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Walker’s War on Education

Parents and students everywhere should fear. While the job market remains shaky at best and the prospect of a future remains intimidating, the idea of paying thousands of dollars a year is far from a pleasant one. With the average American college student raking up around $29,000 in debt, it seems that the logical approach would be to attempt to bolster these more affordable public universities, making them lower cost educational havens for America’s youth. – Read the full article

Shop New, 100% Union Metro Market, Madison, WI

I didn’t expect to see this in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin – Metro Market has just opened a new, 100% Union grocery in Madison! Granted, Madison is the most liberal area in the state, but its good to see a business that still cares about its workers. – Read the full article

Fighting Redmap, A Proposal To Avoid A Gerrymandered General Election

Rachel Maddow has led the reporting on a memo passed around by the Republican State Leadership Committee.  Known as The Redmap Memo, this is a detailed breakdown of the results of the 2012 election which saw Republicans voted to a majority in the US House of Reprehensibles, even though around 1.5 million more votes were cast for Democratic representatives.  – Read the full article

Paul Ryan – Even Bigger Liar Than Romney

Ryan’s speech tonight, analysis by Salon: Paul Ryan gave a feisty anti-Obama speech that will have fact-checkers working for days. His most brazen lie accused President Obama of “raiding” Medicare by taking the exact same $716 billion that Ryan and the House GOP notoriously voted to slash. – Read the full article

Republicans Bring Back McCarthyism in Wisconsin

Incredible, but true. Eric Hovde, the GOP candidate for the seat once held by Joseph McCarthy, is claiming his Democratic opponent is a communist. On Democratic Senatorial candidate Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Hovde said: I fundamentally disagree with Tammy on almost everything. – Read the full article

Scott Walker’s Deer Czar Debacle

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has hired Dr. James Kroll to be his White-Tailed Deer trustee, otherwise known as the Wisconsin Deer Czar.  Of course being appointed by Scott Walker is a leading indicator that Dr. Kroll is a right wing freakazoid, and sure enough Kroll’s ramblings prove that point nicely. – Read the full article

The Stage is Set for Walker’s Recall

Milwaukee’s Mayor Tom Barrett handily beat out Kathleen Falk in yesterday’s Democratic primary for Wisconsin Governor. We may be looking at the man who’ll defeat Scott Walker on June 5th! The right-wing clowns at Breitbart tried to claim that Walker’s votes were “just about equal to all the votes cast in the competitive Democratic primary”. – Read the full article

Romney’s new catch phrase

Romney tried-out his latest catch phrase tonight from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after winning the Wisconsin primary … Obama’s Government Centered Society It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and the Mitt-ster struggled each time he said it. I’d say it was an obvious failure by Frank Luntz, the GOP “wordsmith” who has to teach right wingers how to speak and which words and phrases to use in order to deliberately mislead the American people into voting against their own interests. – Read the full article

The Idiots and the Oddities

For Monday, March 04, 2012 I never tire of hearing the heartwarming stories of conservative family values; how they raise their children in solid loving marriages (of one man and one woman of course), guided by their proven demonstrated established  fanciful belief that all of society’s ills can be traced back to single parent homes. – Read the full article

R.I.Pieces, you douchbag

Yes, I’m referring to Andrew Breitbart. The snake died at 43 of an apparent heart attack (as if he had a heart). 43 years is way too many years on this earth for that spawn of satan. He spewed hate without remorse. – Read the full article

1.9 million signatures turned-in to recall Walker and his ilk

Great news from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin: Right now, volunteers from counties all across Wisconsin are turning in more than 1.9 million signatures to recall Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and their right-wing cronies in the state legislature. Congratulations from all of us at All Things Democrat. – Read the full article