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OWS: Glorifying the Mantle of Ignorance

As Doug Marquardt has documented in his series, “OWS is Not Our Ally”, the Occupy movement believes: “…the President has to give them a reason to vote, he’s no different than Romney, he’s a corporate puppet, etc. It’s as if, in their imaginary utopia, they think a President can actually please all Democrats.” It started out as a swell of anger across a broad spectrum of Americans, that coincided with the frustrations of people across the world. – Read the full article

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Images From MoveOn.org: The #1 Reason Barack Obama Is Different From Mitt Romney 6 Cut-Through-The-Bullsh_t Reasons To Support The 99% One Bumper Sticker Sure To Give The GOP Nightmares The One Question That Will Stump ALL Your Republican Friends     What A Romney Presidency Could Mean For Social Security – Read the full article

Left – Right Word Association

Let’s try a little word association game, between the political left versus the radical right. Left Right Facts Opinions Research Fabricate Confirmed Sources Conspiracy Therories Youtube Evidence “Gotcha Politics” Any network or cable news except Fox “Lamestream Media” Mainstreet Wall Street Capitalism “Vulture Capitalism” People Corporations Save the auto industry “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” Environmental Activists “Environmental Terrorists” Global Warming “Hoax” Gun Laws Gun Shows Peace War Negotiate “Appeasement” Justice Torture, Capital Punishment Doves Chickhawks Civil Rights, Human Rights, Personal Freedoms Patriot Act, National Security, TSA Pat-downs, Wire-taps Support the Troops Don’t serve, Don’t Pay for War, Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Killed Bin Laden (“f*ck!”) Compromise “Lose” Bi-Partisan Republicans + Joe Lieberman Empathy “Bleeding-Heart Liberals” Diversity Herman Cain Accept All Beliefs “Radical Secularism”, “God-less Liberals” “What Would Jesus Do?” Malevolent God Women’s Rights “Sluts”, “Feminazis” Minority Rights Repeal Affirmative Action Gay Rights “Man on Dog”, Closeted Republicans Worker’s Rights No Unions, Right-To-Work States, Outsourcing Voting Rights Voter Suppression Occupy Movement “Rapists and Murderers” Medicaid, Food Stamps “Nanny-State” Health Care Reform “Socialism” Medicare “Socialism” (if under 55) Social Security “Ponzi-Scheme” (if under 55) – Read the full article

Santorum Mulling Secret Service Protection – From Hecklers

According to the Associated Press, Rick Santorum is looking into Secret Service protection because, “Santorum hosted an outdoor rally adjacent to the campsite of Tacoma, Wash., Occupy protesters Monday night. They chanted and yelled during most of the event. Two protesters were dragged away by police.” Ew, scary! – Read the full article

A Severe Case of the Conservative

“Good. Now trickle down.” “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.” —Michael Kinsley Poor Mitt.  Addressing CPAC on Friday while struggling to cement his lead, Romney said, “I was a severely conservative Republican governor.” The phrase “severely conservative” left most people either scratching or shaking their heads.  – Read the full article

Little Clown Receives a Big Paycheck (or, why I hate Ron Paul)

Hey everyone, seeing as this is my first article here on All Things Democrat I thought I’d give myself a quick little introduction: My name’s Scott, I’m a 21-year old northern Virginian who was born and raised in Sterling, now attending school at Christopher Newport University in the south of the state. – Read the full article

Occupy DEMANDS Answers. Do you?

And, on the eighth day the Earth shook, the heavens parted, and mankind was split into two warring political factions:  Us…and, them (the 99% vs. the 1%). The heart of America (the 99%) is under attack.  The enemy is misinformation.  The attack is brief, but consistent. – Read the full article

Police targeting media who cover Occupy sites

This is unbelievable; the police are targeting members of the media who are covering Occupy sites around the country. This is a blatant attempt by the 1% to prevent the public from watching and supporting the protests, as well as witnessing police brutality against the protesters. – Read the full article

Hannity’s hyperbole on occupy wallstreet crackdown

How anyone listens to this moron, and believes his bullshit, is beyond me. Hannity actually says the Occupy WallStreet protesters are “anti-Semitic”, “clinically insane”, guilty of “rape” and “masturbation in public”, and there have been suicides, shootings, outbreaks of head and body lice in, and I quote, “every single solitary city” where Occupy protests have occurred. – Read the full article

Occupy Dallas protestor pushed off 4 foot planter, police officer covers own ass

On Saturday, November 5th, eight people were arrested at an Occupy Dallas protest after a Dallas Police officer assaulted a protester and a riot broke out. That’s the truth, but the officer told this story: After being directed to get down, one of of the protesters became aggressive and assaulted a police officer. – Read the full article

Did you move your money today?

Today is Move Your Money Day (or Bank Transfer Day), with the idea being that you should move your money from the big banks who took a bailout and then sat on the money to improve their balance sheet, instead of loaning that money to individuals and businesses to save the economy. – Read the full article

Occupy WallStreet: Why the protesters are so angry

From the Business Insider – the US trails 92 other countries in income equality… GOP hopes you’ll think, “cool, we made the top 100! – Read the full article