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Because They’re Just That Dumb

Do RWNJs get dumber on the phone?  Check out these polling stats from ThinkProgress (with my emphasis): Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), was born in Calgary, Alberta in Canada in 1970, according to the birth certificate he released two years ago. But a Public Policy Polling poll released on Monday found that 40 percent of Republican voters falsely believe Cruz was born in the United States — compared to just 29 percent who believe the same of Hawaiian-born Barack Obama. – Read the full article

Hamilton vs Jefferson, Federal vs State, fight continues by exploiting the animus of racism.

Salon took the initiative of reviewing of Hamilton vs Jefferson’s disparate dream of Americana filtered through the modern lens of exploiting racial politics…... Federal vs State.   Today, a large part of the population remains willfully racist, [TEA PARTY] and by extension, a great number of people have also become unconsciously so, buying implicitly into stereotypes about Black Americans as dependent and lazy [MITT ROMNEY]; and thus determined to stop social programs [CRUZ] and limit the federal government’s influence [PAUL] — even if it is not to their own benefit. – Read the full article

Romney Thinks Re-branding (Again) Will Help in 2016

Romney Looks to “Re-brand” Himself for 2016… From Which Version? After an unsuccessful bid for the Senate, one term as Governor of Massachusetts, and two failed campaigns for President, America still has no idea who Mitt Romney is, mainly because Romney doesn’t know himself. – Read the full article

Rudy: About That Romney Benghazi Thing

Sorry Folks, Benghazi. Again. I used to like Rudy Giuliani way, way, waaaay back, when he wasn’t a right wing bootlick. For those of you who missed it, Rudy Giuliani discussed Mitt Romney’s failed campaign on Fox and Friends this morning, and like a dutiful Republican, invoked BENGHAAAAAZI!: “Even if he didn’t win, if he had made Benghazi a bigger issue, I think we would have had a better chance.” Rudy seems to forget that Benghazi did enter Mitt’s campaign, when America watched him leave his press conference about the tragedy with a self-serving smirk on his face, happy as a 1% pig in shit: Don’t be such a putz, Rudy. – Read the full article

Mitt Romney is Ready to Save the GOP if He Must

Two time loser Mitt Romney will evidently make the sacrifice to run again if the GOP needs to be saved from the wrong frontrunner. Does he actually believe the third time could be a charm, considering his contempt for half of America? – Read the full article

Who’s The Racist Now?

Read the full article

GOP Hopes Dust-Up Over Romney’s Black Grandchild Diverts Attention From His Racketeering Lawsuit

The political opportunism of the radical right to cry racism against Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC and demand apologies is not only ridiculously hypocritical (where are the apologies for these?) but it also diverts attention from Mitt Romney being sued on racketeering charges. – Read the full article

Sarah Palin Uses a Racist Term to Attack a Racial Observation

The internet is full of articles today on a MSNBC segment with Melissa Harris-Perry. Here is the actual segment. The segment is about “awkward familyphotos.” The first FOUR photos she showed and laughed about were pictures of the President and the First Lady. – Read the full article

A Letter No Veteran Should Ever Have To Write

The following letter was written by a veteran named Jason, in response to the House cutting $40 Billion from the food stamp program this month: My name is Jason. I turned 35 less than a week ago. My first job was maintenance work at a public pool when I was 17. – Read the full article

What Paul Ryan Hopes You Gloss Over In His *New* Budget

This morning, Paul Ryan released a rehashed version of the “Path to Prosperity” – and it’s nearly identical to the Romney/Ryan economic blueprint roundly rejected by Americans in November. Medicare is turned into a voucher system, Medicaid is block-granted to the states, Obamacare is repealed, marginal tax rates are lowered. – Read the full article

Republicans’ Selective Memory Affliction

Conservatives continue to yap about Benghazi in print and on TV, even dragging Bush era foreign policy dinosaurs Rumsfeld and Cheney into the mix; all of them trying to claim it points to either a “cover-up” or “incompetence”. So I’m curious – what did they call these: In another 2003 attack not listed above, when housing compounds in Riyadh were blown up by car bombs, leaving 8 Americans dead and 16 hospitalized, Fox News reported (my emphasis): Sen. – Read the full article

Obama Joins a Select Group of Presidents in History

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that with almost all the votes finally counted, the President’s margin of victory will be greater than even his campaign aides had expected: In the weeks since the election, as states have completed their counts, Obama’s margin has grown steadily. – Read the full article