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The Tea Party Will Make 2014 Fun for Democrats

Despite the calls by moderate Republicans to neutralize and marginalize Ted Cruz after their disastrous government shutdown, the tea party and their media supporters have claimed victory and elevated Cruz to “hero” status. I have no doubt that the loudmouths at Faux News and on hate radio will spend the next year+ leading up to the 2014 election demonizing the President and Democrats, continuing their quixotic fight to deny health care to millions of Americans, blocking comprehensive immigration reform, and generally pissing off all minorities and women while destroying the Republican Party. – Read the full article

GOP Provides the Mantra of 2014

A quote by Nevada Republican Pat Hickey predicting big GOP wins in 2014: A lot of minorities, a lot of younger people will not turn out in an non-presidential year. It’s a great year for Republicans. “Its a great year for Republicans.” That’s an old Republican thinking of the bad ol’ days when minorities and young adults may not have been motivated to vote in mid-term elections. – Read the full article

Today’s Stupid Conservative Quotes

The radical right is busy pushing propaganda on the Affordable Care Act in an attempt to win public support for defunding the law, and cover their asses if they shut-down the government. Here’s the Tea Party’s favorite mouthpiece, Ted Cruz, in an interview with Candy Crowley at CNN: Crowley: “But what about … you lost? – Read the full article

Another Old Racist in the Republican Party Gives Racist Advice

Forget the hispanic outreach and just focus on the white vote?!! Yeah, she actually said that! – Read the full article

Conservatives Have Much in Common with Nazis

Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity … they all love to describe the people who dare to disagree with them as “Nazis”. But the fact is, conservatives have a great deal more in common with Nazis than anyone on the left. – Read the full article

Conservative Strategy to Confuse the Public on Their Racism

Brad Paisley is in the news this week for releasing a song entitled “Accidental Racist”. The title seems to imply that people like him are being unfairly labeled “racist”. We’ve all seen the complaints in blog comments by right-wingers claiming they are “tired of being called a racist”. – Read the full article

Mr. Obama, Tear Down the Private Profit Prisons

“…men who so uneasily tolerate superiors patiently suffer a master, and show themselves proud and servile at the same time.” –Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America In 2007, a teenager in a depressed county of Northeastern Pennsylvania, recently bereft of its industrial and coal mining jobs, was sentenced to 3 months in juvenile detention.  – Read the full article

Vetting Paul Ryan, Part 4: Ready To Lead Who Exactly?

This final installment of the series looks at how a Paul Ryan Commander in Chief would affect the various voting blocs that make up the country; the Vice President is after all supposed to be “ready on day one” to be President if the need arises. – Read the full article

Chain of Fools

On Tuesday, Joe Biden made a small gaffe when speaking to a crowd of supporters in Danville, Virginia. He indicated that listeners would help the Obama-Biden ticket carry North Carolina – not Virginia – another 2012 battleground state. However, another Biden off-the-cuff comment has elicited a manufactured outrage from conservatives for his alleged racially loaded language. – Read the full article


An organization that will have the radical-white … I mean “radical-right” up in arms … PAC+ is a new national network focused on democratizing money and politics to give voice to America’s New Majority. Recognizing that People of Color and progressive Whites are now the majority of people in America, PAC+ will pool the resources of its members and direct them to strategic races in states where the demographic revolution can change the political balance of power. – Read the full article