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Video Clips of the Week

Tom Harkin endorses Hillary – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Good Cop/Bad Cop, LGBTQ, War On The Poor

Lead Story The ASPCA’s (and the country’s) first horse ambulance, 1895. Via Ephemeral New York ♀ April 10, 1866: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Is Founded – The Nation reminds us of a proud anniversary today. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion/Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ and Education

Lead Story ♀ Meet The ‘Wiccan Witch’ Who Took On Scott Walker – On September 28, 2001, a group of Wisconsin legislators introduced a resolution memorializing the tragic attacks 17 days before and saluting “the unity and patriotism of the American people, who hold diverse religious beliefs and represent diverse ethnic heritages.” Six weeks later, one of the resolution’s co-authors — then Wisconsin Assemblyman Scott Walker (R) — posted an alliterative press release, titled “Walker Questions Need for Wiccan Witch of Waupun.” He was chairman of the Wisconsin Assembly’s Committee on Corrections and the Courts and was upset that the Rev. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion & Reproductive Rights & More

Lead Story ♀ 8 ways the GOP’s State of the Union response was different in Spanish — and why it matters – The initial GOP press release billed the Spanish speech as a “translation,” but it was clear to anyone who listened to both versions that these were two different responses to President Barack Obama’s 2015 State of the Union — tailored to two different audiences. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Good Cop/Bad Cop, LGBTQ & World News

Abortion & Abortion Rights ♀ Feminists Will Mobilize Nationwide for Abortion Rights on Roe v. Wade’s Anniversary – The Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Organization for Women, DC NOW, and other allies, will join together at the US Supreme Court on Thursday, January 22nd from 1-3pm, to demonstrate support for Roe. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – New Sections & Response to Grand Jury Cock-Ups

Culture & Pop Culture ♀ Rocket Science – A group of cheerleaders proving there is nothing wrong with being beautiful and smart. ♀ Q&A: Eve Ensler on Hillary, Feminism, Revolution and Her New Play Environment (NEW Section!!) ♀ At Copenhagen climate talks, Jim Inhofe said Barbra Streisand was behind global warming ‘hoax’ – Okay, can somebody help me out here? – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Racism, Rape & Rape Culture, Sexual Assault & Harassment

Abortion & Abortion Rights ♀ Oklahoma Supreme Court halts certain abortion restrictions ♀ Anti-Choice ‘Personhood’ Measures Fail in North Dakota and Colorado – North Dakota’s personhood amendment was possibly the most radical abortion initiative on a ballot in the midterms. ♀ Abortion opponents have lost 5 out of 5 personhood votes ♀ Tennessee Amendment 1 abortion measure passes – “Already lawmaker vows to back abortion regulations when legislature reconvenes” – in other words move now before it is too late! – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Happy Halloween

So sorry to be absent for a few weeks. And on this Halloween we have a monster post to catch you up on what has been happening. Buckle up, let’s go! And be sure to be safe on this crazy, crazy night! – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Abortion, Police Mayhem & Women In Politics

Abortion & Abortion Rights ♀ 7 in 10 Americans believe in the principles of Roe. But we’re still battling abortion bans and fighting for access to birth control. Join the 7 in 10 campaign today to show that you’re part of the majority of Americans who believe in reproductive freedom. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – LGBTQ, Women’s Health and World News

Hey ATD readers! This is a short Friday Feminism post today due to me starting a new job. However, I plan on posting a supplement tomorrow if I can. So be sure to look for that. Lead Story ♀ Dallas ER sent Ebola-infected patient home – This is one of the biggest cock-ups I’ve seen in a while. – Read the full article

Friday Feminism – Feminism, Sexism & World News

Holy crap, gang! I take one week off and then this week I am slammed with news to share with you – and I had to leave so much out! Let’s all buckle up, it’s been one bumpy week! Abortion & Abortion Rights ♀ Virginia Republican wants you to forget that whole forced ultrasound thing – Because apparently RWNJs think we can’t remember anything for more than five seconds. – Read the full article

10 key races that may hinge on the ‘war on women’

And yes, RWNJs, your “war on women” pertains to all of your attacks on women’s rights. And no, the phrase wasn’t invented by liberals. It came from the book “The Republican War Against Women” by Republican Tanya Melich written in 1998. – Read the full article