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Proving They Can’t Use The Google, Republicans Tap Rand Paul For Minority Outreach

Michigan Republicans are starting an initiative to attract more of the African American vote. Their choice to headline the event only raises questions as to how sincere they are in trying to win over African Americans. Let us start by detailing the recent history of Michigan Republicans when it comes to African American outreach. – Read the full article

People Should Know When They Are Conquered

This line is spoken by Quintus, a Roman commander in the opening battle scene of the film Gladiator.  He speaks the line stoically as he observes a group of Germanic warriors emerging from the forest, ready to fight to the death with inferior weapons, armor and tactics to yet another certain defeat.   – Read the full article


Hidden between tax cuts for the wealthy and social prohibitions for the masses, the GOP platform also includes some archaic monetary policy: a proposal to investigate the feasibility of a fixed dollar, à la Reagan’s Gold Commission. Many might guess that this plank was included to appease Ron Paul and mollify his loyal followers, but these seems unlikely given the massive snub he received at the GOP Convention. – Read the full article

Counterfactual Conceptions with Ron Paul

Wednesday night, the last President to leave office with a surplus will be offering his case for the President who inherited the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Bill Clinton’s endorsement will no doubt evoke some memories of the healing process between Obama and Hilary in the wake of the 2008 primaries. – Read the full article

2012 GOP Convention: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… Okay, Just the Bad and the Ugly

Money Can’t Buy You Class ABC reported today that the Romney campaign held an exclusive event aboard the yacht “Cracker Bay” to thank some of the millionaires behind Romney’s war chest; and in the spirit of poking a big stick into voters’ eyes; the yacht was flying the Cayman Islands’ flag. – Read the full article

4/24/12 GOP Primary: The Numbers Going Into Tuesday

Republican Primaries For April 24, 2012 State                 Delegates       Primary/Caucus Connecticut                    28                       Primary Delaware                         17                       Primary New York                         95                       Primary Pennsylvania                  72                       Primary Rhode Island                   19                       Primary Candidates’ Delegate Counts Going Into Primaries* Romney                          697 Santorum                       269 Gingrich                         137 Paul                                   67 Delegates Needed To Secure the Nomination     1144 * Per the Wall Street Journal – Read the full article

Missouri Caucus Results For April 21, 2012

From the AP via USA Today: “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney prevailed Saturday in Missouri’s regional GOP conventions… Romney…carried half of the 24 delegates being decided at Missouri’s congressional district conventions… the results also ensured that Missouri’s delegation will have mixed loyalties when it arrives at the Republican National Convention in August. – Read the full article

Republican Primary Results For April 3, 2012

Wisconsin         Maryland         DC Romney               42.5%              49.1%           70.2% Santorum            37.6%              28.9%           00.0% (failed to make the DC ballot) Gingrich               6.1%              10.9%           10.7% Paul                      11.7%               9.5%           12.0% New Estimated Delegate Counts   Romney           664 Santorum        263 Gingrich         140 Paul                   67 Total delegates needed to win the nomination: 1144 – Read the full article

Republican Primary Info For April 3, 2012

Republican Primaries Scheduled For April 3, 2012: State                                     Delegates             Type District of Columbia               19                   Primary Maryland                                   37                   Primary Wisconsin                                42                    Primary Estimated Delegate Counts Going Into This Primary: Romney           566 Santorum        263 Gingrich         140 Paul                   67 Total delegates needed to win the nomination: 1144 – Read the full article

Louisiana Primary: Delegates Info for 3/24/12

Going in (per The Huffington Post): Candidate              Delegates Mitt Rimney                              563 Rick Santorum                         263 Newt Gingrich                          135 Ron Paul                                      50 Delegates at Stake: 46 Total Delegates Needed to secure the nomination: 1144 – Read the full article

Late Night Political Jokes for Dems

“This is America. We must defend the principles symbolized by Lady Liberty – unless she’s on the pill, in which case, she is a giant green tramp.” –Stephen Colbert “Rick Santorum is resonating with voters because of his authenticity. He always speaks off the cuff, which is why his sweaters don’t have sleeves.” –Stephen Colbert “More and more Republicans are calling on Newt Gingrich to drop out of the campaign. – Read the full article

Friday Funnies

The week’s political illustrations by … Mario Piperni: Via DIRECT: – Read the full article