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Joe Walsh: King of the Racists

Joe Walsh, infamous deadbeat dad and former, one term Congressman, was one of the first right wing racists to lash out at the President for the targeted killing of cops in Dallas last night. How dare our black President speak about the never-ending deaths of black men at the hands of bad cops (as opposed to good cops). – Read the full article

Friday Feminism: Rape, Sexism and Just Plain F*d Up

EPIC FAIL – HIGH SCHOOL EDITION WTF is going on with high schools lately?  I told you about the Canadian girl who wore shorts to school and was shamed (Friday Feminism – June 6th) and I told you about the Utah high school that had altered the yearbook photos (Friday Feminism – May 30th).   – Read the full article

The Joe Walsh Radio show at WDBD

This is the funniest thing I’ve read in years. Former Congressman Joe Walsh, the clown who owed over $100,000 in back child support, the chickenhawk who was beaten in 2012 by veteran Tammy Duckworth, this fool has his own radio show! – Read the full article

Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

In today’s edition of stupid conservative quotes the radical right uses the 50th anniversary of MLK’s dream speech to go beyond hypocrisy into a bizzaro-world where up is down and black is white. Rush Limbaugh claims a viewer compares him to the most famous black leader in American history: I had a friend of mine send me some excerpts of Martin Luther King’s speech fifty years ago, and there are four of them there. – Read the full article

The GOP’s Class Warfare: What the Fluke?

Throughout the past four years, and ad nauseam in Tampa, Republicans have denounced Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on top income earners as “class warfare.” Yet, in another example of trying to have his cake and eat it, Romney has propagated ads on welfare that are demonstrably divisive on demographic lines. – Read the full article

Wall Street and big banks caused the financial collapse, end of story

Earlier today I posted on the childish rant of Teabagger Congressman Joe Walsh in which he attempted to shout-down his constituents with the fairy tale that banks and the marketplace were not responsible for the financial mess we’re in. He actually claims that government “forced” banks to put everyone into a home (“the devil made me do it” defense). – Read the full article

Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh doesn’t get it

Teabagger and Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois doesn’t seem to be able to grasp simple concepts. Besides being over $100,000 delinquent on his child support, he fails to understand how big banks and wall street firms destroyed the housing market and economies around the world (try reading the article, Joe, you ignorant f*ck). – Read the full article

Dead-beat dad to skip Obama address

So teabagger Congressman Joe Walsh says he won’t attend President Obama’s address to Congress on Thursday. Who gives a sh*t??? Joe Walsh shouldn’t be allowed in the same room as the President. That clown owes over $100,000 in child support! The President should counter Walsh’s statement with one like this: “Dead-beat dads are not welcome at my address to Congress”.  – Read the full article