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Walmart Says “No” Arkansas Obeys: Religious Bill Rejected

Like the old saying goes, “money talks and b*((%$!t walks”. Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) – AR (above right), received an informal directive from retail giant Walmart, to rescind, renounce… oh hell, ‘don’t sign that bill’. It didn’t hurt that Hutchinson’s fellow Gov-thug to the north, Mike Pence (R) – Ind is catching 360 hell for signing his version of the Religious Freedom Act; a transparently veiled legislation meant to undermine LGBT civil rights’ protections. – Read the full article

For Indiana’s Conservatives, Everyone Else is a 2nd Class Citizen

People are angered by Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence (R) signing the Religious Freedom law as a qualifier to extend the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, RFRA, from organizations and groups to individuals. However, if you regularly consume the news like a good meal, you acknowledge the Hoosier state has charged backward with their attacks to specific classes of citizens. – Read the full article

Kerry Washington’s Eloquent Speech For Diversity

The Scandal star, winner of the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards’ Vanguard Award, proudly and forcefully supports the LGBT community during her acceptance speech. – Read the full article

Violence Against Women Act Reauthorized

The Violence Against Women Act was finally reauthorized today after a year and a half delay. NPR reports: … 199 of the 200 House Democrats voted for VAWA. One didn’t vote. Meanwhile, only 87 of 232 Republicans voted for the bill in the House. – Read the full article

GOProud “Takes One For the Gipper” So to Speak

The Great Pilgrimage of the Holier Than Thou took place last week, as Conservatives flocked to Washington, D.C. for their annual Political Action Conference. CPAC, as it’s commonly referred to, is the yearly superiority fix for the right wing’s Crème de la Crème (or scum on the pond, depending on your viewpoint). – Read the full article