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A Knowledgeable Person On HRC’s Emails

Jay Hatheway, professor of history, chair of the Department of History at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, and ex-military Special Forces top secret control officer in Europe, wrote a “Guest Column“ for the Wisconsin State Journal. In it, he lays waste to the Republicans’ beating of the Hillary-emails dead horse. – Read the full article

Celebrate American Diplomacy, 15 Freed Hostages Return Home!

The Obama Administration, please take an extended bow for actualizing stellar diplomacy to free five Americans and ten US military personnel from Iran’s detention. “We the people” voted, in two elections, to solve difficult foreign quagmires utilizing negotiations instead of rolling out tanks and sacrificing soldiers. – Read the full article

Fox and Friends Allows GOP Women to Spew Right-Wing Propaganda

On a segment that would make The Onion envious, Fox and Friends brought on a group of women to speak about women’s issues. Of course, every answer happened to be Republican talking points. The resulting propaganda comes off as comical because it seems like a parody of Fox News and the Republicans trying to address women’s issues. – Read the full article

Democrats Must Unite Behind Nominee

Some Democrats on Twitter are starting to sound like Republicans; adopting the “my way or the highway” mentality. A number of Clinton and Sanders supporters are saying they will not vote at all if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination. That will be devastating for the country. – Read the full article

$100 of Blue States’ Purchasing Power Shifts to Loafer Red Takers

You’d never know it by the whining propaganda spewed by self-absorbed GOP politicians complaining about the tax burdens suffered by their conservative constituents is a hoax. The national map offers an insightful review to the reality of whom the ‘ACTUAL TAKERS’ are compared to ‘ FEEBLE PAYERS’. – Read the full article

Priebus Thanks Base For Staying Stupid

We figured Reince Priebus sits at home sweating every time Democrats debate, praying that his base isn’t watching; well, we were right. In one of the most Un-American, Un-Patriotic statements by the head of a major political party, Priebus put out this tweet after Saturday’s debate: As usual, this GOP tweet didn’t get the intended response: Just the idea that the head of the Republican Party would thank his voters for not being engaged says everything you need to know about the GOP. – Read the full article

CNN Debate a Sad Reminder of Politics and Media in 2015

Anyone who watched CNN recently to follow Donald Trump’s antics undoubtedly noticed the clock counting down to the start of the Republican debate along with overdramatic commercials seeming to promise a fight night. CNN basically turns into a sports network for debates, hyping the big event and running pregame coverage all day and especially in primetime. – Read the full article

One Republican’s Message to Today’s GOP

https://twitter.com/missLtoe/status/676246167689162752/photo/1 – Read the full article

Shooting here, a shooting there… NRA & GOP Message: Embrace Violence, Shed Blood

As 2015 winds to a bloody close, last week, similar to the preceding 40, the world witnessed THREE shootings. However, a disturbing trend emerges with many of these murderers in custody. Increasingly, the motivations for violence are directly inspired by right-wingers, conservative tea-party Republicans pushing a propaganda of carnage through organizations and media outlets. – Read the full article

1998 Nightmares of Media Conglomerates Dictating Modern Life Realized

Created in 1998, Saturday Night Live spoofed “Government Rock”, ABC’S educational mini-infomercials with “Conspiracy Theory Rock”. Due to the controversial truths on corporate welfare, media’s exploiting and dictating campaigns, and finally, class warfare waged by the wealthy upon the poor & middle class, the skit was banned… No wonder the cable companies, broadcasters are desperately fighting for tiered internet traffic access and abolish net neutrality. – Read the full article

37 Senate Democrats for Peace, Support Iran Deal…… 3 NOT

Summer is over. Labor Day is here and despite the impending cool fall weather, the political climate is heating up around the Iran Deal.  37 democratic Senators stand with President in preventing Iranian government from procuring nuclear weapons. The President is four supporters away from a filibuster to avert a final vote in the Senate. – Read the full article

Trump’s Campaign, Grounded in the Whitepower Movement?

Ironic, Donald Trump held a rally Friday night in the belly of  American racism, yet fortuitous. Alabama, one of the multi-state wombs the Southern Strategy  gestated for several decades after the passage of 1960s federal civil rights legislation. Nevertheless, peremptorily Trump follows another ambitious liberal who flipped to champion the racist dogma in pursuit of elected office, the late Governor George Wallace (R) – ALA. – Read the full article