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Albatross of Student Loans

According to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), “Student debt today, at $1.2 trillion, is the second largest category of debt in this country-more than credit card and auto loan debt.”  That is TRILLION with a T.  President Obama has heard the out-cry from millennials, but his response is not what they want, let alone need.  – Read the full article

They Said ACA Would Kill Jobs

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The GOP Blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act Because . . .

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asserts that the Paycheck Fairness Act “was going to be helpful to trial lawyers.” I developed a small headache as I tried to unravel the web of contradiction while she spoke about how pro-women’s equality the Republicans were while at the same time lamenting that she has dealt with said inequality repeatedly. – Read the full article

Jobs for Democrats – Newest Listings!

I updated our listing of Democratic and Dem-friendly organizations and job banks today. The listing contains everything from official Democratic Party orgs to organizations that support issues important to Democrats. Jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities in D.C., NYC, and many other locations. – Read the full article

Obama-Era Jobs: The Beat Goes On

Unemployment has now dropped to 6.7%. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering that conservatives in banking and on Wall Street nearly destroyed our economy with reckless gambling and lending fraud. Plus we had Republican obstructionism for all these years that started with a cabal of right-wingers meeting on Obama’s 2009 inauguration day to block the President’s agenda to improve the economy. – Read the full article

New Job at Jobs4Dems – NGP Van

Check out the new job post at Jobs4Dems by NGP Van: National Account Executive Responsibilities: As a member of our Sales Team, you will sell our software products and technology services in a designated territory within the U.S. You will develop new business primarily through prospecting and cold calls, as well as by building relationships with Democratic officials, consultants, and members of the campaign professional community. – Read the full article

Latest Republican “Lipstick on a Pig” Legislation

Republicans have passed their latest piece of  Not-At-All-What-the-Title-Suggests-Legislation (You know, like all those “jobs bills” they’ve proposed), and it’s misleadingly titled the “Working Families Flexibility Act”. Eric Cantor, the second ranking Republican con-man in the House had a few words to say about the bill on the House floor: “Recently, I spoke with a constituent from Richmond…a working mom who runs an early childhood education center… Some of her employees need to take off to take their child to the doctor, some need to go meet with a teacher…She understands that this bill would give her employees more flexibility to balance both work, and their lives at home… For too long, working families in the private sector have not been able to choose a more flexible schedule when working overtime…” In February, Cantor alluded to the bill in his “Make Life Work” speech stating: “Imagine if we simply chose to give all employees and employers this option. – Read the full article

A Glaring Omission In the Plan For Immigration Reform

First, let’s get the jargon out of the way; immigrants who are living and working here illegally are referred to as “illegals”, undocumented workers”, “out of status”, and “undocumented migrants” to name a few. When immigration hearings began earlier this year, Rep. – Read the full article

Republicans Link Reagan/Bush Layoffs to Obama’s Re-election

Well, not really… not yet anyway, but give them time. The conservative blogosphere has decided that any lay-off, for any reason, in any industry, that occurs from now on, is the result of President Obama’s re-election. Conservative sites are full of headlines like: Share This Massive List Of Post-Election Firings And Layoffs With Everyone You Can More Mass Layoffs After Obama Reelection The ObamaCare Layoffs Begin One website, “The Economic Collapse”, salivates over anything negative in the economy to pin on the President; at the same time, the ignorant fools who read this stuff (those Conservatives who never fact check for themselves), eat it up and regurgitate it. – Read the full article

Still Undecided? The Romney Recap For Voters, Part 1: Bain Capital

Who Is Mitt Romney? In 2008, John McCain’s campaign staff put together an exhaustive, 200 page dossier on Mitt Romney while vetting candidates for Vice President. That dossier is a major reason McCain didn’t choose Romney, and contains plenty of reasons why Americans shouldn’t either. – Read the full article

Republicans Demand More Money For Defense, Just Not For the Defenders

So much for those über-patriotic, military-supporting, love-our-vets Republicans. “After everything our veterans have done for us, the least we can do is make sure they are afforded every opportunity to thrive here at home.” So said U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) a week ago, right after Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have established a $1 billion veterans’ jobs program. – Read the full article

Mitt Romney’s Five Point Scam

Before the Arrogant Jackass Tape blew up in his face, Mitt Romney had started hawking what he calls his “5 Point Plan”, which is every bit as vague as the campaign itself, save this: he’s as creative with the plan’s numbers as he is with his taxes. – Read the full article