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Vetting Paul Ryan, Part 3: Campaign Finance and The Ties That Blind

Bloomberg recently reported that Paul Ryan is “one of the top political fundraisers in Congress”; but where do the bulk of his campaign contributions come from, and what if any influence might they have had in his budget process? For all of the talk about “crony capitalism”, the GOP receives the most campaign finance money from big business and big banks, and some of the disparities are considerable: Finance/Insur/RealEst          30.6%   Dem   50.6%  Rep Health                                 39.0%   Dem   46.9%  Rep Energy/Nat Resource           19.3%   Dem   65.0%  Rep Agribusiness                       27.5%   Dem   68.0%  Rep Defense                              40.3%   Dem   59.3%  Rep The business industry makes up 93% of Ryan’s PAC donations; and a large share of those are courtesy of the Koch brothers, which according to Politico, “rank as the Wisconsin Republican’s sixth-largest source of campaign money throughout his career…” For those who may not know who the Koch brothers are, they’re involved in the manufacturing, refining and distribution of petroleum, among numerous other businesses. – Read the full article

Newt’s Gaseous 2.50 a Gallon Fantasy

“It is occupied by self-selected bureaucrats who see themselves as dictators over the rest of us, they have no application of common sense. They have no application of economic reality.” You thought that was someone talking about the Republican-controlled House, didn’t you? – Read the full article