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Ryan Won’t Seek GOP 2016 Nomination

Try to hold back the tears America: Paul Ryan, the cat food for seniors, inner city folks are lazy, change how we do math to make my budget work, Romney loving, failed VP candidate, has decided not to run for the GOP nomination in 2016. – Read the full article

If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Once, Shame On Them.

The entire title to this post is: If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Once, Shame On Them. If You Are Fooled By Conservatives Twice, Fool Me… Won’t Get Fooled Again. During his speech to CPAC, Paul Ryan gave a “moving” example of the difference between the Republican party’s desire for hard work and the left’s supposed desire to maintain dependence on big government. – Read the full article

Reid Pushes Senate to Marathon Session to Confirm Nominees

Reid pushes Senate to marathon session to confirm nominees (via PBS News Hour) By: Christina Bellantoni and Katelyn Polantz A Senate employee walks through the Capitol Crypt at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images It’s not often the Senate works through the night. – Read the full article

Republicans Compromise on Towel Service

Has Fox News ever been critical of the Republican Party? They have now. In a recent clip from Greta Van Sustern, the Republicans were identified as people unconcerned with the average American, and totally focused on themselves. The story revealed that the Republicans have deemed their swimming pool, basketball courts, sauna and steam room as “essential items”. – Read the full article

A Letter No Veteran Should Ever Have To Write

The following letter was written by a veteran named Jason, in response to the House cutting $40 Billion from the food stamp program this month: My name is Jason. I turned 35 less than a week ago. My first job was maintenance work at a public pool when I was 17. – Read the full article

Republicans, Once Giddy About the Sequester, Now Blame Obama for the Predictable Consequences

I’ve always maintained that passing the “sequester” legislation was nothing more than a well-planned, Republican strategy – they get the massive cuts they wanted and the opportunity to blame the President for the consequences. Repeating lies has become the radical right’s most effective political strategy. – Read the full article

What Paul Ryan Hopes You Gloss Over In His *New* Budget

This morning, Paul Ryan released a rehashed version of the “Path to Prosperity” – and it’s nearly identical to the Romney/Ryan economic blueprint roundly rejected by Americans in November. Medicare is turned into a voucher system, Medicaid is block-granted to the states, Obamacare is repealed, marginal tax rates are lowered. – Read the full article

Let’s Go to the Videotape: Lyin Ryan On the Sequester

Paul Ryan was interviewed on the Hugh Hewitt show two days ago, and when asked about the sequester, had this to say: “We see that as kind of the political game that the President is playing here. Let’s never forget to remind people, though, that the President is the one who insisted on the sequester in the first place. – Read the full article

Ryan Borrows a Page From Romney’s Playbook

Republicans have done it to America again – plucked some less than qualified dolt from the party rank and file and convinced them they could run the country. Many believe Paul Ryan will seek his party’s nomination in 2016, which would explain his sudden flip-flop on Social Security and Medicare “takers”. – Read the full article

Boehner Weighs the Pros and Cons(ervatives): a Fiscal Cliffhanger

As Congressional Republicans trickle back into Washington after a nice, long, relaxing, luxurious holiday vacation, House Speaker John Boehner sits alone in his office, waiting to hold a strategy session on the looming fiscal cliff. Making a piggy bank gallop across his desk, Boehner hums to himself, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, my caucus ran away.  – Read the full article

Charting The Republican War On Women: In the GOP’s Own Words

This chart is brought to you by Brainwrap via Eclectablog: “Yesterday, in light of the latest misogynistic idiocy by the Republican moron of the moment, Richard Mourdock, I decided to whip up a compilation of some of the more revolting statements on the subject of rape (often tied in with reproductive rights, but not always).” Please share this absolutely everywhere – Read the full article

Romney did not misspeak on the 47% comments

To “misspeak” means one says or pronounces something incorrectly. In the vice presidential debate Paul Ryan claimed that Romney misspoke when he trashed 47% of the country on hidden camera before a gathering of the super rich. The Ryan claim is that Romney said something he didn’t mean, which is not the definition of misspeak, and now Romney is doing his best to insert “100%” into every speech, including tonight’s debate, in order to fool the public into voting for him. – Read the full article