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Respect, Honor and Integrity Still Survive in Our Nation

                              A rare, public display of integrity of character demonstrated between honorable men. Reminiscent of an age of respect lost in America along with roll up car windows. – Read the full article

VP Biden, Not Running for 2016 Democratic Nomination

https://youtu.be/QaWTuWiGwrcStanding beside President Obama and his wife, Jill, Vice President Biden announced he would not be a candidate for president in 2016 but also would “not be silent” about what he feels the nation needs. I praise Vice President Biden for demonstrating the courage and restraint from engaging in a bid for a contentious 2016 democratic nomination. – Read the full article

Democratic Presidents DECREASE Deficits Created by Repubs EXPLODING Budgets

Democrats, liberals and progressives salvage the economic irresponsibility and excess spending of Republicans, conservatives exploding government deficits. – Read the full article

ACA Big Win for President Obama’s Administration and His Legacy

No need to cancel that doctor’s appointment, you can keep your healthcare as adjudicated by the Supreme Court today in a 6 – 3 decision affirming Obamacare Affordable Care Act. For one moment, Chief Justice Roberts along with ‘flip-flop’ Justice Anthony Kennedy joined Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor to favor the best welfare and respect the overwhelming desire of the American people. – Read the full article

Democratic National Committee 2016 Prelim Strategy vs Koch’s Libre

Democrats met this past weekend to discuss the 2016 national strategy in confronting the denizens of Citizen United / McCutcheon ———- Deceit, thy name is Koch The Libre Initiative targeting the Hispanic community. Headquartered in Texas, the intention is to flank satellite locations nationally with the promise of assistance of basic life enticements: DACA application fees driver’s license preparation free health clinics The message to Democrats across the country is their strategies must exceed the tired demonization of Koch Brothers… a stern omen and warning to candidates to escalate beyond the anticipated ‘left’ platform. – Read the full article

Jon Stewart, Sleuths The Dark Lord

Dick Cheyney  Creator of ISIS. Strengthened Al-Qaeda Almost destroyed US economy Battered world economy Cowardly draft dodger Jon Stewart did it again. It seems retirement unshackles propriety (Stewart: ” I offend?” ) fear of ‘being fired’,  damaging a legacy and hastens exploits of greatness. – Read the full article

Will Republicans Sabotage the Deal With Iran?

In addition to being unapologetic warmongers, Republicans are literally incapable of giving President Obama credit for anything, and the proposed deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program is no different. After 47 Republicans tried to tank the deal by what many regard as a traitorous act, it seems the President has succeeded anyway; not with support from Congressional Republicans, but in spite of them. – Read the full article

Missing From the Paris Unity March the US….And That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing.

World Leaders March in Paris After witnessing the horrific attacks in France migrating from the streets of Paris to a kosher deli in a nearby suburb, countries are grappling with tenuous conversations on politics, journalistic expression, and immigration. Complicating current circumstances are emerging waves of intolerance ushered in by fear stoked by conservative factions. – Read the full article

Insanity = repeating “cray-cray” behavior but expecting different results: 50 Years of Failed Cuban Embargo

Well, yesterday was a historic step forward in US foreign relations. Thanks to the ‘phenomenal’ Pope Francis facilitating conversations toward ending a 50 year punitive, isolation of Cuba by relaxing diplomatic, monetary and travel restrictions. This new day emerges on the precipice of humanitarian efforts to gain the release of ailing American Alan Gross, who will be celebrating the holiday season with his family for the first time in excess of four years.   – Read the full article

Vote / Not Vote …. Who Are You REALLY Punishing?

We’re in the golden 60-day countdown toward the 2014 midterms, and democratic voting blocks are threatening to boycott state elections. I wish to address these progressives, liberals, Dem constituents, (punctuating my comments directly at immigration activists) intending to sit at home this election cycle under the misguided ideal they’re punishing the party…..but before I get to the meat…. – Read the full article

Democrats React to GOP Congress Suing the President for Conciliation on ACA Mandate

Yesterday marked a historic American first: Boehner’s craven caucus voted to sue the President for delaying the employer mandate during the implementation of the ACA. Yes, the same ACA the GOP squandered an estimated $79 million and 50 votes to repeal Obamacare over the last three years. – Read the full article

Bill Maher Mocks & Challenges #TCOT’s Inability to Define ‘Leadership’ Beyond Actual Armed Conflict

Friday, July 25, on ‘Real Time, Bill Maher’, progressive host of perfected snark, put FreedomWorks Libertarian – CEO Matt Kibbe and Republican Consultant Hogan Gidley on the skewer by challenging them to define their version of ‘leadership’. Both men twisted in the wind of the nebulous conservative propaganda machine. – Read the full article