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Obama-Era Jobs: The Beat Goes On

Unemployment has now dropped to 6.7%. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering that conservatives in banking and on Wall Street nearly destroyed our economy with reckless gambling and lending fraud. Plus we had Republican obstructionism for all these years that … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Is To Blame For Obama Presidency

Wow, I have heard some ridiculous things in my time, but this just may take the prize. According to Anthony Gierzynski, a political science teacher at the University of Vermont, the worldwide sensation that is Harry Potter “played a small … Continue reading

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Obama Economy Keeps Moving Along

Jobs were added again in June, making this 33 consecutive months of job growth under President Obama. Not an easy feat when you consider the strategy of the GOP, the actual strategy they formulated when they met on Obama’s first … Continue reading

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Stupid Right Wing Tweets – Dubya Edition

GEORGE BUSH KEPT US SAFE FOR 8 YEARSAND ONCE AGAIN @barackobama FAILS AS TERRORISTS BOMB BOSTON MARATHON is.gd/yhzvxB #p2 #dnc — Patrick Dollard (@PatDollard) April 15, 2013 A perfect example of right-wingers spewing nonsense as if its fact. Bush’s incompetence … Continue reading

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Limbaugh’s Inane Self-Contradictory Blathering

Regarding the upcoming sequester, Rush Limbaugh said he is ashamed of his country.  He alleges that this is because more people believe the Democrats’ version of how we got to this point than the Republicans’.  Given that the GOP Congress … Continue reading

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It’s D-Day in the Class War

“We cannot negotiate with those who say, ‘What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.’” –John F. Kennedy On November 6th, 60 million Americans waited in line to yank the monkey wrench from Congress.  We reappointed our Democratic general … Continue reading

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The Obama Era

“We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.” –George Washington The American people have spoken. And they have declared: “Forward.” We have chosen … Continue reading

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Live-Blogging the Foreign Policy Debate

The last debate will begin in a little over 10 minutes and I will be live-blogging it. We can probably expect to see commentary on US relations with Iran, China and Russia.  Possibly North Korea, but maybe not.  US policy … Continue reading

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Halloween Debate on Benghazi: Romney Should Dress as Sesame Street’s ‘The Count’

With Halloween nearly upon us, for tomorrow’s debate, Romney should dress as ‘The Count.’  He’s an aristocrat with a huge mouth obsessed with meaningless numbers.  And The Count is a Muppet.  But unlike the oddly charming Count, Romney’s vampire campaign … Continue reading

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Obama Won the Second Debate

President Obama vigorously and aggressively defended his record for the last 90 minutes.  On every issue, he was a happy warrior, carefully and thoughtfully explaining the issues and how his plans have unfolded over the last four years and what … Continue reading

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No serious presidential candidate has ever stooped this low.  Romney’s comments on the Benghazi attack reveal that he does not have the knowledge or the temperament to steer America through a turbulent world.  He never has been and never will … Continue reading

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Ryan Catches On Quickly to Romney’s Campaign Style

Paul Ryan caught on to one aspect of Romney’s campaign style pretty quickly; just say anything that sounds good, factual or not. According to the Los Angeles Times, at a recent campaign stop in Stark County, Ohio: Ryan …blamed job losses … Continue reading

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