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Terrorist Attack in France Is An Opportunity For Fox To Attack Obama

If you haven’t heard, there’s been an apparent terrorist attack in Nice, France. An unidentified man with a large truck ran people down for about a mile, then started shooting at others before he was killed by police. Its been reported that he had guns and grenades in the truck. – Read the full article

Fox and Friends Allows GOP Women to Spew Right-Wing Propaganda

On a segment that would make The Onion envious, Fox and Friends brought on a group of women to speak about women’s issues. Of course, every answer happened to be Republican talking points. The resulting propaganda comes off as comical because it seems like a parody of Fox News and the Republicans trying to address women’s issues. – Read the full article

Bernie Sanders Perfectly Answers Bill Clinton Question; Fox News Exploits

At a recent Bernie Sanders event, somebody asked the senator about Bill Clinton’s notorious sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky. Sanders perfectly answered by strongly condemning those actions but reminding everyone that politics need to be about the issues and that his main competitor is Hillary Clinton, not Bill Clinton. – Read the full article

Fox’s Peter Johnson: San Bernardino Shooting Could Be A ‘Literal War On Christmas’

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. warned that Wednesday’s mass killing in San Bernardino could be a “literal war on Christmas.” Speaking to Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy the morning after the shooting, Johnson advised that the “critical question” was would the incident be “whitewashed” as workplace violence. – Read the full article

Conservatives Angry That Hillary Clinton Refuses To Say ‘Radical Islam’

Republicans, Fox News and other Conservative media outlets continually demand that Democratic politicians use the GOP talking points that have been approved by Frank Luntz, or else they are weak, weak, weak on terrorism, hates America and wants us to lose. – Read the full article

Three Years of Benghazi Hoax in Five Minutes

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The Fox Channel for Homophobes on LGBT History

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Could Trump Bring Down Fox?

Its on! The Trump versus Fox News feud reached incredible new levels today as Fox “circled the wagons” in defense of Megyn Kelly. Trump refused to back down, which Frank Luntz learned (to his shock and dismay) is the main appeal of Trump to his supporters. – Read the full article

Video Clips of the Week

Tom Harkin endorses Hillary – Read the full article

ICYMI: The Trump Versus Megyn Kelly Debate Exchange

You’ve read the remarks, now watch the exchange between Donald Trump and Fox News Host Megyn Kelly at Thursday’s first GOP presidential debate. The other candidates seized on their first opportunity to take their party’s new leader down a notch. But listen to these responses by the Donald’s supporters. – Read the full article

RNC Follows Time Magazine Format In New Anti-Clinton Ad

I wrote this week about Time magazine’s strange, ominous cover of Hillary Clinton. Its a black silhouette of Mrs Clinton with her back to the viewer. The RNC has now released an anti-Hillary ad through the Republican Party’s media arm (providing over $150k in free advertising) and its clear they think the Time format is a winner. – Read the full article

Stupid Conservative Quotes

When Bill O’Reilly is the reasonable one, you know the radical right is in trouble. Check out this back-and-forth between O’Reilly, Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers (transcript by Crooks and Liars): O’Reilly: the only way to prevent it from happening (acquiring uranium) is to attack them. – Read the full article