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Chrisite Scandal….AGAIN…So, What Else is New?

You can set your calendar to Christie Scandals in 2015. The Administration more resembles a prime-time show than state government. His histrionics beckons to a 1970s ‘Banana Republic’ dictatorships ruled by ‘strong men’ exchanging bribes for political and business favors. Americans used to spurn shadowy corrupt democracies and cronyism, but no longer. – Read the full article

Feds Bridging the Garden State with Indictments

“ I told you so” and echoes of vindication were heralded throughout the halls of the capital in Trenton last Friday by Team Christie….A report released by the Democratic legislature fails to find direct evidence linking Governor Chris Christie (R) – NJ in the politically motivated closing the George Washington Bridge, #Bridgegate, in the fall of 2013. – Read the full article

Why Does Governor Christie Hate New Jersey Drivers?

The title of this post in any other forum would indicate the subject is the infamous George Washington Bridge traffic jam that was organized by members of the Christie administration for petty political purposes. When it comes to Christie pissing off New Jersey drivers what other subject could there possibly be, right? – Read the full article

The Port Authority Tosses Christie Pal Under The Bus

According to the Bergen Record, the Port Authority has declined to pay for legal bills accrued by former executive David Wildstein. The Port Authority cites agency bylaws that prohibit paying for legal defense in the event of “fraud, malice, misconduct, or intentional wrongdoing”. – Read the full article

Senator Cory Booker

Congrats to the newly elected, junior Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey. Booker replaces the late Senator Frank Lautenberg and returns the Senate to a 55-45 Democratic majority. Booker trounced the tea party candidate Steve Lonegan. Sarah Palin campaigned for Lonegan [it didn’t help him] and, as usual, she spoke at rallies with notes written on her hand [and she mocks the President for using a teleprompter]. – Read the full article

Special Election in NJ – Am I the Only Dem Who Thinks This is a Good Deal?

NJ Governor Chris Christie had the option to replace the late Senator Frank Lautenberg with a Republican or a Democrat. I was convinced he would choose a Republican in order to score points with the radical fringe who believed Christie’s public display of respect for the President after Hurricane Sandy cost Romney the presidency. – Read the full article

Chris Christie: Civil Rights Bill Signing Hypocrite

Chris Christie reverse engineered common sense recently and declared that the civil rights movement would have been given a great bargain if only that issue had been put on the ballot rather than being taken to the streets, busses and lunch counters.    – Read the full article