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RNC 2016 Hate Fest: Funniest Lines

Trust me, no one would confuse the speakers at the Republican convention in Cleveland with members of Mensa. To be fair, when someone like Donald Trump is your nominee, you take what you can get. But one thing you can say about each and every one of them is, they tow the Donald line. – Read the full article

RNC 2016 Hate Fest: Recap 1

The Republicans are holding their 2016 Hate Fest at Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio this week, under the guise of nominating a candidate for President. So far, they’ve spent their time attacking the Democratic nominee, in order to avoid praising their own nominee, Donald Trump. – Read the full article

A Knowledgeable Person On HRC’s Emails

Jay Hatheway, professor of history, chair of the Department of History at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, and ex-military Special Forces top secret control officer in Europe, wrote a “Guest Column“ for the Wisconsin State Journal. In it, he lays waste to the Republicans’ beating of the Hillary-emails dead horse. – Read the full article

FBI Director Shuts Down Clinton Email Scandal – House GOP Reboots

In this video, FBI Director Comey shuts down right wing conspiracies one by one. Will it matter to the radical right? Of course not. According to GOP Chairman Gowdy, they plan to start the whole thing over again. And GOP Rep Chaffetz said this before and after Director Comey’s press conference: We must take back the House to stop their endless investigations.  – Read the full article

Voters Don’t Trust a Trump SCOTUS Pick

The Latest From Public Policy Polling: New Public Policy Polling surveys in 6 key battleground states where Republican Senators are up for reelection this year find that voters don’t trust Donald Trump and would rather have Barack Obama picking a new Supreme Court justice than him. – Read the full article

John McCain: From “Maverick” to Milquetoast

Washington “insider” Sally Quinn once said of Arizona Senator John McCain: Most people really like John McCain. I mean, he’s an extremely likable person, and he’s very admirable in many ways. One is that he says what he believes and he will cross the party line whenever he thinks that the Republicans are not on the right track. – Read the full article

Democrats Must Unite Behind Nominee

Some Democrats on Twitter are starting to sound like Republicans; adopting the “my way or the highway” mentality. A number of Clinton and Sanders supporters are saying they will not vote at all if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination. That will be devastating for the country. – Read the full article

Priebus Thanks Base For Staying Stupid

We figured Reince Priebus sits at home sweating every time Democrats debate, praying that his base isn’t watching; well, we were right. In one of the most Un-American, Un-Patriotic statements by the head of a major political party, Priebus put out this tweet after Saturday’s debate: As usual, this GOP tweet didn’t get the intended response: Just the idea that the head of the Republican Party would thank his voters for not being engaged says everything you need to know about the GOP. – Read the full article

One Republican’s Message to Today’s GOP

https://twitter.com/missLtoe/status/676246167689162752/photo/1 – Read the full article

RW Tries to Blame Liberals For Trump

We’re all used to the Right Wing alternate universe where up is down, black is white and lies are truth; but recently, some guy at The Federalist finally snapped his frayed tether to reality. In a post titled “How the Left Created Donald Trump“, Paul David Miller attempts to deflect the blame for his party’s detestable front runner. – Read the full article

Shooting here, a shooting there… NRA & GOP Message: Embrace Violence, Shed Blood

As 2015 winds to a bloody close, last week, similar to the preceding 40, the world witnessed THREE shootings. However, a disturbing trend emerges with many of these murderers in custody. Increasingly, the motivations for violence are directly inspired by right-wingers, conservative tea-party Republicans pushing a propaganda of carnage through organizations and media outlets. – Read the full article

No Difference? Really?

Lawyers Guns & Money’s Scott Lemieux takes on the notion put forth in Doug Henwood’s new book that there’s no real difference between Democrats and Republicans: The idea that abortion is the only issue on which Democrats are substantively different from Republicans is, at his late date of intense polarization, rather jaw-dropping. – Read the full article