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Handicapping the Upcoming War of Words

The 9/11 attacks on American embassies abruptly ended the spectacle of Convention season. Now, US voters can look forward to 50 days of being ambushed by advertisements, pelted with a plethora of polls and inundated with other irrelevant information from the news media. – Read the full article

Tax Cuts, Condoms and Tea: The GOP’s Bermuda Triangle

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”  —Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment Romney and Santorum are at each other’s throats.  Each claims to be the real conservative.  Romney accuses Santorum of being an old fashioned wheeling and dealing politician.  Santorum laughs that Romney is a liberal governor from Massachusetts.  – Read the full article

Overheard: Newt’s “Conservative Dream Team”

How was CPAC? You should’ve seen Gingrich’s speech Friday; he had this big photo projected on the wall behind him of his “Conservative Dream Team” Endorsers, and… Wait, he got Marco Rubio’s endorsement? No, he… Jim DeMint? Nope. Jeb Bush? Nope. – Read the full article

Gimme That Ol’ Time Religious Quid Pro Quo

Herman Cain has officially endorsed Newt Gingrich, explaining it this way according to Newsmax : “I decided to throw my support behind former Speaker Newt Gingrich because I can now see much clearer distinctions between President Obama and Newt than I do between Governor Mitt Romney and the president. – Read the full article

“Prebuttals” and Rebuttals to the President’s State of the Union Address

It has always been a tradition that during the President’s State of the Union Address, a chosen representative of the opposing party sits waiting impatiently to tear it down. Realistically, it could have been any Republican tool; but last night’s Golden Boy happened to be Mitch Daniels, who succeeded above all else in highlighting his own ignorance. – Read the full article

Colbert attacks Colbert

Love this silly, superPAC satire … – Read the full article


Mario puts the discarded candidates in their place … – Read the full article

Cain becomes Palin

Mario Piperni is more like a prophet than an artist. He created this illustration weeks ago, and Cain morphing into Palin is essentially what has happened. Cain has “suspended” his campaign, which means that (technically) the campaign is not over. Reportedly, he can continue to accept campaign contributions (including from his largest donors, the billionaire Koch brothers) and spend them as if he was still seeking the nomination. – Read the full article

Ginger does Herman

Ok, Hermy baby – try to wiggle your way out of this one. A 13 year affair with a woman that just ended 8 months ago! From Raw Story “It was pretty simple,” Ginger White told Atlanta’s Fox 5 television. “It wasn’t complicated. – Read the full article

Best moments in Tuesday’s GOP National Security Debate

I’m going to admit upfront that I don’t have the stomach to sit through any of the GOP presidential candidate debates, so I rely on MSNBC and various online news and blog sources for the highlights. Ben Adler at The Nation has put together the 10 Best Moments of the debate, and here are two of them: Moment when it became most apparent that Herman Cain has no idea what he’s talking about: here’s part of Cain’s answer on whether racial profiling in airport security is appropriate: “I want to make sure that I get to the Patriot Act. – Read the full article

Cain channels Rick Perry in interview with newspaper editorial board

How on earth is this idiot doing so well in the polls? Painful, just painful to watch … – Read the full article

Sexual Harassment, Good for Campaigning?

Herman Cain’s campaign manager revealed today that Cain had enjoyed his largest fundraising day ever after news of his sex scandal broke. Apparently, this is the best thing republicans have heard about a potential presidential candidate and couldn’t resist donating large sums of money to a man who can’t help but sexually harass women.   – Read the full article