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Immigrants’ Invite

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Here’s a New Angle on the Right Wing’s Hatred of Immigrants

This is Ann Coulter on The View explaining the difference between herself and the immigrants she despises: I am — I’m a settler. I’m descended from settlers, not immigrants. America … was created by settlers, not immigrants. She believes she’s a descendant of the very first group of European immigrants settlers who killed Native Americans and stole their land, and that makes her better than immigrants who came here afterwards and did not kill Native Americans. – Read the full article

One of the Many Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

Democrats respect immigrants. pic.twitter.com/rs71pdc8vp — The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) October 21, 2015 – Read the full article

The GOP Says No To Helping Children, But Yes To Another Iraq War

As we get closer to the November mid-term election, I can’t decide if I should be concerned or ecstatic. The disastrous 2010 election showed us that many on the left and independents don’t feel the urgency to vote in an off-year election. – Read the full article

Conservatives Have Much in Common with Nazis

Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity … they all love to describe the people who dare to disagree with them as “Nazis”. But the fact is, conservatives have a great deal more in common with Nazis than anyone on the left. – Read the full article

Cornyn – Making Sh*t Up to Pander to His White Trash Base

When Republican John Cornyn isn’t voting against protecting women from taking a beating by his white-trash buddies, he’s busy making shit up to instill fear in the white folks and keep his name in the news. From DSCC: John Cornyn’s never ending effort to endear himself to the most extreme elements of his party took a bizarre turn last week when Cornyn tweeted the following: “Friend on border sez 300 ppl coming across his property every night. – Read the full article

Mr. Obama, Tear Down the Private Profit Prisons

“…men who so uneasily tolerate superiors patiently suffer a master, and show themselves proud and servile at the same time.” –Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America In 2007, a teenager in a depressed county of Northeastern Pennsylvania, recently bereft of its industrial and coal mining jobs, was sentenced to 3 months in juvenile detention.  – Read the full article