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Worthless, completely and utterly worthless! Congress did NOT pass  S. 1845: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act .   It happened last week. The act would give a  three month benefit extension for the Unemployed.  Three months.  That’s about how long this particular bill has been volleyed about while millions of Americans suffer. – Read the full article

The Benefits of Unemployment Insurance

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Obama-Era Jobs: The Beat Goes On

Unemployment has now dropped to 6.7%. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering that conservatives in banking and on Wall Street nearly destroyed our economy with reckless gambling and lending fraud. Plus we had Republican obstructionism for all these years that started with a cabal of right-wingers meeting on Obama’s 2009 inauguration day to block the President’s agenda to improve the economy. – Read the full article

Alabama Has A Jobs Plan – For Prison Inmates

According to al.com, in one of the most ignorant, asinine, insane, we don’t give a damn about the unemployed moves, Alabama Rep. Jim McClendon, R-Springville (Of Course) is sponsoring a bill which “…would let private businesses employ prison inmates to make their products.” McClendon “called the bill a win-win situation since the companies would pay the cash-strapped prison system and the inmates who volunteer for the program would earn minimum wage or more.” This mental pygmy McClendon is “astounded” at the opposition to the bill; his reasoning?- “…the jobs would be new employment opportunities from companies.” So companies who finally get off their dead asses and create some jobs, are going to pay money to the Alabama prison system, AND pay these inmates a minimum wage? – Read the full article

Romney, Gingrich Cite Same Statistic as Obama in Their Unemployment Records

In an iWatch News article this morning, both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney were quoted disputing the current U-3 unemployment numbers and citing “real unemployment rates”. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics uses 6 measures of unemployment, U-1 through U-6, but U-3 has long been used as the “official unemployment rate”.) According to PrimePoint, “In simple terms, the unemployment rate is the number of people looking for work divided by the total number of people in the labor force. – Read the full article

More Arizona Austerity Screwing the Poor

Arizona pivots from cutting off health care for the poor to cutting off unemployment benefits for over 31,000 citizens. The Republican Governor supported extending unemployment benefits which would not have cost the state anything. But GOP members voted against it, implying workers were lazy or abusing the system. – Read the full article