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Right Wing Propaganda Machine Caught in Web of Lies

The radical right was giddy when they read a report by Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller that claimed the Republican head of the IRS met with the Obama White House 157 times, versus 1 time under Bush. Turns out it was nothing but lies. – Read the full article

Show-and-Tell at All Things Democrat

Its not every day that one of our articles is referenced by a large blog or news source, and we never receive credit for being the first to report. Thanks to Nick Wing at HuffPo: – Read the full article

Sometimes, Our Fellow Dems Need Their Asses Kicked

Like many of you, I was shocked to read that in the fake “fiscal cliff” talks Republicans are, once again, working to cut Social Security payments and raise the eligibility age for Medicare.  After losing an election where much of the focus was on greedy vulture capitalists like Romney and Ryan’s anti-Medicare budget, why in the world would Republican lawmakers go back to legislation that attacks the social safety net and continues the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? – Read the full article

Reagan – The Worst President Ever

You can see at the RNC Convention that many of the Teapublicans, desperate to be portrayed as a real, traditional conservative (who is anyone but George W Bush) and more mainstream and acceptable to independents, have latched onto Ronald Reagan as this great man they aspire to be. – Read the full article

Have some fun at The Nation

Hey there readers, follow this link to a post on racists at The Nation where we’ve got some right-wing fools all worked up. Add your own comments and get in on all the fun! Scratch that! The Nation removed a long reply of mine in response to the usual rhetoric from some toxic right-winger. – Read the full article

Conservatives – do a little research before you launch your personal attacks

In a campaign email I received today from Caitlin Schultz Gard, daughter of journalist Connie Schultz, Caitlin shares an email her mother received from a conservative blogger who, it appears, thought he’d discovered the next, great political scandal: Dear Ms. Shultz, We are doing an expose on journalists in the elite media who socialize with elected officials they are assigned to cover. – Read the full article

The Bar Yesterday (or, Health Care Freakout Review)

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the SCOTUS nine that day: The score stood five to four, with some at yes and some at nay. And then when Kennedy went right, and Roberts left, for shame, A sickly silence fell upon us as the judgement came. – Read the full article

MSM: There they go again

Walker won his recall election, yes that’s true. Walker won by 7 points; 53% to 46%. Which means the electorate is nearly evenly split. But the corporate, mainstream media is treating it like it was a landslide. At CNN, David Gergen, a monotone, uninteresting guy who the MSM elevated to an unearned status of “top political analyst” simply because President Clinton made the mistake of hiring him, said this: Walker’s message — that state workers unions had too much power and were preventing necessary budget cuts — resonated with voters. – Read the full article

Romney’s Weak Attempt to Divert Attention From His Record At Bain Capital

So last Thursday Romney holds a press conference in front of the bankrupt Solyndra plant in a very weak attempt to divert attention from the President’s attacks on Romney’s record as corporate raider and destroyer of middle-class jobs. How many things can we find wrong with this? – Read the full article

Romney: The Man Who Owns the Airwaves

Stumbled upon an interesting blog post at White Noise Insanity (March 3rd) that displayed this image: Not only may this be the first time the U.S. Presidency has been bought, this may be the first time the candidate actually controlled the airwaves, the radio personalities, and the spin. – Read the full article

Walker’s allies as dirty as ever

I’ve seen this story in the liberal/progressive blogosphere but BlueCheddar.net took the time to delve into it a little further. It appears that Scott Walker’s allies, in a desperate attempt to attack all enemies of the crooked Walker, sent out an anti-teacher flyer for the Janesville School District that names teachers who signed recall petitions and lists their salaries, as well. – Read the full article

Mitt Should Ask Women on Welfare for Input on Economic Issues

Much has been written and talked about regarding the comments of Hilary Rosen on Romney. The amazing thing is that Hilary Rosen’s comments were unfairly characterized. Both Democrats and Republicans, fearful of alienating women, were quick to criticize anything that might be construed as someone disparaging a stay-at-home mother, for not working. – Read the full article