox News complained that a Samuel Adams beer commercial which included the line that all men “are endowed with certain unalienable rights” did not invoke God with “by their Creator” as written in the Declaration of Independence. … Continue reading

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Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama on why he believes Hispanic Americans should be against comprehensive immigration reform: Their wages will be impacted adversely. Their ability to get a job and retirement benefits and health care benefits. [They don’t get that … Continue reading

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Sorry America, Keith Ablow’s Not Running

Call me surprised – Media Matters reports Keith Ablow, has decided “he will not run for Secretary of State John Kerry’s former U.S. Senate seat.” Ablow, Faux News’ resident “Psycho Analyst” as News Corpse likes to call him, gave this … Continue reading

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The GOP Needs to Move Further Right and Suppress the Vote Better: A Modest Proposal

It would appear that many of these “voters” gathered the wrong message from our pitch.  As he poured my wine, Reginald observed that Romney, old boy, convinced the commoners he’d had such an illustrious career in the private sector that … Continue reading

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Gabby Douglas’ Olympic Gold vs. David Webb’s Olympic Sized Stupidity

With Republicans running out of segments of society to hate all over, what’s a party to do? Go after kids and young adults, of course; and what better way than dragging out the ever popular GOP Not Patriotic Enough For … Continue reading

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