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I apologize if this post is filled with errors and mumble jumble sentences… but I’m attempting to bash this out as I sit at my desk literally laughing so hard that I’m crying.   Trying to type accurately as my body shakes and my eyes stream is just about impossible. – Read the full article

A Little Humor Before We Wade into the 2013 Political Abyss

From Being Liberal: – Read the full article

The Belated Weekend Onionism: Republicans Win Buffett Rule Vote, 45-51

Senate Republicans defeated Democrats on the Buffett Rule with 45 votes, versus 51 votes.  This phenomena is known as Republican new math. Seperately, in a stunning reversal which shook the sports world, the National Football League called a press conference to announce that using Republican new math the New England Patriots had retroactively defeated the New York Giants 17-21 in the 2012 Super Bowl.   – Read the full article

Great Political Minds

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A Little Humor to Start Your Weekend

In the process of researching an article about how my neighboring state Kentucky’s “Creationist Theme Park” is screwing Kentucky taxpayers, I came across this animated gem by NonStampCollector (HT: Def Shepherd). HAPPY FRIDAY! – Read the full article