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Cory Booker, Political Juggernaut: How to Run for Higher Office

How did Booker become a political juggernaut? Apart from a well-known name, famous friends, and deep-pocketed donors, Booker is well versed in the “All politics is local” play book (a phrase made famous by former Speaker of the U.S. House … Continue reading

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Romney Does It Again: Funny, Pathetic, Ignorant – Pick Your Adjective

Mitt Romney, in a desperate attempt to suck up to Latino voters, evidently donned a spray tan before appearing on Spanish language network Univision. Was this supposed to make them believe he’s “just like them”? From Under the Mountain Bunker: … Continue reading

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Romney Trails in His Home State – No Matter Which One He Chooses

Mitt Romney was born and raised in Michigan, which technically makes it his “home state”. He was Governor of Massachusetts and he and his wife still maintain a condo there. The Romneys also have a “compound” in New Hampshire, and a … Continue reading

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What we’re up against

Some of the lovely anti-Obama bumber stickers and images from the radical-right … Then they have the nerve to complain they’re misunderstood … A hearty thanks to all of you Republican Tea Party nut-jobs. Every day you make me more … Continue reading

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Romney steals campaign slogan from Democrat

In Romney’s victory speech last night he revealed some of the plans he once said he would not reveal for fear of being defeated in November. Attacking unions, public schools, the social safety net, and protecting his wealthy pals to … Continue reading

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A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for China!

I’m sure we all remember seeing those old World War II propaganda posters. More specifically, the ones with the hideously offensive depictions of Tojo and other Japanese, the ones that are partially responsible for some of the anti-Japanese resentment left … Continue reading

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