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Missouri Caucus Results For April 21, 2012

From the AP via USA Today: “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney prevailed Saturday in Missouri’s regional GOP conventions… Romney…carried half of the 24 delegates being decided at Missouri’s congressional district conventions… the results also ensured that Missouri’s delegation will have mixed loyalties when it arrives at the Republican National Convention in August. – Read the full article

Republican Primary Results For April 3, 2012

Wisconsin         Maryland         DC Romney               42.5%              49.1%           70.2% Santorum            37.6%              28.9%           00.0% (failed to make the DC ballot) Gingrich               6.1%              10.9%           10.7% Paul                      11.7%               9.5%           12.0% New Estimated Delegate Counts   Romney           664 Santorum        263 Gingrich         140 Paul                   67 Total delegates needed to win the nomination: 1144 – Read the full article

Romney’s new catch phrase

Romney tried-out his latest catch phrase tonight from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after winning the Wisconsin primary … Obama’s Government Centered Society It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and the Mitt-ster struggled each time he said it. I’d say it was an obvious failure by Frank Luntz, the GOP “wordsmith” who has to teach right wingers how to speak and which words and phrases to use in order to deliberately mislead the American people into voting against their own interests. – Read the full article

Gingrich’s Last Last Stand?

I am no longer surprised by much that Newt Gingrich says or does. There is not a more pompous, self-important, narcissistic, pseudo-intellectual in politics. Trust me, if there was the Republicans would have found him. Newt has finally admitted that Romney will most likely end up with enough delegates to secure the nomination. – Read the full article

Republican Primary Info For April 3, 2012

Republican Primaries Scheduled For April 3, 2012: State                                     Delegates             Type District of Columbia               19                   Primary Maryland                                   37                   Primary Wisconsin                                42                    Primary Estimated Delegate Counts Going Into This Primary: Romney           566 Santorum        263 Gingrich         140 Paul                   67 Total delegates needed to win the nomination: 1144 – Read the full article

The Idiots and the Oddities For Monday, April 2, 2012

Proving that the GOP learned nothing from the McCain/Palin debacle of 2008. conservative strategists are pushing the idea that, “A Republican ticket needs to be as historic as the ticket it’s running against, and that argues for a Hispanic, a Rubio or Martinez or someone else who transforms the Republican Party…” That statement just proves how ignorant the Republican Party thinks Hispanic voters are; as if they wouldn’t see right through that bit of pandering, just as women did in 2008. – Read the full article

And the Nomination Goes To: The Least Objectionable Candidate

Not like it’s news or anything, but Romney has yet again been labeled the inevitable GOP nominee and many Conservatives are calling  for Santorum and Gingrich to leave the race; oh and Ron Paul too – keep forgetting about him. While it’s been nothing if not entertaining, I’m more than happy to get down to the business of focusing on Romney (besides, my crazy meter is completely fried). – Read the full article

Republican War on Women: Rick Santorum’s Lie, and the Personhood Pledge

Rick Santorum is a liar, and his wife is either a willing accomplice or a dupe. Karen Santorum was interviewed on Piers Morgan’s show where she claimed, “Women have nothing to fear when it comes to contraceptives…adding that her husband would “absolutely not” bring his personal religious beliefs “to play” as president.” But the fact is, Rick Santorum signed a draft version of the Oklahoma Personhood Amendment petition while campaigning in the state. – Read the full article

Gingrich Too Childish To Be President

It started with the announcement on May 11, 2011: “…I’m announcing my candidacy for President of the United States because I believe we can return America to hope and opportunity, to full employment, to real security, to an American energy program, to a balanced budget.” Then came the mass resignations just one month later, prompted by several factors including disagreements on strategy, his wife’s alleged interference, a poorly timed vacation cruise, and an affinity for chartered jets despite near non-existent funding. – Read the full article

What’s Really Keeping Newt Gingrich in the Race?

http://glad-you-asked.blogspot.com What – You bought the “big ideas” crap? – Read the full article

God Help Us – Rick Santorum Eyeing 2016?

In a nightmarish groundhog day scenario, Rick Santorum would run for President again in 2016, and 2020, and 2024. Well brace yourself – 2016 is pretty much a given according to some, even though Santorum insists he’s not thinking that far ahead (right). – Read the full article

Louisiana Primary: Delegates Info for 3/24/12

Going in (per The Huffington Post): Candidate              Delegates Mitt Rimney                              563 Rick Santorum                         263 Newt Gingrich                          135 Ron Paul                                      50 Delegates at Stake: 46 Total Delegates Needed to secure the nomination: 1144 – Read the full article